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Saturday 30 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:What is Science?
Friday 29 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Your Japa Creates Your DayOur daily chanting of the Hare Krishna mahamantra on japa beads is the most significant event of our day. Taking this prescribed Hare Krishna mahamantra medicine will deliver you from the disease of birth and death. Thursday 28 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Salvation from Economic CollapseAt the present moment the United States of America is tottering on the edge of economic collapse. Wednesday 27 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Solution for a World Consumed by GreedWe live in a world consumed by greed.
Tuesday 26 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:The Supreme MellifluousnessIf you want to really connect with your true identity as an eternal, all-blissful, all-knowing, all-loving spiritual being, you should rise early every morning before dawn and dive deeply into the sweet, ambrosial ocean of hearing and chanting the glories of the unlimitedly splendorous Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna. Monday 25 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Lesson from the Utoya Island MassacreIf we simply treat the symptoms of a disease but do not treat its cause, we will never cure the disease. Sunday 24 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Krishna Consciousness Means DeathlessnessAt every moment in this world of dangers we are on the verge of death.
Saturday 23 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Our Degrading Consumeristic MentalityInstead of living in harmony in a symbiotic loving relationship with Mother Earth, and our father, the Supreme Lord, we are not accepting our father's existence, disobeying His instructions, and mercilessly raping Mother Earth.
Friday 22 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Fly Your Airplane to the Land of Eternal BlissWe have all been blessed with an airplane with which we can escape the miseries of this material existence by flying to Krishnaloka, the land of eternal bliss. Therefore, if you would like to become permanently self-realized, you will need to follow the instructions given by Lord Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita on how to become fully absorbed in His devotional service. Thursday 21 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Ecstasy Will Over Flood Your HeartDo you want to always feel inspired and enlivened? Wednesday 20 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Attuned to the Underlying Divinity of ExistenceLife is not based on an empty, meaningless void. Tuesday 19 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Spiritual Seekers BewareUnfortunately many people nowadays who are seeking spiritual enlightenment by taking shelter of a spiritual master end up being grossly cheated by charlatans who use the position of guru for sense gratification.
Monday 18 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Enjoy by Serving the Supreme EnjoyerHere in this material world we are trying to be the enjoyers of all that we survey.
Sunday 17 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Life Did Not Explode Out of NothingThere is no doubt that we've been given the most challenging assignment imaginable. Saturday 16 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:The Pivotal Day in World HistoryThere is no question of global peace, happiness, and prosperity when the world leaders are not enlightened with knowledge of the foundational truths of reality. Thursday 14 July 2011from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Defeat the Sun and Become ImmortalWith every rising and setting of the sun we are being robbed of our duration of life. Wednesday 13 July 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Ashram, Austin, Texas USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Stranger at Home12 July 2011.
Monday 11 July 2011from Honolulu, Hawaii USA-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's Thought:Stranded in the Middle of NowhereThis material world is millions and billions of light years away from our original home in the spiritual sky.
Sunday 10 July 2011from the Hilo, Hawaii USA Airport -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today's Thought:Attaining the Supreme Nirvana in HawaiiOn Friday 8 July 2011 I lectured on attaining the supreme nirvana at the Volcano Garden Arts Gallery in Volcano, Hawaii. Friday 8 July 2011 from Hawaii, USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Finding the Real Heaven in HawaiiNo matter where one may go within this vast material existence, he will find that every place is predominated by the unavoidable and inescapable fourfold miseries of birth, death, old age, and disease.
Thursday 7 July 2011 from Los Angeles, California, USA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Travelling to Make World Krishna ConsciousOn 6 July 2011 when we were checking in for our Qantas Airlines flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles the friendly, helpful check-in agent noted that we were traveling on an around-the-world itinerary. Wednesday 6 July 2011 from Melbourne, Australia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Jesus Christ Teaches Bhagavad-gita PrincipleA Christian does not have to abandon Christianity to become Krishna conscious because Krishna consciousness is the perfection of Christianity. Tuesday 5 July 2011 from Melbourne, Australia --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Today's Thought:Don't Be an AnimalIf we simply eat, sleep, mate, and defend, we are on the animal platform. Music ~ Child of Dreams ~ by Brad Kalita, author, composerand founder of Gathering Light Retreat. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Father Winkler offers us an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit and apply the fruits of our meditation to our everyday lives.
Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Now, with Soul to Soul Meditations, Zukav provides 365 inspirational excerpts, one for each day of the year, with each page offering penetrating spiritual and psychological insights for reflection and enrichment. Locations include the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, the magnificent Andes mountains, the Sacred Valley of the Inka and the very stunning Lake Titicaca. They cleanse, purify, regenerate, energise and transform our very being to enable us to heal our bodies and minds and connect more deeply with our own inner knowledge, wisdom and power. They carry the wisdom and power of an unbroken and impeccable lineage as the health and well being of clients is essential. Why the World is a Jungle?The real meaning of science is to know things as they are, to separate truth from untruth. It's really sad that a being like yourself who has devoted his lifetime to educating the society at large literally goes unheeded. That nation which has long led the world in power and wealth is now experiencing great difficulty.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.I have seen in India and noticed that people think that Krishna is a Hindu god. Then you will experience the supreme mellifluousness, the topmost ambrosial sweetness, of reviving your original loving relationship with that supreme superstar, the ultimate magician, Krishna or Govinda.
Since I was surfing on the computer and I found myself with you and thinking that you are the proper person, I would like to ask you two questions to which I have not been able to find the answers. Foolishly denying the law of karma, action and reaction, we continue as frenzied marauders plundering the earth's resources turning this planet into more and more of a hell every day. In this way you will become a perfectly self-realized soul, and you will never return to material consciousness. If it were how, could there be so many beautiful, wondrous things to experience in this world? Due to the absence of spiritually enlightened governments these cheaters are allowed to continue with their nonsense without any restriction. Furthermore I have heard that diksha (initiation) is essentially given only for the sake of doing deity worship and is not very important for getting the desired result of Krishna prema (pure love of Krishna). Instructions are most essential because if one simply takes initiation from the spiritual master but does not follow his instructions, he has no connection with the spiritual master. And how to explain that the Lord has mercifully revealed Himself as a personality in the Bhagavad-gita? Sadly, due to such a leadership vacuum, at the present moment the world has been plunged into an ever-increasingly chaotic quagmire. If by mistake any person takes initiation from any such guru and then later on realizes his mistake that he got initiation from a woman hunter or person engrossed in sense gratification, can that fellow go for initiation from a bona fide guru? It is simply due to ignorance of the self and it's relationship with the Supreme Self that there is so much suffering going on all over the world.
But we can defeat the influence of the sun if we are always engaged in hearing, chanting, and remembering the transcendental glories of Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. We have just returned to our home base, Bhaktivedanta Ashram in Austin, Texas USA, after completing another around-the-world lecture tour.
This is verse is most profound because it describes how someone who is an ideal example of Krishna consciousness can inspire the world to take up Krishna consciousness.
I see that you have so much vigor and missionary spirit for spreading Krishna consciousness. Having severed our relationship with the Supreme Lord due to our foolishly envying Him, we have stranded ourselves here in this desolate place in the middle of nowhere, the material world. Being here on top of a volcano, which is fortunately not currently active at the place we are staying, reminds me of the wonderful song of the great Vaisnava acharya, Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur in which he prays for that day when he will have the eruption of pure bhakti within his heart.

Now we have arrived in Hawaii where I am giving a series of lectures on the transcendental science of Krishna consciousness. These meditations serve as passageways through which soul-to-soul communications can enter your life and transform it. He is a graduate of Harvard University and a former US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer with Vietnam service. When he became blessed by the realization that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, his life became wonderfully and completely transformed.
