You need a teacher — one that is alive, one that you see regularly, and one who knows your name. People are often surprised by this because sitting meditation looks so easy.  This shows a shallow understanding of sitting meditation. Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You sit down to meditate, close your eyes, and soon you are able to enjoy the bliss of a clear and tranquil mind. When you hear the word “meditation,” do you automatically think about a person sitting cross-legged on the floor?
Did you know that sitting meditation is just one of many forms of meditation?  And did you know that moving meditation, like Lifting The Sky, is much, much better for beginners?
Add the tremendous health benefits of practicing Lifting the Sky to the equation, and the answer is clear.  Lifting the Sky is a better choice. If you skip the preparatory phase and go straight to advanced techniques like  sitting meditation, then you’re likely to hurt yourself.
Meditators can be incredibly stubborn.  They insist that sitting meditation is good for them in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Did you know that you should be 90% pain free before attempting sitting meditation?  If you are not 90% pain free, then you will likely aggravate your pain with sitting meditation rather than relieve it. Meanwhile, Qigong is an effective way to get yourself out of pain. After meditating daily for years, many people are no happier or healthier than before.  In fact, many of them are worse! Sitting meditation is powerful, so it should bring powerful results, right?  The results should be obvious not just to you, but everyone around you. Look at the results that Qigong students get.  Is that what you’ve experienced?  Is that what your classmates are doing?  Would you like to experience results like that?
Unless you have a teacher, my best advice is for you to stop practicing sitting meditation. Before I came to Shaolin Wahnam, I was very interested in learning sitting meditation, and even books written by monks (!) nowadays state that you can learn sitting meditation from their books. However, the student teacher dynamic is a very zen based tradition not all meditation traditions require this. You may be right in saying that sitting is not the best form to start with, but any form of meditation has great benefits.
My claim is based on my experience teaching thousands of students, and interacting with thousands more.
You might also be interested to know that our lineage traces back to the founder of Zen, Bodhidharma. My son has been practicing Zen meditation for the past 6 months including staying in a Japanese monastery for 2 months.After returning home his mental health quickly deteriorated.
How does one convince someone with psychosis, compounded by practicing sitting meditation, that what they are doing is doing more harm than good to their personal health? I want to know from you then these spiritual leaders tell us to do meditation and yoga, why they do not tell us about these important things. I’m Sifu Anthony Korahais, and I’m living proof of the healing power of qigong and tai chi.
Meditation poses are one reason some people shy away from meditation – most of us simply can not pretzel our legs into the Lotus position!
Sitting tall also accomplishes something more practical: it promotes circulation and, believe it or not, sitting tall with an unsupported spine for prolonged periods is actually easier than sitting slouched over!
All of the following poses (going from easiest to most advanced) ask that you sit with your pelvis tilted slightly forward.
There are many other hand positions but for now, as you begin a consistent meditation practice, get comfortable and allow your energy to move freely in the body.

PLEASE TELL US WHERE TO SEND YOUR FREE PROGRAMOver 192,125 people have downloaded this meditation track! Enter your name & email address to get instant online access to the Omharmonics free meditation download. A clip art illustration featuring your choice of 4 nude women sitting in meditation or yoga poses. If you use a free version of this image, you must provide author attribution and a link back to our site. For some reason, they continue to meditate despite the fact that they aren’t getting any results.
Or if you haven’t already gotten your free ebooks and free lesson, then make sure to grab them here. Leaving aside the mind aspect of meditation, some of these books recommended downright frightening methods of increasing hip flexibility to assume the lotus position. I believe that they are very powerful to healing physically and emotionally many people as you say. I believe that it is compounding problems that may have been there before he started the meditation. That’s because it was designed to catapult the practitioner to enlightenment in 1 lifetime, as opposed to other methods that take a more leisurely approach. Within one week i felt very well but after that now i am feeling physically, emotionally and mentally week. I created Flowing Zen because I know what it’s like to wrestle with debilitating back pain, clinical depression, anxiety, and fatigue. But don’t let awkward-looking poses and thoughts of pain keep you from enjoying the benefits of meditation! Your muscles don’t have to work as hard when your vertebrae are neatly stacked on top of one another – when you slouch, gravity takes over and it takes a lot of effort and even conscious thought to keep yourself from toppling! This accentuates the natural curve of your lower back and allows for a very strong and stable position. Sitting in a chair: Use a chair with adjustable height, or use a cushion so that your buttocks are higher than your knees (so that your pelvis can tilt forward to provide a base for a straight spine). Kneeling (using a meditation bench): your buttocks are supported on a small bench, in a modified kneeling position that takes the body weight off the knees and feet. Sitting on a meditation cushion: your buttocks are on the cushion and your legs are crossed in front of you. Quarter lotus: like the Burmese position, except that your foot rests on the calf of the opposite leg. Half lotus: one foot is atop the opposite thigh (as in full lotus) and one is under the opposite thigh. Ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints will become more flexible over time, but you risk injury by forcing them into positions that cause you any sort of pain. You can add more advanced positions later, especially if you find a position that resonates with your spiritual needs.
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There is also a huge volume of scientific literature showing the benefits of sitting meditation in novices and masters. But I think you shouldn’t confuse people by calling it Zen, this is very different from what most Zen masters teach.
What advice would you give him, particularly in relation to continuing to practice sitting meditation, whilst his mental problems also continue?

Something about respect and choice since we’re wired to pay attention to things that move. There are several meditation positions that accomplish the same goal of deep meditation, and are much more comfortable for the flexibility-challenged among us.
But fear not, if your knees ache at the thought, you don’t have to cause yourself any pain!
A Japanese seiza (meditation bench) with a cushioned top will keep you comfortable for extended periods – just make sure your knees and feet are also resting on a soft surface.
It’s a cross-legged position with the feet resting on the opposite thighs (again, switch out which foot is on top to develop even flexibility). Then, when you plug in your Omharmonics track, you’ll quickly lose yourself in meditative bliss! Over time, you may notice that your flexibility is improving and you may want to challenge yourself to a more advanced position. Sitting while kneeling (sitting on the feet, knees bent in front of you) without a bench quickly cuts off circulation to the lower legs and most people find it very uncomfortable for more than a few minutes. If you use the quarter lotus or the half lotus, switch out which leg is on top so you don’t develop flexibility only on one side. Start with a position you can hold comfortably and gradually move into the more difficult poses.
Any discussion with him that perhaps the Zen meditation is causing more problems for him than solving. But don’t feel like you have to, if you’re comfortable and happy with the pose you’re using! Kneeling in the prayer position is likewise very uncomfortable for more than a few minutes, even with a cushion. If your knees do not touch the floor, just relax and become accustomed to the position without forcing it. The lotus position is named after the lotus flower which opens up to the heavens yet remains rooted in the ground.
Two years ago i was suffering from depression, but with efforts i made my self emotionally strong. It’s better to be comfortable to the point where you can forget your physical body for a while instead of being continually drawn back to various aches and pains. Unless you can disengage from your physical needs for a while, you will have a hard time staying in meditation! In time, you’ll develop the flexibility you need for the Burmese and the various lotus positions. He also now practices strange behaviour, in public spaces and lacks motivation and direction. I believe that his daily practice of meditation for 2 hours continues to add fuel to the fire.
I think these divine things are interrelated and we should not do yoga and meditation without any teacher.

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