Transcendental Analysis is designed to pass through high frequencies and delusional sounds information in the form of music that alter consciousness and re-schedule all human senses.  We hope you enjoy these tracks selected by Doom Bringer [India]. Born in Yokosuka, Japan, but raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex De Grassi was exposed from his earliest years to a variety of musical influences. Alex has toured extensively on the concert circuit, performing in Europe, Japan, and throughout North America, including such venues as Carnegie Hall, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and the Belfast International Festival. On a typical week, bassist, Michael Manring, may be found doing anything from an international tour with New Age keyboardist, Suzanne Ciani to an avant-improv-core club gig with guitar innovator Henry Kaiser to a folk festival with celebrated troubadour John Gorka to a recording with the experimental post-metal trio, Attention Deficit with Tim Alexander (Primus) and Alex Skolnick (Testament).
Building on the conceptions of his teacher, the late bass legend, Jaco Pastorius, Michael has developed an entirely new approach to the instrument that includes unorthodox tunings, techniques and methodologies. Michaela€™s newest CD, The Book of Flame, is the best example yet of his extraordinary creativity. William Coulter's love of traditional melody is framed by a classical sense of composition and realized with an impeccable and sensitive guitar technique. Originally from Messina, Italy, Antonio moved to Rome where he received his degree in classical guitar from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music. John is a songwriter and slack-key guitarist who was born on the big Island of Hawaii, in the little town of north Kohala.
Undergraduate music studies at The University of Idaho in 1970 continuing at Boise State University and concluding in 1974. Michael Tanenbaum is a composer whose background spans the areas of writing music for modern dance and film. His interest in the guitar was sparked as a child watching various Hawaiian musicians, but he also draws inspiration from such artist as Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, & Ritchie Havens. Born in Germany in 1970, Teja Gerken began his journey on the guitar at the age of six and became a serious student of the instrument after his family moved to California in the mid '80s. It was on one stormy night that Simon experienced the blues live for the first time in the deep ghetto of Oakland. Adam Werner is a solo acoustic guitarist with an interest in unconventional techniques, styles and applications to fingerstyle guitar playing. Send to KindleTranscendental Environment is a term that Jari and I came up with recently to describe something that we have both experienced on multiple occasions.
We expect this article to eventually grow as we study, research and learn more about what it may consist of and what the cause may be. When I say that activity greatly increases, I’m not talking about getting an EVP at that moment or hearing a tap or a thump. One aspect of TE that makes it difficult to figure out is that, at least in my case, this most often occurs indoors. This is the most difficult part of the article to write because unless you’ve experienced it (and even when you have) finding words to paint a picture for others seems almost impossible.
Some of the most intense TE experiences I’ve had were in the basement of Kenton Station. One of the times that I recall I was sitting in the middle of the basement at a table with 2 females.
As pointed out earlier, one characteristic of TE seems to be as a precursor before an intense paranormal activity occurs, that is over as quickly as it presented itself. When you feel this change occur you can expect things to go high and to the right very quickly and sometimes almost violently, but not in a harmful way. One thing to keep in mind is that due to the brief time frame that most TE’s occur, you need to stay focused and have a plan in place ahead of time. De Grassi recorded his first album Turning: Turning Back in 1978 for Will Ackerman's start-up Windham Hill label (Acoustic Guitar magazine recently cited this album among the top ten essential fingerstyle recordings). He has honed his skills on over a hundred recordings as a session musician and thousands of concerts throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
While records by bass players tend to have a reputation for being musical fare strictly for the hardcore bass fan, Michaela€™s solo albums have consistently amazed listeners with their compositional depth and accessibility. Currently, he maintains a hectic schedule of recording, sessions, clinics and concerts as a soloist, sideman and with the Seattle underground punk-jazz trio Sadhappy. His musical inspiration and journey begins with one of Hawaii's most celebrated musicians, master Slack Key guitarist Keola Beamer, and would continue with Big Island Slack Key master John Keawe.
This album is a culmination of emotionally intense compositions with technically exceptional playing and profound musical energy. After a twenty year period of dust collection her guitar reemerged from the depths of her closet. Over the last five years, his interest for the guitar has intensified as he settles into his own style of playing that some have dubbed a€?a meditative state for the solo guitar.a€? Herbst is a regular attendee and student of Keola Beamers a€?Aloha Music Campa€? and has performed at the Naa€™alehu and Aloha Theatres.
His rootsy original compositions and intricate arrangements of traditional Celtic material in rich alternate guitar tunings have been mesmerizing audiences and wowing guitarists for years.
He practiced with a commitment to excellence, and soon proved his God given talent by winning various competitions.
Were this to be strictly an environmental situation, one would expect it to last much longer.
