We know well that the number of divorce is increasing day by day and the fact is that 40% couples actually did not want to break the relationship.
With the Ashley Madison scandal spotlighting the challenges facing marriage in the digital age, new research is shedding light on how to have a long and happy relationship.
All of us wish to be in a long-lasting married life and you should realize that marriage requires constant work and struggle for mutual understanding and happiness.
Be ready to face the reality of marriage and do your best to maintain love, passion and friendship regardless of all possible problems and barriers. Moreover, you should help your spouse get rid of negativity and depressive thoughts, if necessary.2.
Develop your identityWhen two people get married, they become one in making financial decisions and raising children.
Moreover, women tend to want to please their husbands and make sacrifices in order to do it.

When you trust in your love, you become invincible and strong enough to overcome harsh realities of life and various difficulties together.
Be in touchUnfortunately, many of us have busy schedules and sometimes don’t have an opportunity to communicate with the spouse.
Nowadays it is more convenient to use electronic technology to “keep in touch” during the day. Focus on your common needsOne of the most significant secrets of a successful marriage is to focus on your common needs.
It is necessary for every person to seek to do good for the other person, instead of fighting over “what about me.” Ensure yourself that you are meeting your spouse’s needs.
A common desire to satisfy your common needs is the basis of a long-lasting and healthy marriage.7. A taboo wordWhen you get married you would better forget about the existence of the word ‘Divorce.’ Divorce is not the best way to solve your problems.

Ask happily married couples for adviceIf you have an opportunity and desire, you can ask happily married couples how to live in peace and love for so long. These wise and experienced people will cheerfully share their ideas and give you a piece of advice. I understood that trust, blind eye and a sense of humor were the main elements of their secret.

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