We will be updating this playthrough with another world once a week, so keep on checking back for our updates! World 3-2 Chainlink Charge - I died about 60 times before I got the second green star right, don't try and JUMP off the two of the moving fences, just jump to the highest part of the first upper fence and hold up, you'll jump off onto the next one, keep holding up and your grip will last just long enough to climb up the second moving fence and hop onto the green stars platform.
Slot Machine, The 3-Up was random luck I don't know how to consistently win on this, anyone want to let me know on comments?
World 3- The Bullet Bill Express - To get the third green star you will have to ignore the Giant Mushroom Powerup at 33:22 (its in one of the two question blocks that I didnt hit) because you need to go down the pipe ahead, Giant Mario's smash up pipes. And with that the Blue Sprixie Princess was rescued; through the next transparent pipe which is now unblocked lies the Mountainous Canyon lands of World 4.
World 5-4 Sprawling Savannah - Was I the only one who wanted to jump into the screen and chop that rabbit up? A full green star walkthrough of Super Mario 3D World's second bonus world - "World Mushroom" there are no stamps to collect in this World. While next-gen consoles are releasing this month, Nintendo may have the casual market covered with their newest Mario adventure, Super Mario 3D World.
Based on the above ad, you can’t help but want to try the new game, while possibly wearing a cat suit. From now through May 31st, you can enter our giveaway for your chances to win a sealed North American copy of the Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition.
On this week's episode of The Post Game Zone, Lehew takes a look at the divisive Star Fox Zero. We are looking for individuals to help run, host, and produce the official Serenes Forest podcast, a weekly 42-minute Fire Emblem-centric podcast for the popular fan site of the same name. Formerly slated for a Wii U release in 2015, Nintendo has just now announced that The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will officially be delayed into another calendar year: 2017. Nintendo will be releasing apps in the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises later this autumn. Another Saturday, another Appszoom News Round-Up, bringing you our favorite stories from the tech, mobile, and app world. Collect all the Star Medals from every level, including the Special World but excluding Purple "?" cube bonus levels.
Never die more than 5 times in a level in the main worlds -- if you see the help box appear, simply restart your 3DS.
You can unlock Super Mario 3D Land Photos after beating certain levels and even save them to your SD card in which you can view them in the 3DS' camera app. If you save and quit when you have the maximum number of lives (1,110) Super Mario without his hat will run through the title screen level (including the 3D Demo Stage). Upon dying several times in one level, You have the option of hitting a block which shoots out a leaf which gives Mario the Super Tanooki Suit.
In World 4-2 go all the way to the end of the level and just before the green pipe leading out.
Idle when on the title screen and you will be brought to a Demo stage that demenstrates the use of 3D in completing specific levels.
In World 5-2, halfway through the stage there is an area where you can hit 4 torches with fireballs from a Fire Flower.
In the final battle with Bowser in World 8, after you defeat him the first time and he comes back and transforms into giant Bowser, there will be a platform in which he will throw barrels at Mario while you try to advance up the falling platforms. The stars that appear on your profile can become shiny if you beat the main game without a Super Tanooki Suit appearing. If you are going for the Shiny profile stars you can avoid the limit of five deaths by pressing the power button followed by the home button as soon as it is apparent that you will die.
Another quick way to reset the game is to hold "L + R + Start" at the same time, this will initiate a soft reset. For those who fail at harder levels, you can stock up on Power-Ups (Super Leaves on 1-1 or S1-1) and use this to continually restart a level with power ups, returning to the home screen everytime you taste fail, and then restarting the game.
Another easier way to get back a power up is to return to the course selection screen after getting hit while using one.
