About this BlogSeek the LORD your God and you will find him, if you search after him with all your heart and with all your soul. Real Riches 11:26 By Dave Today’s world places great value on money and its close relative ‘celebrity’. United in Prayer 17:56 By Philologus The new church, established in the events following the receiving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, was an intense affair! We hope that you enjoy our many free educational materials for kindergarten through high school. Explain the role newspapers such as The North Star and The Liberator played in the abolitionist movement. Change is in the air, on a collective and an individual level, both of which mirror one another.A mass spiritual awakening is at hand, as a 26,000-thousand year planetary calendar cycle draws to an end, expanding human consciousness in unprecedented ways.
On a collective level, a paradigm shift is under way as we unplug from a fear-based paradigm rooted in separation, control, disempowerment and worthlessness to one of love, integrity and connection with all of life.
On an individual level, tremendous inner change is taking place as the higher energy of this shift nudges to let go of anything that is not true to who you are and align with your true Self-the authentic, fearless, creative and unconditionally loving part of you that knows no limitation or separation from creation.A spiritual awakening is accompanied by great internal change. In many ways, you are losing your old mind, filled with old baggage in the form of beliefs, concepts, attitudes and emotions from your past that no longer serve you. Although this process creates challenge, it is important to remember that all great change is preceded by a time of turmoil and chaos where the old must break down, before space for the new can be open.

As a result, the foods you prefer to eat will change because the body’s energetic makeup is altered. Your food preferences may become ‘lighter’ and you may feel that you are more in tune with your body. You may feel various sensations at the locations of the chakras: heat at the top of your head, pressure and tightness at the center of your chest and solar plexus, tightness in the area of the throat. Organs and systems associated with the chakras are affected, causing temporary imbalances and discomfort. Gentle forms of exercise like Qi Gong, walking and Yoga as well as deep breathing and meditation are highly beneficial for grounding yourself.Your EmotionsAn emotion is energy in motion.
At this time, all lower energies still held within your cells and your energy body are being stirred up for processing and releasing. Suppressed negative emotions like anger, guilt, grief, fear, shame and trauma are being brought up for healing.
This happens when old thinking patterns that no longer serve you, are being disassembled in the mind and re-wired in the brain. Feelings of being stuck and disconnected point to warn out beliefs within the mind that must be looked at, evaluated (as to their origin) and replaced. When you discover a negative belief, claim your power to choose and choose a belief that you prefer to have instead.Your Relationships And Social LifeRelationships of all types, including friendships, parents, partnerships, are affected.

As you begin to heal and change on the inner level of your being, your energy vibration begins to rise accordingly. Relationship dynamics based in control, abuse, power-struggles and inequality will come to an end as you will no longer be able to tolerate their energy and instead, desire relationships which mirror your inner change. You will be drawn to people of a ‘like-mind.’ In your social life, you may not feel like being around certain people as well as going to the places you are used to socializing in. Allow yourself periods of solitude and introspection.Your Spiritual LifeWith the opening of the major energy centers and the release of old energy, the development of intuitive abilities, extra sensitivity, empathy, telepathy and other extrasensory abilities are very common.
You may begin to ask yourself questions like ‘who am I?’, ‘why am I here?’, ‘what is my higher purpose?’, ‘what is my relationship to all of life?’ etc. As a result, you may find yourself becoming more open and vulnerable with the influx of feelings of love and reverence for all of life.

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