When dealing with challenges in life, there are always stages of emotions that people go through. Since the discovery of insulin by Banting, Best, Macleod and Collop (yes there were actually four scientists that discovered it), the understanding of type 1 diabetes has increased exponentially.
Whether you find it online or find it through you education centre, there are people who share your struggles (my facebook page is here if you want to connect).
Whilst having a health care team is awesome and I would thoroughly recommend you use them, be aware they often give you a device or insulin based on a system. Hopefully this helped those of you who are newly diagnosed, or even those of you who have lived with it for years. DISCLAIMERIt seems a little silly that I even have to write this, but, in the interest of protecting yourself against yourself, The information contained within this blog should not be considered medical advice for you to follow. Naturopathy Retreat -  Basis of Treatments- Nature CureThe programs are as per yogic systems of Asanas, Shatkarma (purification techniques), Pranayama, Mudra and Bandhas. Melanie Milletics shares how her home based business grew from one that simply earned supplemental income, to one that earns her family a residual multiple six figure income. Melanie credits her success to a continual education, and to a dedication to personal development. Ultimately, if you will persevere as an entrepreneur and endure the trials and tribulations that it takes to succeed in this industry or in any, you will find that you have a purpose in life that is far more significant than you had ever dreamed. Every one of us who is driven to be an entrepreneur has something incredible to do with their life.
If you are a home based entrepreneur who is looking to make supplemental income – I’m asking you to persevere, to  be incredible, to be great.
You have a message to bring to people that is far more important than you had ever imagined.

The only way you can fulfill that destiny is by throwing aside the false fear and doing everything possible to be a success, with integrity along the way and at every point. In fact, your destiny is to do something incredible and you don’t even know what it is – yet.
It has its own concept of health and disease and also principles of treatment.The human body has got remarkable recuperative power. It is composed of five great elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas) imbalance of these creates diseases.
By dint of Yoga, man controls his otherwise fickle sense organs and overcomes diverse vile thoughts. Yoga has such great force that, under its influence, even the elements of nature are brought to elevated state and the right path and peace is established in the world. Through the meditation the soul gets immense joy of an extraordinary kind from it’s link with the Supreme Soul. GEM THERAPYCrystal and gem therapy is the use of semiprecious and precious stones to enhance mental, spiritual, and physical healing. Mud dilutes and absorbs the toxic substances of body and ultimately eliminates them from body. Mud packs and mud bath are main forms of this treatment. CHROMO THERAPYSeven colors of Sun rays have different therapeutic effects. The simple methods of chromo therapy help in the process of recovery in a very effective manner. COSMIC THERAPYThe ancients were aware of the geomagnetic field that affects the human mind and body at a very subtle and vibratory level.
Since the human body, also displays the same characteristics as a magnet with head as the North Pole. The subtle electromagnetic energy radiates through the top of the head, the point known as the thousand-petal lotus (Sahastradhara) down through the spine and into the entire nervous system.
By keeping this energy in balance within the body, perfect health is maintained.  Cosmic energy eludes all measurable criteria and is beyond scientific explanation.

It allows us to make contact with the impulse alive in the world, thus conveying “oneness” All human problems and physical disorders are ultimately due to the illusion of “separateness” from the world. PETS THERAPYSeveral studies have shown pets impact upon human health. Research says pet owner have reduce risk of heart diseases, asthma ,allergies etc.Pets also decrease the feelings of loneliness, stress etc. They will gives you happiness.      HYDRO THERAPYLike mud, water is also an ancient method of treatment.
Steam bath, Hipbath, Hot and cold fomentation, Hot foot bath, Spinal bath, Immersion bath are some of the methods of treatment in Hydrotherapy. 2006    Acharyasree have been on complete fast up to seven Days without any food,fruits,juice, milk etc. In this process one should walk daily after removing the clothes or wearing light clothes at a lonely clean place where adequate fresh air is available.  MAGNETIC THERAPYIt is a natural way of stimulating your body to combat pain. Some types of illness and pain are associated with imbalances in these biological electric and magnetic fields. Fresh seasonal fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts are excellent from this point of view. MASSO THERAPIESMassage is also a modality of Naturopathy and quite essential for preserving health.
In winter season, Sun bath after massaging the whole body is well known practice of preserving health and strength.
The milk, Curd, Ghee, cow urine and dung these five panchgavya produced are used in Cow therapy for removing the Chronic disease. HERBAL THERAPIESAyurveda offers specific recommendations to each individual on lifestyle, diet, exercise and yoga, herbal therapy, juice therapy and even spiritual practices to restore and maintain balance in body and mind.

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