If you’ve ever tried those little Green Tea Kit Kats you know how delicious and addicting they are! And while you’ll have to look in speciality grocery stores or even abroad in Asia for these beloved matcha Kit Kat treats you can step into any Starbucks and order this taste-a-like Frappuccino! Upon first sip of this Frappuccino, you get a load of chocolate and caramel sweetness, then bitterness from the hazelnut as the java chips come in, then onto refreshing green tea to cleanse the sweetness and leave you with a minty flavor.
Thanks to the self professed green tea addict, Nate B for sending this great recipe in!  It sounds absolutely delicious!
The green caffeine in this refresher gives you a pick me up without having to turn to a cup of coffee! Key Lime Pie is such a classic dessert and one I would definitely classify under comfort food.

Here’s a Secret Menu recipe that uses Starbuck’s newest creation, the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino! Matcha tea powder comes from finely ground Japanese green tea leaves and dissolves easily into milk and water. It’s a healthy choice considering the many benefits of green tea including promoting weight loss and providing your body with antioxidants.
If you enjoy your drinks cold have this recipe over ice for a beverage that tastes like iced tea.
As huge matcha green tea fans ourselves, dare we say we like them more than regular Kit Kats?
The most important thing to remember when ordering a secret menu drink is that not all Baristas are familiar with the drink names.

Depending on what drink you're ordering and what add-ins there are, be prepared for extra costs. Additions such as bananas will bring your total up, but remember that paying with a registered Starbucks card or with the Starbucks mobile app will earn you stars towards free rewards.

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