I have heard of somewhat similar instances reported by groups of something they call thick air.
We had been talking quietly and it was pitch black except for a few lamps with black lights in them at the far end of the basement to my left. It sounded like we were on the runway at an airport and jets were taking off all around us.

The overwhelmingly positive response to the album and the follow-up, Slow Circle, launched him on a career as one of the most innovative fingerstyle guitarists and composers of guitar music.
One of his most rewarding and intimate musical collaborations was with the acoustic guitar genius, Michael Hedges, who instantly enlisted Manringa€™s musical partnership when he first heard him play one of his imaginative solo bass compositions while Manring was still a teenager. He draws an astonishing variety of sounds out of the instrument, leading one writer to comment, a€?Michael Manring can do more with the bass than even the most creative individual could imaginea€? (L.
After a four year tour in the Navy, John returned to his home and was drawn to the sound of Hawaiian slack-key.
Yeaton credits his good friend and guitar guru Gordon Rowland for providing his first opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience.
Merging the traditions of finger-style techniques with provocative percussive elements adds extra flavor to this music. In 2001 she studied slack key with Chris Yeaton.A  Yeaton, a slack key student himself, inspired Brenda to further her studies of ki ho alu (slack key) as well as American Fingerstyle guitar.
Preferring to write original music and develop a personal style, his musical intuition has resulted in an unclassifiable musical style that borrows from jazz, Celtic, bluegrass, and Hawaiian slack-key music. Using a richly melodic and percussive guitar style, he is carving a unique voice in the Fingerstyle guitar world. Does the condition cause or open a doorway for the activity, or does the increased activity cause the condition?
The weather man rarely forecasts a sharp drop in barometric pressure this afternoon, but only for a minute. I was looking at the opposite wall across the basement from the lamps where there was a dim glow and a few shadows on the concrete wall.
One of de Grassi's trademarks is his ability to create a highly orchestrated sound in his solo guitar music. Hedgesa€™ tragic death in 1997 ended a truly extraordinary musical alliancea€”and a very deep friendship. His second recording, La Rosa del Deserto, was released on the prestigious German label, Acoustic Music Records, in 1996. Since then he has become more and more interested in performing and sharing his music as well as sharing the venues with other musicians like him through Woodsong Acoustics. Indigenous to California, Adam grew up with rock guitar legends, such as: Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, among many others. She has begun to compose her own music and has studied with Keola Beamer, Alex de Grassi, William Coulter, and Brian Gore of the a€?International Guitar Nighta€?. Hawaia€™i Pidgin English is the unique grassroots soul talk of a multicultural Hawaia€™i and is traditionally an oral language where the passing of knowledge occurred by word of mouth. Today, Teja Gerken is no stranger to those familiar with contemporary steel-string Fingerstyle guitar. Inside the club Simon and his father worked their way to the back of the club in fear of being caught by the owner. This is why the possibility that the activity creates the condition needs to be taken into consideration.
As I was looking at these shadows it suddenly got very dim, almost to the point I could no longer make them out. If the condition is caused by an external force it seems to me to be far more powerful than what your typical spirit can manifest. All he heard was the sound of a man walking through brush by the grave marker near the side of the house.
It’s not easy to train yourself to note the lack of ambient sounds such as the fan or the sudden absence of the air blowing on you from the fan at the same time you are taking in sounds, voices and visual stimuli.
And even then you can only hope that a TE will transpire at that location at some point in the future.
His playing weaves together melody, counter-melody, bass, harmony, rhythm, and cross-rhythms in such a way as to give the feel of various instruments playing together.
Through Hedges, Manring was introduced to Windham Hill records, where he was quickly signed as house bassist and solo artist.
On The Book of Flame, the music ranges from crazed electro-acoustic constructions to intricate ensemble compositions to a gentle solo eulogy for Hedges. It features guest appearances by German guitar virtuoso Peter Finger, and American mandolin extraordinaire Mike Marshall. Along with traditional slack key pieces he now incorporates a blend of contemporary Fingerstyle into his playing, drawing from other renowned artists such as, William Ackerman, Alex de Grassi, and Peppino Da€™Agostino. Adam started his first rock band, IMAGINE, in the early 1990's and gained much respect as an innovative and progressive musician who incorporated odd meters, unorthodox key changes and intricate instrumentation with compositions that pushed the boundaries of rock music.
She became part of the Woodsong acoustics group in 2003 and has a rich talent for arranging a second guitars voice to an otherwise solo composition.
My teaching experience includes Band and Choir director for the Meadows Valley High School in New Meadows Idaho. In the late sixties, Bradajo developed the first written forma€”a phonetic cursive or calligraphy, he renders by hand.
