When it comes to learning meditation, or learning anything new for that matter, it helps to bring in some visual representations. Mindful celebrates mindfulness, awareness, and compassion in all aspects of life—through Mindful magazine,, events, and collaborations. In essence, meditation is the practice of creating stillness in the mind which helps to centre the mind and the individual.  To quote Eric Schiffman “stillness in the mind is like a spinning top that is spinning so fast it appears motionless”. Meditative states can be achieved when our thoughts and our minds  become focused and engulfed in a piece of music or a math equation, but again in these situations the focus is external, as opposed to a more thoughtful contemplation of  listening to what is happening within us.  The purpose of meditation is to let go of the many images, thoughts and sounds that crowd our minds during our daily lives and to just relax, let go, and lose control, discovering the quiet truths within us.
The most important thing to remember when you are beginning a meditation practice is to be patient with yourself and non judgemental of your progress. About RedLipsLLFrom creative beauty tricks and fashion advice, to the latest celebrity news, Red Lips Long Lashes has all of the fresh content that you crave.
Based in Toronto, we bring you exciting content that is a unique blend of reader-submitted posts, blog posts written by our own editorial team and from guest bloggers too! It will become a refuge of exquisite peace, stillness, and inner silence that you trust and rely on. As you spend longer periods of time meditating, you’ll find that there isn’t anything you can’t lot go of. But eating well, exercising, having healthy friendships, maintaining a work-life balance—these are also key aspects of a rich life.
Yes, it can be a game-changer, but you can amplify the power of your meditation if it’s one part of a conscious whole.
I find that my efforts to go slow and be mindful always support and build momentum in my meditation practice as well.
You don’t want to sit on the cushion, get blissed out, and then forget about it when you enter the fray of life. Reading books from authentic spiritual masters, studying different meditation paths, following blogs like this one—these are all important parts of deepening your practice.
If you were going to learn a new language or start playing tennis for the first time, you’d want a coach, right?
During retreats, you abandon the surface of things and live in a deeper zone of self and awareness. One way to think about it is that retreats allow you to live in an unbroken state of meditation and mindfulness. Ok, so we just covered 11 different actions you can take that are pretty much guaranteed to help you advance your meditation practice. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox.
Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? You've probably heard about the healing effects of meditation to benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Some forms of meditation require complete silence, and while we recommend quiet, still areas, some people respond well to places that feature soft music in the background.
Find a position that you can sit in comfortably without needing to move or adjust yourself every few moments. Still, as I read stories about the meditation practices of Sting and David Lynch’s book on meditation, consciousness and creativity, Catching the Big Fish, I couldn’t help but wonder if I wasn’t missing something.
Then, while window shopping at Amazon one day, I stumbled upon the book Deep Meditation by Yogani. When it comes to meditation instruction, Yogani is the opposite of a taskmaster, in that he is kind and forgiving—and the thing he is most forgiving about is falling off the mantra. Deep Mediation is a quick and easy read, a slim 100-page book in pretty big type—and at a little under ten bucks, it’s also a bargain. Whenever we realize we are not thinking the mantra inside any more, we come back to it easily.
As soon as we realize we are off into a stream of thoughts, no matter how mundane or profound, we just easily go back to the mantra. This cycle of thinking the mantra, losing it, and coming out into a stream of thoughts is a process of purification. Tom Rapsas is a blogger on inspirational and spirituality issues for Patheos, Elephant Journal and his own site The Inner Way.
Have you ever found yourself at home thinking about work, and then at work you seem to keep thinking about home? Or maybe you’ve met someone new and realized you forgot their name the second after they told it to you? How often are you fully present in the moment rather than thinking about the past or future? We all have the ability to be present, but most people only experience tiny moments of presence before jumping back into thought, doubt, or worry. Stress, anxiety, frustration, lack of focus, and feeling frazzled are all side effects of bouncing from one thought to another, rather than being right here, right now. Mindfulness is a state of being where you are relaxed, aware, and paying attention to whatever you are doing in the present moment. This passive oberver mode, allows you to be present and oberve without judging your circumstances, thoughts or feelings as either good or bad. You bring your attention fully into the present moment and let go of judgements and, thus, they stress, anxiety, and fear that appears as a result. And all we have to do to accomplish this is to take control of the mind, and focus our thinking right where we are.
