I wonder if you’ve basically ignored the premise and possibility of my last paragraph though? Rather than resist any flawed ideology, whether religious extremist world views or non-religious flawed world views, aren’t all authentic Spiritual paths focussed on connecting to (experiencially) the experience of the Higher Self and and experience of Oneness?
Maybe for me, many of the Saints and enlightened Masters of the various traditions embody the qualities of detachment that I see as so necessary in facing off with dogmatism or violent extreme-ism in it’s many forms. If we refer to Krishna speaking with Arjuna on the battlefield when Arjuna quakes in fear about going into battle against all his relatives. But it does mean that the emotional and mental attachment to the results have been overcome.
Regarding the disappearance of the wonderful Lena ZH, she is powerfully connected and can’t be put off lightly. Hi Jay… Lena wishes to express her appreciation that you noticed her missing comments. And I am very curious why they were deleted… I think Lena even recently sent her a gift of money! So, I found that pretty unusual and scanned back quickly through about 10 or 12 blogs and yep, all missing for LenaZH. Lena, yourself, Michael and many others have had tremendous input and creative expression on the Blogs, so to have all of those deleted is very strange and somewhat reactive I’d say. There is nothing that Lena posted that would warrant, explain or justify ALL her comments being deleted. Hi LenaZH, I feel miffed like Avalon but I wait and watch to see what happens regarding your comments being removed.
So many different thoughts about love and God from everyone…that’s fantastic!!!
What are some ways to get through the difficult beginning period of developing a daily prayer routine? Click on the arrow below to listen to the show! Don’t forget to tell your friends about the show and help us get the word out. Tags: Adoration, Affective Meditation, beginners in prayer, Centering Prayer, Devotion, Discipline, Discovery Prayer, Discursive Meditation, Distractions in Prayer, Divine Physician, Divine Praises, Duty, encountering Jesus, Fear, final judgement, fluctuations in prayer, Giving Thanks, Gospels, Hell, Holy Texts, Ignatian meditation, Imagination, Jesuits, Kingdom of Heaven, Life and Passion of Christ, Liturgical movements of the Church, Liturgy, Mary, Mass, Meditation, Meditations for Lent, Melissa Elson, Mental Prayer, oblation, overcoming difficulties, Petition, prayer habit, Prayer Life, Prayer Methods, prayer routine, preparation, preparation of the heart, reading, Sacred Music, Sacrifice, Scriptures, secrets of the spiritual life, Show Notes, Six things necessary to prayer, spiritual art, spiritual athlete, St. First, therefore, we must offer to God ourselves, for his perpetual servants, wholly resigning ourselves to his holy will, howsoever he shall please to dispose of us. Hence every man may offer this sacred oblation as the first, numbering one by one, all the labors and virtues of the life of Christ, his obedience, patience, humility, charity and his other virtues, seeing these are the most excellent of all oblations that we can offer to God. If you would like to read the entire text, please click here and purchase Finding God Through Meditation from Emmaus Publishing. Tags: Dan Burke, Finding God Through Meditation, Meditation, Peter of Alcantara, Prayer, St. The Letters and that Mother Teresa wanted to go back to what she knew,reached the door and it was closed. There are two paths one is no longer an option pretty in the beginning and then becomes rather dark.
Experienced travelers know that holy sites can often be found in unexpected places—on the side of a busy highway, for example, or tucked into the shadows of tall skyscrapers in the middle of a city. And yet the meditation room at one of the world’s largest airports is indeed a holy place, as I discovered on a recent trip that included several hours in its bustling terminal.
It was the Quiet Room that drew me first—elegantly simple, it featured colored panels with abstract images and fresh flowers on its central table. During my brief time at the Centre I felt a little of its peace seep into my tired body and soul—and I was pleased to see that I was not the only person seeking solace in the Centre that morning. It was good to be reminded, there in that busy international airport, that a holy place is not dependent upon natural or architectural beauty—and that God waits patiently for us everywhere, including between Gates E and F at Schiphol. It will not be beside our purpose to handle all these parts severally; we will, therefore, first begin with preparation, which we did put first. My Spiritual Exercise - Page 2 of 21 - Did you exercise today with Bible Study, Prayer and Meditation?