America's leaders are not able to solve the crisis because they are too much caught up in fulfilling their own greedy desires. He enlightens a few selected people by bestowing bhakti upon them, thus allowing them to return back to His eternal abode.
Even though they see so many symptoms of the ever-increasing global crisis, such as crime, terrorism, drought, hunger, and disease, they are in complete ignorance regarding the root cause of the global crisis and are therefore not able to save the planet from disaster. My questions are: Who do you think will cause more damage to humanity, a scientist or an illiterate person?How do you feel better, wasting a moment of your life helping someone or dedicating all your time to Krishna?Thank you for your attention. So we must be always prepared for life's ultimate test by always being fully surrendered to Krishna with all of our thoughts, words, and deeds. In spite of all environmental propaganda to the contrary, being impelled by a passionate consumeristic spirit, the human society forges foolishly forward into ever-increasing degradation.
Upon leaving your body at the time of death you will re-enter the Lord's eternal pastimes in the supremely splendorous spiritual sky. All you have to do is reconnect with the eternal brilliant reality, which is always splendorously shining far beyond the dense, dark clouds of illusion. I feel more confused, frustrated, unhappy after chanting, which kills my motivation to chant or associate with devotees.
The splendor we sometimes experience gives us a hint or an indication of the underlying marvelous divine essence which pervades this experience that we call life. Thus it is very easy to find a guru who will take away your money and very difficult to find a guru who will take away your anxiety. Because we are unlawfully trying to enjoy what belongs to somebody else, we are criminals and are thus bound to remain imprisoned in the cycle of birth and death. From being a small child I was always interested in others before myself and when I look at what I really want it is for the world to be a better place. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, has ordered us to deliver everyone from illusion by teaching them what is their origin and how to perfect their relationship with that origin. The Krishna consciousness movement can create a class of leaders to bring about a sublime golden era of universal peace and happiness on this planet, but unfortunately no one is listening to its spokesmen. So how is this possible that Lord's potency is even unknown to the Lord Himself when He knows everything? From this verse we can understand, that if we have any genuine love for our planetary brothers and sisters, we will constantly strive to the best of our abilities to be pure devotees of Krishna so that our examples will have a delivering impact on these poor souls who are suffering so much in the cycle of birth and death.
I am very confused at present and things are becoming more and more complicated in personal life.
Even though such great acharyas already have bhakti fully manifested within their hearts, they teach us by their exemplary songs and prayers what should be our mood for advancing nicely in Krishna consciousness. Even though this place is famous for its heavenly atmosphere, we still see that the hellish material miseries reign supreme here, just like they do everywhere else. I am trying to give Krishna consciousness to my eldest brother, but I think I am coming across as fanatical.
This is exactly the same teaching that Krishna gives in the Bhagavad-gita when He tells Arjuna to abandon all other considerations and simply do what Krishna wants him to do.
Wise, often poetic, and profound in its simplicity, this empowering collection invites us to look within ourselves to discover how to make these insights our own. This distinguishes him from the animals, who have no consciousness beyond eating, sleeping, mating, and defending. If our minds are wandering somewhere else during our japa, it will be difficult to remember Krishna throughout the day, and our day will be a struggle. What they do not know is that Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, always remains where Lord Narayana or Krishna is being purely worshipped and does not permanently remain where her Lord Narayana is not being purely worshipped. He is Jagannatha.If Krishna was a Hindu god, He would be called Hindunatha (the lord of the Hindus), not Jagannatha (the lord of the universe), as He is properly designated. If we are going to ever have peace and prosperity for everyone on this planet, we must transcend the platform of greed and come to the enlightened platform of Krishna consciousness, where everything is seen as the property of God and everything is utilized fully in His service.
In the vast span of the history of the universe there has never been such a thing as something coming out of nothing.
They do not have scientific knowledge of the Supreme Person who is the source of our existence, and thus they do not know how to live in a state of perfect harmony with Him.