A person that practices mindfulness is said to have better memory recall, both long-term and short-term, as well as stronger decision-making capabilities.
Equally as important, mindfulness has been scientifically proven to lessen the risk of heart attack, decrease blood pressure, aid in digestive health, and even strengthen your libido!

But mindfulness can be done from the comfort of your home… with no drugs or equipment necessary. Mindfulness does this essentially by getting your mind off of autopilot… where you think, say, and do literally whatever your subconscious tells you to. But, for those new to mindfulness, it’s best to start in a quiet spot without unneeded distractions. This includes could be your bedroom, or any room where you can close the door, and be at ease, without interruptions or distractions. So once you’ve found a peaceful location where you won’t be disturbed, find a comfortable and relaxed position.
This means avoiding sitting in that old, rigid wooden chair, or lying down on a hardwood floor.
It also helps if you sit it in a way that isn’t hunched over or stiff and one that keeps your core relaxed.
Once you’re quiet, comfortable, and centered, lightly place your attention on your breathing. When a wave ripples up onto the shore, at its peak, it doesn’t immediately dive back into the ocean… it slowly begins to recede… steady and peaceful. One thing many people believe when they hear the word, “meditation” is that, in order to do it properly, they are not allowed to think. With a mindfulness meditation you are perfectly at ease to think, sense, and feel whatever arises. You acknowledge your thoughts, and feelings instead of chasing them like a rabbit down a dark hole that leads to anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. With mindfulness meditation instead of trying to stop thinking, you become fully present in whatever you are doing or experiencing. Become aware of how it feels to be sitting, the feel of the chair beneath you, and the ground below that. You shift into the perspective of the observer, into fully being and experiencing the present moment. For starters, when you’re practicing mindfulness, you are not attempting to solve any problems.
With mindfulness all you’re trying to do is come to an understanding and acceptance of how you feel, and the state that you’re in.
Once you realize that you’re allowed to think whatever you’d like as long as you’re observing your thoughts, you’ll realize that your thoughts really weren’t going anywhere anyway! Before, you were just a passenger. You believed that your mind was taking you where you wanted to go.
Maybe you hear a sound and your ego takes back over to help you decipher the source, or a light flickers through the room and you begin to wonder where it came from. Before you know it, that flicker has taken you out of the moment, your mind now back in the drivers seat begins to run.
Much like the tide and, breathing, when this happens, you can just gently ease your minds back to the present moment. Once you practice mindfulness enough, you will come to realize that we are all born anew in each moment.
Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published!
Learn more about our nonprofit mission, the people behind Mindful, and our growing community here. He goes on to say that normally our minds work like a spinning top that is moving around erratically in many different directions, spinning out of control.   It is rare for us to focus our minds and our hearts on one thought for any great length of time. And getting better at meditation is one of the best ways you can improve your quality of life. Then, you get familiar with the mechanical nature of your mind, which spins out endless cycles of thoughts like a psychedelic production line on steroids.
Reconnecting to that intention is always a powerful way to strengthen your practice and re-double your efforts. Often, when you slow down and think about meditation, it’s kind of like making yourself vulnerable to meditative awareness. Meditating with trusted friends who have a strong intention creates a powerful meditative field. For me, it was reading the Gospels of Sri Ramakrishna and the Pali Canon about Gautama Buddha. Start meditating today and release the source of your stress with these proven meditation techniques. Thus, it’s more beneficial to practice for 10 minutes each day as opposed to 30 minutes twice a week. Whatever environment helps you relax and detach from everyday thoughts and stressors is the perfect meditation environment for you. You want to find a seat in which you can have a relatively straight spine and a relaxed body. Look at this as something that will provide value in your life, and provide you with a few moments of quiet, where no interruptions are allowed.