His transcriptions of music by Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny and more have appeared in Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Player, Fingerstyle Guitar, and Flatpicking Guitar magazines. He is a graduate from the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, with a degree in Performing Arts.

Weaving together influences of folk, jazz, classical, and world music into a style that is uniquely his own, Gerken's playing reflects his diverse musical interests.
For me, the feeling is so overwhelmingly strong and obvious I don’t understand how anyone could miss it but then again I feel that many people are completely unaware of what is going on around them at any given moment due to being self-absorbed and narcissistic. If someone gets lucky and does record what changes take place, it may be possible to encourage these conditions to occur manually.
Using a broad palette of techniques and timbre, and driven by a unique sense of composition, his intricate guitar pieces take the listener beyond the instrument into a complex tapestry of sound. By seamlessly blending virtuosity, exotic tonalities and rhythms, bizarre instruments (and even stranger ways of playing them!), shades of electronica, industrial, post-bop, noise-core, ambient and 20th century music with refined compositional approach and a healthy sense of humor, he creates a tapestry that is rich with possibility and meaning. In 1980 He settled in Santa Cruz, California, where he returned to school to study classical guitar.
Antonio began performing in the US since 1994, and he eventually relocated to San Francisco, California. He soon found the desire to explore the acoustic guitar when introduced to Windham Hill and its artists, such as: William Ackerman and Michael Hedges. Those arrangements will be heard tonight as she helps to transport you into the beautiful world of ki ho alu and Fingerstyle guitar. I was a member of the faculty staff of the College of Idaho in Caldwell Idaho, and Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario Oregon. He is an in-demand teacher, writer, and clinician and has authored and contributed to numerous instructional guitar books and articles and teaches workshops regularly across the west. His original compositions display his fine training as well as improvisational skills, and his deep sense of spirituality. While many of his composition employ alternate tunings, two-handed tapping, percussive effects, and other extended guitar techniques, others simply rely on his keen sense of melody and movement. It didn't take long for Simon to notice that many types of people from all different backgrounds were dancing together in harmony. It sounded like a single word that I couldn’t quite make out but the interesting thing was that it sounded far away and in the room at the same time. The entire room would grow darker then lighter even though the only light was from a few dimly lit black lights across the basement from us. There is a distinct difference between something the size of a person walking and an animal in the brush.
He has also garnered two gold records, Grammy and Bammie nominations, a Berklee School of Music distinguished Alumni Award and numerous Bass Player Magazine Readera€™s Poll awards including 1994 Bassist of the Year. William has appeared on compilations produced on the Narada label, Windham Hill and Hearts of Space. Since then, he has been winning recognition, praise, and a loyal following for his music as a regularly featured guitarist on the International Guitar Night tour, sharing the stage with guitar luminaries such as Ralph Towner, Gerardo NuA±ez, Paulo Bellinati, and Alex de Grassi at venues including the Omni Foundation, the California World Music Festival, and Cal State at Northridge. I have taught workshops throughout the Northwest including the University of Idaho in Moscow Idaho and Oregon State University in Eugene Oregon. Within this framework, Gerken has created a repertoire that appeals to fellow guitarists as well as to listening audiences, and while original material is his main focus, he can also be found playing Irish traditionals, jazz standards, or improvising on themes by classical composers. As I was trying to figure out what word she said I heard what sounded like someone dragging a heavy crate right outside my window followed by several loud sounds I can’t even begin to describe that again sounded like they were outside and in the room with me at the same time. This went on for what seemed like a very long time but in actuality probably lasted maybe 5 minutes. He was focused in and concentrating on that area trying to see something when he was shoved from behind. In February of 2005 he completed his first national tour with guitar masters Keola Beamer and John Keawe.
I have written a method book for beginners and a philosophy of music theory as applied to the guitar. Using this amalgamation of senses he tell his stories which range from tales of local Hawaiian heroes, to reflections of a childhood in the jungles of Kauaa€™i in the 1940a€™s, to deeper, quieter reflections on nature, life and creation.
Like it’s suddenly made of something else entirely, or more specifically, nothing at all.
In 1998 William produced Celtic Requiem for Windham Hill Records, which features vocalist Mary McLaughlin.
Bradajoa€™s unique style is self described as a€?Haiku Pidgin Poetrya€? so as to highlight the sense of quiet that permeates his work. As well as performing and recording, William works as a producer and recording engineer, and teaches guitar at the University of California, Santa Cruz. During the summer he teaches at a number of music camps including the National Guitar Summer Workshop, Alasdair Fraser's Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop.
As if you stopped to think about it as it was happening (if it lasted longer and weird shit wasn’t going down) you might be surprised you can even breathe at all. Has been playing music ever since that night, in venues all over the Bay Area, in hundreds of bands, as well as all over the world.

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