In this way, if we are always absorbed in Krishna consciousness, we will be impervious to death. The difficulty is that we have forgotten that true happiness comes from giving, not from taking. If you are tired of the material miseries, you should take full advantage of the airplane that Krishna or God has given you and get trained up how to fly your airplane.
Beyond the delusional quagmire of this miserable material existence resides the most beautiful, wondrous, all-powerful, all-loving person named Krishna, who is beckoning you to return to your original, all-blissful, all-knowing identity in His eternal pastimes. Those who are thoughtful do not dedicate their lives in the vain pursuit of temporary sense gratification.
Someone told me that in the month of July the full moon was a very important event for the Hindus. Therefore all spiritual seekers should be very cautious before accepting a spiritual master. Your unworthy servant, Charan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer: Initiation is Absolutely RequiredIt is true that our disciplic line is based on siksha or instructions. From the date of initiation by the spiritual master, the connection between Krishna and a person cultivating Krishna consciousness is established. How can we claim to be the owners of anything when we come into this world with nothing, and we also leave with nothing? At the present moment the popular theory is that life has evolved from a random combination of chemicals, which originally exploded out of nothing. The world population and its leaders are totally caught in the maddened pursuit of wanton sense gratification practically on the level of wild animals. This is the sort of spiritual intelligence that I look for in a candidate before I accept someone as my disciple.You should associate with as many bona fide spiritual masters as possible through attending their lectures, hearing their recorded lectures, reading their writings, and corresponding with them, just as you are doing with me. This was quite strange because when I am on the road I always know where I am immediately upon awakening. Therefore, if we are his actual followers, we will embrace this order as our very life and soul, just as Srila Prabhupada embraced as his very life and soul the order he received from his spiritual master to spread Krishna consciousness to the English speaking world. The Buddhist nirvana takes one to a marginal position on the border between the material world and the spiritual world. Small enough to fit into a bag or purse, it is a book to take with you and read whenever you wish.
However, when, as at the present moment, non-verifiable, fanciful speculations are marketed as science, we've got a serious problem in the human society. But if we fix our minds nicely on on the mahamantra during our japa meditation, it will be easy to remember Krishna throughout the day, and we'll have a really blissful day. If the leaders of the USA want their country to remain strong and influential in the world, they must now engage themselves and their country in the service of Lord Narayana or Krishna. Until then all attempts for solving the world's problems will prove to be utterly ineffective and a useless waste of time. And if they are not Krishna conscious, their life's activities will simply be a disturbance to the human society.Helping someone means to give them Krishna consciousness. I was told that Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu after concluding His divine pastimes on this earth planet left by entering into a Deity.
They instead focus their energies on attaining the beatitude which comes from being fully attuned to the divine in all times, places, and circumstances.
Can you tell me why?Christiane--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer: The Appearance Day of Srila VyasadevaI am happy that you are appreciating my humble attempt to spread Krishna consciousness all over the world. Without the knowledge of Krishna's teachings purely passed down from master to disciple there would be no meaning to the initiation ceremony. When people speak of attaining enlightenment I have always been clear I didn't come here for that in this lifetime. It's no wonder that people are so bewildered and frustrated when such an empty, meaningless and dogmatic cosmology is being crammed down their throats. One should only use logical explanations when speaking to those who lack faith in scripture or who are dogmatic that their scripture is the only scripture. We pray for that day when they will decide to start listening to the enlightened spiritual masters who purely represent the Krishna consciousness movement. From this association you can see which of these gurus is giving you the most mercy and the best guidance based on the Bhagavad-gita as it is for becoming a pure devotee of Lord Krishna. This border is sometimes referred to as the Causal Ocean and sometimes referred to as Mahesh Dhama.
Since people here are envious, no matter what you do someone will always be there to criticize you.
Isn't it Lord Caitanya's wish for everyone to reconnect with Krishna?Thank you for your time and assistance.