I’ve wanted a completely 3D multiplayer Mario title since the first time I played Mario 64 as a kid. Super Mario 3D World also reminded me of Mario 64, especially in terms of its bright, vibrant visuals. Princess Peach can use her dress to float, Mario is an evenly skilled character, Luigi can jump higher and Toad is faster but has a shorter jump. The multiplayer portions of the game are frantic and fun but, after watching a group four other players try to navigate through one of the game’s levels, it suffers from the same running-into-other-players problem that the New Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 3D World is easily one of the best games on the Wii U and one of the best efforts in Mario’s entire franchise. Super Mario 3D World can be challenging at points, but this mostly conquerable ride features a learning curve that’s never too steep or too aggressive to turn groups of gamers off.
With fun as its focal point, Nintendo has created a Mario title that sits as a must-own during an incredibly crowded moment in gaming. The first thing most fans should be concerned about with another Mario title is whether or not it feels fresh. That said, each of the four initial playable characters offers something worth your consideration. What works so well with Super Mario 3D World, beyond its mechanics and design, is how much genuine love Nintendo put into building it. First of all, from confetti to tiny blips on World maps, there are tiny hints of Luigi peppered throughout this game. These loving reminders of where Mario’s been over the last nearly three decades will do wonders for the aging Nintendo fans in all of us. Super Mario 3D World, below the great game that it is, feels like an homage to an old set of gaming icons that we all grew up with. The best way to play Super Mario 3D World, whether it’s offscreen or on, is with the GamePad. My only real complaint from the pile of control options stems from the Wii Remote and Nunchuck pair. While playing through the game for review, I made it my mission to play a ton of it with others. At preview events with this game, I was really bothered by the camera while playing with others.
When the cat power-up was first revealed by Nintendo for Super Mario 3D World, I thought it was terrible. I slowly warmed to the catsuit over the course of checking the game out in person and watching trailers put it in motion.
Whether it’s secrets or speed you’re after, the cat power-up is incredibly flexible and rewards you for being creative with its use. If you critical path this game, skip all of the hidden secrets, jump past avoidable levels and don’t return after the credits, Super Mario 3D World might not be that long.
Add to that the fact that you’ll be tempted to hit every course with multiple characters, return to finish collecting stars and finding all of the awesome Miiverse stamps, and you’ll have a title well worth you money this holiday.
The challenge does pick up towards the end, but it’s rare that you’ll get stuck on any specific point because of sheer difficulty.

Thanks to the long history of quality mechanics, the developer gleaned a lot of inspiration from what fans love so much about this franchise.
While not too challenging, this Mario is perfect for playing in groups and revisiting a now old mascot of gaming’s past. Personally speaking, there hasn’t been a Mario game like this for me since Super Mario World. Disclaimer: We received a code to download and review Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U from Nintendo.
Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy.
Severed is one hell of a game, complete with addicting mechanics, a bizarre and wonderful story, moments of pure horror and a silent heroine that does the impossible. If you’re going to ask more than $50 for a gaming headset, you have to offer something aside from a microphone and a set of cans. At its core, 3D World is still a game about running and jumping, but as always, Nintendo has found dozens of ways to spice up those basic actions with fun twists.
3D World’s levels flow from one mechanic to the next in a way that ensures the player is never stuck doing anything for too long. The enemy stages are brief and put the player up against something like a handful of Hammer Bros. 3D World also (finally) doesn’t kick you back out to the map or a menu after every death. Above: The game even has a few interesting callbacks to games like Paper Mario and Mario Kart. It’s like the Galaxy team, which also produced 3D World, obviously took every thing it learned making those Wii titles and 3D Land and used that knowledge to make its best game yet. One stage steadily fed me double cherries so that I was continuously running around with five characters on screen. It’s one of the interesting ways that the game takes something that at first seems empowering and turns it into an obstacle itself, and I love that.
Nintendo of America is consistently amazed and humbled by the passion and loyalty of our fans. Bust Captain Toad out of his crate on the other train after going through the pipe and he'll throw you a green star as a token of his appreciation.
