See the Spiritual Direction page for more information, as well as a list of directors and contact information. OUR VISIONWe envision that our educational offerings will produce spiritual transformations that enlighten and encourage religious, lay ministers, hospital chaplains and all individuals through the practice of Spiritual Direction. Our MissionThe Spiritual Center offers programs empowering people to learn and grow as they travel along their spiritual journey. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you have decided to seek recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it won’t be long before you are introduced to the spiritual aspect of the process. This can be frightening for some people, who consider themselves atheist or agnostic…or for those who do believe in God, but fear God….or for those who have resentments towards God. No matter how you perceive God at stage of your life, the good news is –you are welcome in the rooms of recovery! Please be aware, however, that in the rooms of 12-Step recovery programs all over the world, God is a very welcomed topic of conversation and often serves as the focal point of entire meetings.
Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous call themselves “simple, spiritual, not religious programs.” (This is also true of other 12- Step fellowships that focus on non-substance abuse issues like Overeater’s Anonymous or Co-Dependents Anonymous). Whether you believe in a Christian depiction of God, Buddhist teachings, Scientology or Wicca, it’s okay.
That is because the 12 Steps encourage you to find out who God is for you…even if you determine there is no God, and decide that recovery meetings are your Higher Power. If you are currently struggling with the spiritual component of recovery, you’re not alone.
Go look at an Indian guru or a Buddhist monk, and youa€™ll observe that therea€™s a dreamy look in their eyes, or a state of bliss that emanates from their countenance.
WHAT IS SPIRITUAL AWAKENING? Spiritual awakening is a process that takes place in an individuala€™s being. So color in itself is just an illusion, and we cana€™t really tell that red or blue is an absolute truth when describing specific objects. Imagine that you are in an invisible dome, and that the mind is outside, wherein thoughts and fancies are unable to penetrate.
MAKING FRIENDS WITH NATURE AND NATURAL LAW The fall of human society has not occurred overnight. The purest outpouring of love between the sexes, is as a miniature super-nova of ecstatic union.
One of the very best ways to raise personal or group consciousness, is to MANIFEST spiritual Intentions into the environment at large.
Do you ever feel you should be spiritually advancing and “getting somewhere?” Spiritual growth can have different meanings for different people, but many of us desire a greater awareness of spiritual truth in some way. But, as valuable as they are, large congregations are not where most people receive the bulk of their spiritual nourishment and discipleship. Stress in our lives comes when we are determined to do things “our way” and we go against what God has planned or designed for us.
Spiritualism is a belief that the souls of the dead can interact and communicate with the livings. Spirituality works on a belief that consequences are the result of your own action, and it is about taking the responsibility for these consequences.
Play the video (for the sound track) and meditate to it asking for protection, it’s about 6 mins+ long.

Pray for protection at the start of this and be humble and pray for forgiveness for your crimes.
Stuart’s new Christos Water is ready now, it replaces the Avalon Mist that we are not allowed to post anymore. In the midst of a busy life, many people find it difficult to notice God’s action in their daily affairs.
Gradually, as you contemplate, you may begin to recognize God’s presence and grace in your life.
We conceive of a Spiritual Center open to all faiths that will earn a reputation as the area's leading training center for Spiritual Directors.
In fact, spirituality is at the very heart of the 12-Step philosophy and you simply can not work the 12 Steps without coming to terms with your own beliefs about God.
While you must eventually embrace this aspect of sobriety to benefit from your particular 12-Step program, this is not something you need to do today. This is because those who have found freedom in recovery have learned that conquering addiction requires a spiritual component. By the time addicted people enter treatment, they claim to feel as if they are being trampled under the weight of a destructive power beyond their control.
If you conjure a God no one has ever heard of; one who watches over only you, that is perfectly fine too. You are given permission to exercise complete open-mindedness as it relates to your own spiritual journey and discovering who it is you understand God to be. Many people arrive at their first 12-Step meetings totally confused about the role a Higher Power plays in sobriety. Click the button below to fill out the form with some info about yourself and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
Since most people, especially those living in the city, are pervaded by stress in an environment where deadlines, expectations, and goals are at the forefront of their thoughts, the urge to disentangle oneself from worldly worries and insipid thoughts can take its hold every once in a while. Everything around us a€“ tangible and intangible a€“ are all products of the mind and its processes. And knowing that our mind is limited by the interpretations of the human brain, we will need to do away with the mind while trying to attempt this exercise.
If you achieve this, profound silence will ensue, and you will feel that you are free of the mind.
And it is inherent that you give yourself the opportunity to be alone and in a place where nothing can disturb you. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Spiritual Truth. It is a part of the modern condition wherein the mind of humanity is constantly overwhelmed, by a million considerations and thoughts. But I feel like it's easier to consider myself on retreat in an exotic location to reconnect with my spirituality.
To be a master of daily life, we must start with “knowing God” and when we do, we can be guided by the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. It is believed that only the Spirits have been in the afterlife world, so they can communicate with the livings about the afterlife knowledge, can guide the people with spiritualism, and they know about the God and carry the God’s message. Visualize winged, angelic beings all around you, above you and below you, under you through the floor. When you are very relaxed or deeply in trance, ask a question but only one and write it down before you start.

Yet, at the deepest level, all of us long for a more conscious experience of God’s presence and love. Just attending your first few meetings is challenge enough and simply getting to those should be your initial focus. No matter what we do, it seems we can not get out from underneath the burden caused by our drug or alcohol use. You need to look at the mind like a casual observer, and treat it as something that is separate from our selves. Through constant practice, achieving spiritual awakening will be second nature to you and this heightened consciousness will last longer. It core purpose is to enhance the personal experience with God by making a connection, to take responsibility of actions. This is important as much trouble and evil from the Aluna comes up through the floor, as well as to your right from the direction of NNE when you are facing north. We term hyper-state dimensions we see from the directional vectors they are on, like the UFOs come from a vector at SSW that I named 240-down.
You discover that God has been waiting for you to seek this closer relationship,” Explore with Spiritual Direction by SDI. This is why a power greater than that power is needed, which is why a Higher Power must be called upon.
Talk to your sponsor and other recovering people and ask them to talk about their experience in finding a God of their own understanding. But after the weeding out of negative thoughts, an individual will most likely find himself in the midst of stress again once he goes back in the strangle of the real world. Does it involve secluding ourselves in one solitary room and concentrating as hardly as we can? Try to relax and concentrate, and ensure that you are in a location secluded from outside interference. And in the state of heightened consciousness, you will have a glimpse of reality, as opposed to the false reality that our mind perceives. When he left here he sent the Holy Spirit in his place to be our guide, our counselor, our friend.
It can seem so humble and picky and that you don’t necessarily think of it spiritual guidance. When the time is right, you will understand what God means to your own recovery and Who God is in your life. Maybe so, but the act of achieving spiritual awakening is a much more sophisticated process. Color is just a quality assigned by the brain in accordance to different degrees of wavelengths. You will feel peaceful, and a sense of connection with everything will be felt in a more profound manner.

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