He taught the principles of bhakti in a very elementary way suited to those to whom he was teaching. It makes an ideal gift for a friend, someone you love, or simply for yourself -- a book to cherish and return to again and again. We are absolutely delighted by his profound realization that he is not God, that He is instead the eternal servant of Krishna or God, and we wish him the very best on his pathway to spiritual perfection. We are humbly begging you to please assist our mission in whatever way you can by helping us get this message out to the world.
So the essential point is that you create what sort of day you will have every day by how you chant your rounds first thing in the morning. He clearly states in the Bhagavad-gita that He is the Supreme Lord, the source of all material and spiritual worlds, that everything emanates from Him. He is impartially offering everyone the opportunity to become His pure devotees and return to His eternal abode.
It's no wonder then that this planet is become more and more of hell every day as evidenced by the recent shootings in Norway on Utoya island.
Regarding what you perceive as my greatness, kindly note that I am nothing more than a humble servant of my spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C.
Instead of trying to enjoy His property as our own, if we will instead engage everything in His service, we will give Him unlimited satisfaction. So my question is: Can I be out in the world making a difference as a Krishna devotee, or do I have to start withdrawing from the world to be His devotee?
You must be careful when teaching others this sublime science not to cause them to blaspheme the Vedic scriptures.Not every divine person is the same. Although this nirvana gives relief from the sufferings of material existence, it does not take one into the awakening of unlimited spiritual bliss and knowledge in a loving relationship with the Supreme Person. And if we desire the supreme perfectional consciousness of pure love of God, that's what we will get in an eternal life, full of bliss, and full of knowledge.
Shivashini--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer: Connect with their Inner FaithfulnessThis instruction means that we should reach out to the faithless persons in such a way that they develop faith.
If you are chanting for your purification, you should accept the recommended mantra for this age, the Hare Krishna mantra. Krishna's authoritative words should be sufficient to establish that He is the lord of all. I was told that Krishna got shot by a hunter and died and His body was just lying in the ground. It is only when we acknowledge that only Krishna is the actual enjoyer and do everything for His pleasure that we will taste genuine happiness. I am not interested in any spiritual practice that involves removing myself and withdrawing from the world. Sometimes the Supreme Lord personally comes, and sometimes He sends his confidential servitors as saktyavesh avatars to preach on His behalf. So in this way His unlimited consciousness is never able to keep up with His ever-expanding potency.
The supreme nirvana, in which one awakens the feelings of pure love of God within one's heart, takes one into a solid permanent identity in the spiritual world as an eternal association of the Lord.
It is a fact that simply by hearing about Krishna from a devotee everyone becomes blessed with the seed of the revival of their original enlightened consciousness.
So how can you feed the covering of the self while you simultaneously starve the real self within?
This doesn’t seem to make sense to me because Krishna's body is spiritual and whenever He appears in the material world He appears in His spiritual body and not in a material body. So instead of trying to taste happiness from your chanting try to chant like a child crying out for its mother to invoke the merciful blessings of Krishna.
I cannot take credit for whatever good qualities you may see in me since if I have any good qualities at all they are simply a reflection of Srila Prabhupada's unlimitedly great saintly qualities.
He must be coming in an unbroken line of disciplic succession from the original spiritual master, Lord Sri Krishna.2. Ashi--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Answer: Gita is the Perfection of Vedic WisdomBhagavad-gita knowledge describing the form and personality of God is the perfection of Vedic knowledge.
So I can't understand why Krishna's body was lying in the ground after He supposedly got shot and left.
In this way Krishna will be very pleased with your chanting, and you will taste unlimited happiness.
Therefore I accept your appreciation and pass it on to my beloved spiritual master.This year the full moon day in July is significant because it is the appearance day of Srila Vyasadeva, the literary incarnation of God. He must present the teachings of his predecessor gurus without any addition or subtraction.3.
