I cried not because nobody remembered me but because I just couldn't find the answer to why I had to have such a lousy start.
I changed from this depressed, broken guy to a highly successful teacher entrepreneur with a super charged love life! In my book alone, there is a LOT of material and it most likely will leave you dumbfounded at first but that is normal. If you are not able to learn how to Redefine Your Reality and totally change your life, the failure is mine.
Reason #1: I have trained and transformed lives of many many many people both through seminars and on a one on one basis. Reason #2: This book is the result of all my experiences both as a teacher and as a student. Redefine Your Reality is the ONLY system around that combines all the accumulated knowledge that will transform all three major aspects of your life. Law of Attraction to Business Success some of these programs are timeless classics, and some are cutting edge new. However, because these books are so essential, so powerful, even if you had to spend that much, it’d still be a bargain. Redefine Your Reality, you will open some windows in your mind that will point you towards hundreds of new windows. So my goal as a teacher is to show you where to find more and more teachers who can open more and more windows in your mind. To be more exact, you’ll discover the 30 best weight loss affirmations and the 30 most effective affirmations for confidence.I cannot promise you that just by reading these affirmations you will achieve your perfect body weight overnight. And sometimes when I would have the nerve to ask out a better than average woman, I'd be politely turned down. Because if you learnt this knowledge when you were a kid - you would have the understanding and access to the most powerful knowledge available to human beings. What you are about to learn is something that is going to clash and contradict thousands of years of socio cultural brainwash. But then the freedom is so sweet that once these tests are over, it will be every bit worth it.
Now did they ever give you any guarantees, if you failed to become successful with what you have learnt? I am a Master Hypnotist and a Hypnotherapist, who has healed people from acute phobias to breakthrough financial success.
Some of these you have heard of because they are so famous, some are so revolutionary, controversial and new, that you are one of the firsts in this world to get access to this material. As you will learn in this book, no one person can ever teach you all that you need to learn. The librarian at my school called me the Psychology kid because I would go and ask for psychology books only (and the other kids called me the nerd, naturally). A book so mind boggling that the readers occasionally warn me that in the hands of wrong kind of people, this knowledge can be devastating! And if you followed your passion and realized your hidden powers, life would be very different. I am also a Master NLP practitioner who has worked with many underground seduction gurus and learnt things that can only be compared with black magic (I’m not kidding).

One of the reasons this system is so powerful is because it will never try to hide other teachers, knowledge, information from you. I was strangely attracted towards hypnosis and other mind control techniques, the things big marketing companies use to make you happily pay for trash (and earn billions). Isn't it the institution's duty to equip you with the knowledge that will help you create the life you want? However along with all that I have also built and continue to own businesses from Electricity Companies to waste recycle plants. I’ve never met any motivational, inspirational, educational (name it whatever you want) person that has accumulated more knowledge and awareness that this man who unselfishly shares his experience, insights and life’s lessons with the world.I think Bob should receive a Nobel Prize for his life’s work.
But they made you spend thousands upon thousands, and gave no guarantee in the event that you should fail.
Finally I have worked with some of the great masters of this world in many different sectors and now I'm willing to teach you all that I have learnt.
It is a foolproof step by step system that has worked for me, for people I have taught, and for people who have learnt the same things from other teachers. He really thought that he was meant to be fat and overweight, and that it all had to do something with his metabolism or something. His beginnings were terrible!When Bob was at 26 years of age, somewhere around the year of 1960, he was a miserable and unhappy individual, completely lost in life.
His close friend Raymond that he’ll be thankful to for the rest of his life, suggested that he buys Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He was wealthy, healthy and certainly a happy man.He told Bob: “Listen, your way is not working Bob, why don’t you try his? He’s studied the lives of more than 500 most successful people from all over the world, I’m sure he knows something you don’t, why not to give it a try and listen to my advice?”After that day Bob’s life shifted for 180 degrees. But…Then I hadn’t seen him for a while and the next time we met which was like 4 months later, he was even fatter than I knew him from before.Why? To make the long story short, in a year, Bob was making $180.000 and then he went over a million. Remember, a million in the 1960s is like tens if not hundreds of millions in today’s time.After that Bob did everything he could to find out what happened to him.
How could something like that happen?Well it’s very simple.It was his self-image he held of himself that dragged him down. He joined Earl Nightingale’s and Lloyd Conant’s company that was the first one of that type. Deep down in his subconscious he really believed that he was meant to be overweight and that no matter what he did, he is who he is (overweight non-confident person).
It was not long until Bob created his own firm that even today operates all over the world.
We all have our own self-image and most of the time we are not even aware of how much this affects the results we get in our lives.To keep a long story short, I suggested to Matt few programs that were going to rewire his brain and change his belief system. What he teaches will not only motivate you, but it will give you the exact answers to all your unanswered questions. Bob understands how our Mind works and he’s very familiar with the laws of the Universe which apply to everyone.He does know what he’s talking about, and you’d be a fool not to explore his wisdom in your lifetime. Now this time, he started exactly the same process as before just with only one difference.Same exercises, same diet, same program.