This verse in the Bible reaches out to him and the words of Jesus apply to him more than most. Jesus would arise early in the morning and go outside and find a place of seclusion to pray.
As we come closer to God, we ask for less and less physical things and more and more spiritual things. We should desire to be one with God and to partake of His divine nature – to be like Jesus.
Now, that’s a blessing, and I thank God for His eagerness for you and me to closer to Him.
Think of all the children who have been affected – children with emotional suffering.
I pray that you and I can be a positive influence and demonstrate the importance of this issue. So, the life of a Christian is even more wonderful because each day we die in Jesus Christ, and are reborn. Some one just asked me if a small sin would cause a person to spend eternity suffering and I answered her that there is no such thing as a small sin.
If we are born of the Spirit daily and love God with all our hearts, then we come close to Him and do His will.
Each and every day as I talk to God for the first time my new life begins and I am born again.
I looked back over the comments for the past dozen or so Blog entries and her comments have all been deleted. Krishna tells him he has to follow his Dharma as a warrior, while being detached from the inherent results. However, if there were no resistance movement in Germany and France suring the WW2, Hitler would have got much further with his plans. This comes from the annoyance I had with neh sayers who flippantly said we would never win against government. I hope Blake or whoever made the short sighted decision to censor her will realize that such a person is extremely valuable as a catalyst. Being a fairly passionate Blog reader, it was obvious when I went back on recent posts over the past days that Lena was missed.
It also makes the remaining responses somewhat obscure and confusing without Lena’s initial comment. She left some delightful, funny and well-thought out comments and I have had some wonderfully fun exchanges with her that are now lost forever. We have a wonderful opportunity to help Teal from going down the Scientology route of besieged fortress mentality. Jesus was set on underlining the weaknesses of being a human and causing humans to be unhappy with their lot. But it seems to me that there is a fragment of the creator in each of us that pushes us to perform acts of love, Teal speaks the truth in the words above. If the show is inspiring to you and you would like to help us make it a daily show, please click here to donate. We must likewise direct all our thoughts, words, and works, whatsoever we shall do or suffer, to the supreme honor and glory of his sacred name.
But while I’ve found many such places around the world, I think the most unusual holy place I’ve visited might well be the meditation room at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.
They’re loud, bustling, and full of a transient population of people who intersect only briefly. Bored and needing to stretch my legs, I was wandering its corridors when I saw a sign for “Meditation Centre” that showed the silhouette of a kneeling figure. Before I left to catch my flight a Jewish man in prayer shawl and tefillin entered the room and begin to pray, his body swaying back and forth in an ancient rhythm. He, therefore, who goes about to meditate, after he has placed his body after a decent manner either kneeling or standing, or composing himself in manner of a cross, or prostrating himself upon the ground, or sitting, if infirmity or necessity does so require, let him first sign himself with the Sign of the Cross; then let him recollect the dispersed powers of his soul, especially the imagination, and sequester it from all temporal and transitory things.

If I wonder why I receive no blessings, then I should read my own heart and see where I fail to love God. There is only one reason to be lost in the final judgment and that is if you fail to love God with ALL your heart. Sort of makes the responses by others to Lena’s comments and vise versa kind of distorted and irrelevant. We proved them wrong over and over and they have dissappeared into their rat holes of apathy never to be heard of again, (but still benefitting from our hard work and courage. I think an explanation is in order, so we all know ‘the proper behaviour that we are expected to display here in this comments section! I would have thought deleting a potentially offensive entry would have been more appropriate than deleting the lot. I am disgusted and will not be bothering to expend any more energy on Teal’s blog after we are finished here.
My partner tells me that her heart is full now that we have entered each others lives, and now she often skips church! Listen as Dan and Melissa list and explain these six things, and continue their discussion of the book Finding God Through Meditation by St Peter of Alcantara. All donors will receive a signed copy of your choice of Dan’s new books: Finding God through Meditation, 30 Days with Teresa of Avila, or Navigating the Interior Life. Beyond his "contagious" love for Jesus and His Church, he is a grateful husband and father of four, the Executive Director of and writer for EWTN's National Catholic Register, a regular co-host on Register Radio, a writer and speaker who provides online spiritual formation and travels to share his conversion story and the great riches that the Church provides us through authentic Catholic spirituality. My oblation will be Divine Mercy #55 in trust that God not only is inviting me into his mystery but he knows the plans he has for me. The lighting is harsh and the views monotonous, and when we travel through them we’re often fatigued, stressed, and in a hurry—just the wrong conditions for being open to the Spirit.
What made this Centre unusual is that it isn’t just a place—it’s a community of people, as I discovered when I exited the Quiet Room and met Gerard Timmermans, a Dutch Roman Catholic priest who is one of three full-time chaplains on staff there. As he left, a group of African Muslims in brilliantly colored robes took his place, spreading their prayer rugs on the floor in the eastern corner of the room before beginning their service. Let him elevate his understanding to God, considering his divine presence, with what due reverence and attention is requisite; and let him imagine Almighty God himself to be present in his soul, as in reality he is.
Hypnosis and the use of mind altering substances can create these oneness experiences in non religious minds. I inherited some anger about religion from my parents who had to break away from their religious and standarly repressed back grounds.
Like wise in small battles regarding the environment and saving forests etc, it is groups of people uniting and resisting poor bureaucratic decisions that establishes steps towards a better future. The laughing Dalai Larma gets a lot of new coverage but he hasn’t changed things in Tibet.
Maybe that was the whole intention and all of my comments that I spent so much time composing could be next. Not needing to search for that wholesome, unconditional love, because that is the way I love her.
Within a few minutes we were joined by Joop Albers, a Dutch Anglican priest (the third clergy member is a Protestant pastor, and there are also volunteers who staff the room on weekends and in the evenings).
There is a difference between resistance that comes from ego (small self absorption) and resistance that comes from people who are prepared to stand up for the rights of the majority. Now she goes every once in a while for fellowship Thanks for the quote, you help clarify and pinpoint things that are happening in our lives without knowing who you are speaking to, and it’s so awesome!
Teresa of Avila on difficult questions she had about prayer and she turned to this work for guidance. These being said, he shall pray to God to bestow upon him his divine grace, to assist at this holy exercise, with that attention, due recollection, fear and reverence fitting to so great a majesty, humbly beseeching him, so to pass over this time of holy prayer that he may return from thence fortified with new fervor, to execute whatsoever shall belong to his holy service; for prayer which bears not this fruit is lukewarm, imperfect, and of no value before God.

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