Debs (who had been jailed for opposing the war) and for supporting antilynching legislation.
Harlem Renaissance, led by a group of African American writers in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem. One of these changes was the social standards that existed in societies all around the world. Prior to the 1920s, society in general was extremely patriarchal; meaning that it was predominantly male dominated. Governments, media and major transnational and private businesses were often run and operated by males, with very little female contribution.

Governments around the world, starting with the US, also gave rights to women allowing them to work in major industries, and in turn letting them contribute to the economy. The 1920s was a period in time which would drastically change the role women would play in society forever.Another aspect of the 1920s that led to change was the idea of the "hierarchical society" that England still had over many of its colonies. World War 1 had just ended a couple of years before, and though most countries were fully supportive of England's win over the Triple Alliance, there were some countries who were doubting staying in England's control. India was a country who had given full support to England's effort in the war; to one stage where they sent over more troops than England possessed. But after WW1, India, along with many of its emperors began to realise the way England was treating its people.

All it needed now was a "leader" to stand up against England's tyrannous reign, and gain its independence (1947). Fair people were considered dominant race all over the world, and darker skinned people were often shunned or discriminated against. Though they were the traditional custodians and owners of the land, the Europeans in Australia still took away their rites, hence "the lost generation".

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