I was familiar with Yogani as the guru who didn’t believe in gurus, and after reading several glowing “it’s the only meditation book you’ll ever need” reviews, I bought it. That was always my biggest obstacle when meditating—having my mind constantly jump from the mantra to virtually anything else going on in my life. And while I recommend you buy a copy, I thought I’d provide ten key points from the book which I’ve listed below verbatim.
It is done twice per day, once before the morning meal and the day’s activity, and then again before the evening meal and the evening’s activity.

It is not desirable to sit in a way that distracts us from the easy procedure of meditation. We are reading it inward with our attention to progressively deeper levels of inner silence in the mind. It is very powerful, and will ultimately yield a constant experience of inner silence in our meditation and, more importantly, in our daily activity.
A long-time spiritual seeker and student of philosophy and religion, his influences include Thomas Moore, John Templeton, Napolean Hill, Ralph Trine and Ralph Waldo Emerson. The benefits I've experienced are starkly different to those of the common Vipassana (breath focused) meditation method. You’re paying attention, and observing your thoughts and feelings as if from a distance.
It is the process of living in the moment, and becoming fully present, and awake in the exact moment you are in. It brings you into a state of receptivity where you can tune into the blessings of Spirit, and the guidance from your team of angels. Practicing mindfulness in a way that is easier initially will help you to build the skill so you can then leverage it in more stressful situations and chaotic locations. This means bringing your awareness inward, and focusing on being present in the moment, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You become fully aware of yourself washing dishes, walking down a trail, or brushing your teeth.
That is the job of the ego, and by constantly attempting to solve problems, the ego often finds problems that aren’t really there!
It reminds you of your challenging day, obligations, or unknown future which then leads to worry, which in turn leads to irrational thought, and suddenly you’re somewhere else entirely! Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. Mindfulness can help us change our routine with no cost and with only simple but effective tips.
A hand mudra is when your fingers touch each other, creating an electric current or a continual circuit within the body. If you are striving for balance, inner peace, greater focus, less stress, then meditation alone can’t do it. Bringing that quiet calm focus into the rest of your life is what mindfulness is all about.
Sometimes, just thinking about meditation can trigger a memory or connection to a powerful meditative experience. And I participated in many 10-day silent retreats where we did practice 19 out of 24 hours each day. And second, you will most likely have a mind-expanding experience that will build your confidence.
Frequently meditating with others in this field of awareness can accelerate your development and help you become a better meditator.
Whether it’s a particular person or writer who captures your imagination, it’s important to feed your soul and your intellect. Getting a coach, guide, or teacher who is further along in his or her own practice of meditation can be an enormous help.
Before you know it, you’ll look up and realize that you have a meditation practice that you love and can’t live without!
Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go.
While consistency is important, it is also very valuable to occasionally practice a meditation that is longer than your usual practice.
But Yogani patiently and frequently eases my concerns by letting me know it’s alright, just get back on track. Notice how you feel in your body, and just for now, enjoy simply breathing, being, and becoming fully present with yourself here and now.
But let me tell you, if you stick with it, there will come a time when you love to practice meditation. When you do that consciously, you’ll find that meditative awareness buoys to the surface of your being. Was it an experience of your mind going quiet and the beauty that opened on the other side of that?
The next thing you know, you’re sinking into the ground of being and falling into a state of meditation.
It’s easy to get doey-eyed with a teacher who helps you navigate this subtle inner terrain. This offers the practitioner the opportunity to observe fluctuations of the mind and cultivate equanimity and compassion.
Why go blank, my jabbering brain said, when there were so many plans to make, so many wondrous things to think about? All such efforts are away from the simplicity of deep meditation and will reduce its effectiveness. He’s the author of Life Tweets Inspirational & Spiritual Insights That Can Change Your Life, which is now available for Kindle and as a trade paperback. As far as you are and feel present with every little thing, then you are already practicing mindfulness. The classic mudra is chin mudra, which is when the thumb touches back to the first finger and the other fingers stretch out away from the hand.

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