Although the Vedas describe nirakara, the formless, impersonal conception of God as well as the personal, with-form conception of God, when the Vedic wisdom says that God has no form, this means that He has no material form.
This confirms the fact that Krishna consciousness is dynamic and ever-expanding; it is not static, even for Krishna Himself, what to speak of for His devotees. Since Lord Caitanya has ordered us to tell everyone about Krishna and since the sastras prohibit preaching to the faithless, we have to present Krishna consciousness to the people in such a loving, intelligent non-fanatical way that everyone will experience a reawakening of their original faithful nature.
There are so many religions in the world, which one to follow if any?" What is the answer to this question? Those who want to become His devotees can easily do so simply by following His instructions in the Bhagavad-gita. Furthermore Lord Caitanya’s disappearance from this world is so mystical and extraordinary, why then would Krishna leave this world in such a normal way.
He must be solidly fixed in the Absolute Truth and thus be fully absorbed in Krishna consciousness 24 hours daily.4. Any attempt to liberate others as long as you are not liberated with not be successful in spite of your good intentions. In this way we can follow Lord Caitanya's order to tell everyone about Krishna and simultaneously follow the sastric prohibition against preaching to the faithless.Of course, if someone is blasphemous and we are not able penetrate their envious shell, we should not try to tell them about Krishna because this will only increase their venom. Krishna appeared in such a wondrous manner in the jail cell why then would He opt for such an ordinary way to leave? He is worshipable and the spiritual master is also worshipable because he is the representative of Srila Vyasadeva.
He should be a living embodiment of the scriptures in all of his thoughts, words, and deeds.
He is a liberated soul who fully absorbs himself 24 hours daily in doing the highest welfare of delivering all of the illusioned souls, who are suffering endlessly in the cycle of birth and death, back to their original home in the all-blissful spiritual sky. I told him he wouldn't be able to identify harmful information because he has not yet seen good.
You can spread the word to others by distributing Srila Prabhupada's books, by inviting people to your local ISKCON center, by telling people about our e-course, or simply by telling everybody that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So these people could argue how is Krishna's leaving this planet by being shot by a hunter different than Said Baba leaving by dying in a hospital. However, the more appropriate and personal worship for a particular spiritual master is to worship him on the actual day of his appearance in this world.
Kindly see if you can assist us in any or all of these above three ways.Regarding our feeling despondent and helpless, under the present circumstances it would be quite natural for us to feel this way. Our argument would be that God doesn’t die in a hospital from organ failure and their argument would be that God doesn’t die by being shot.
This worship is known as Vyasa Puja, the worship of Vyasadeva, because by worshipping the spiritual master who represents Vyasadeva, we are automatically also worshipping Srila Vyasadeva.
But by always remembering the unlimited mercy of the all-powerful Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna, we always feel faith and hope that our efforts to deliver the world will not go in vain.
In fact, according to the great Vaisnava acarya, Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura, the hunter's arrow merely touched the Lord's lotus foot and did not pierce it since the Lord's limbs are composed of eternity, knowledge and bliss. Our interest is to enlighten others with the knowledge of their real identity so they can become free from all suffering.
Since Balarama had just departed for the spiritual world, Krishna took this pastime with the hunter as an opportune moment to wind up His earthly pastimes and return to His eternal abode in His transcendental spiritual body. It is due to ignorance only that the human civilization is descending into an ever-increasingly miserable quagmire of delusion.He said that my statement sounds like an ultimatum.
An ultimatum is a final demand whose rejection will end negotiations and cause a resort to force or other direct stringent action. We are simply stating the fact that as long as people remain ignorant of their actual identity they will never achieve the perfection of their existence. We are not putting a gun to their heads with the ultimatum that they must become Krishna conscious or we will blow their brains out.
We are simply giving people the opportunity to attain unlimited peace, love, and happiness by realizing the Absolute Truth regarding the individual self and its relationship with the Supreme Self.
If he has a problem with our offer to help people achieve genuine, undying happiness, that is his problem.

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