Bob was also one the featured speakers in “The Secret” movie by Rhonda Byrne.He’s in his eighties now and he doesn’t plan to stop his mission in life.
And he was really dedicated and persistent.To cut this short…If you meet my friend today, there is no way on earth you could possibly think that this man could weigh 300 pounds. CoveyUnfortunately this great man is not among the living anymore, but his life’s deeds are very much alive, and they’ll never dissolve!He’s well known for being deemed one of the 25 most influential Americans by Time magazine. And you can do exactly the same thing is you just follow what this article suggests you to.So enough story-telling, let’s get into the powerful stuff.
Advice that’s been given by him has been put to good use by millions of people.His evergreen masterpiece is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People!
Choose around 5 weight loss and 5 confidence affirmations from the list below, and say out loud each of them for whole 5 minutes during the day.
That would be an exercise of 50 minutes per day.Keep repeating those 10 affirmations for a week, and then move onto new ones. Put real power and emotions in your voice and stay PERSISTENT!If you keep doing this, and if you combine it with some regular exercises and healthy food, I guarantee that you will achieve the perfect body weight and shape! He’s the author of the very famous semi-autobiographical novel, Way of the Peaceful Warrior. He studied martial arts and a range of yogas throughout his travels across the globe, which ended up pushing him towards his newly discovered calling as a motivational speaker and author.Jim RohnAn American motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur.
He’s also described fire-walking to be a metaphor for overcoming limiting beliefs and fears in his seminars. Further down the line, Robbins decided that he’d merge his techniques and skills with other techniques claimed to have an impact on personal development. Start using affirmations every day in your life and don’t neglect the regular physical activities and well-balanced diet. Deepak publicly acknowledges and that his work has been significantly influenced by Jiddu Krishnamurti.
How interesting is that?When Ziglar was 5, his father had taken the offer of a management position for a farm in Mississippi, which led to his family moving to the state. Ziglar spent the majority of his early childhood in Yazoo City, Mississippi.Unfortunately, his father died of a stroke in 1932, and one of his sisters died just two days afterwards, meaning that his mother was left alone to bring up 11 children. In World War II, Ziglar served in the Navy at the V-12 Navy College Training Program.In 1944, Ziglar met Jean, his wife, in Jackson, Mississippi at the YWCA, At the time, Jean was 16 and Ziglar was 17.
About Zdravko LukovskiI am a full time digital marketing manager, blogger and freelancer, a passionate self-improvement and personal development enthusiast, and a good friend who truly wants to help! Mark Victor HansenHe’s an American motivational and inspirational speaker, author and trainer. The advice he gives utilizes proven strategies and ideas that people can easily implement into their lives. He’s led many successful careers in management consulting, importation, investments, sales and marketing.

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