Follow us through this mountainous canyon land on our quest to save the Orange Sprixie Princess and defeat Boss Brolder. Follow us through the beautiful beach and ocean levels on our quest to save the Purple Sprixie Princess and defeat King Ka-thunk. After defeating King Ka-Thunk at the end of World 5 we venture forth to this cloudy world (although there are mines etc too) to save the Cyan Sprixie Princess and defeat Boom Boom and Motley Bossblob.
After fighting our way through the fire and brimstone of World Castle we finally made it to Bowser's rather extravagant, and creatively named "World Bowser" its here that we have the final showdown with Bowser.
Not much else was revealed at this time, but we should be able to expect more information in the near future. Then complete Castle S1 and Luigi will be unlocked, select him by clicking "L" on the touch screen while selecting a stage, vice versa if you want to play as Mario.
If you save and quit while in the special worlds, but without the maximum number of lives you will be Tanooki Mario.
Once you get 1,000 there is a sound effect and applause, and the hundreth place in your lives count will turn into a crown. Bounce to the left off of the top jump platform then wall jump back to the right and on top of a ledge. Once all 4 torches are hit, the game will play the 'puzzle solved' chime from the Legend of Zelda!
At a recent Nintendo public E3 showcase, I had the chance to go hands-on with Nintendo’s latest Mario title and walked away relatively impressed.
For some reason, Nintendo has never added a legitimate multiplayer mode to any of its three dimensional Mario titles (apart from the mode included in the Super Mario 64 remake for the DS). Gamers who fall behind off-screen return to the action via a bubble and shaking the Wiimote makes the bubble pop quicker, getting the player back in the action. The cat suit also allowed me to climb up the flag pole that’s traditionally at the end of every Mario level, removing the challenge of actually trying to grab it at the top. I’ve been hoping that with the Wii U, Nintendo would finally modernize their stance on online multiplayer.
Instead of trying to innovate, with this title, Nintendo has opted for a back-to-basics with fun multiplayer approach. This Wii U effort is the first 3D Mario game on a console since Mario Galaxy 2, which released in 2010. The big band music, brand new power-ups, constantly changing environments and truly unique levels pile up to make it the freshest Mario experience we’ve had since Galaxy on the Wii.
Not counting her solo adventures, Princess Peach hasn’t been a playable character in a standard Mario platforming effort since her run in the odd and awesome Super Mario Bros.
After a few hours of play, Peach became my go-to choice for tough levels, and she stands as the heroine who I cleared the final confrontation with first. Mario, as per usual, is an all around decently speedy character with an average jump and no float. The magic here feels like the developers absolutely adore this franchise and its characters, and that shows through a constant barrage of Easter Eggs and homages throughout the campaign. He’s almost everywhere, and Nintendo’s clearly doing this to poke at their awesome Year of Luigi promotion.
Whether or not you like the company today, I bet you’d be hard pressed to say that there isn’t a single Nintendo property that you’ve played and enjoyed over the course of your life. The platforming and running lends itself well to the spread out nature of the controller, but being able to touch and blow on the GamePad in order to affect enemies and reveal secrets is a lot of fun. And, oftentimes, you’ll be rewarded with power-ups, coins and mushrooms for tapping away on everything in sight.
You can play with a Pro Controller, my second favorite option, a Wii Remote alone and a Wii Remote and Nunchuck combination. I had hoped that Nintendo took a page out of Mario Galaxy’s design and let the Remote serve as an onscreen pointer to affect the environment in the same way that the GamePad’s touchscreen does.
When a level requires touching and blowing on the microphone to navigate, the GamePad is required. I had one save file that I dedicated to pushing through alone, and I had another for my wife and our friends.
We competed to collect coins and stomp enemies in order to earn the crown (a literal crown, yes, Toad’s wearing it in screenshot above this section) for highest score at the end of each level. And, the aforementioned gently sloping learning curve and forgiving difficulty shine in this mode and make Super Mario 3D World exceptionally welcoming for group play.
It zoomed out incredibly far and made navigating the 3D space and landing on precise platforms exceptionally difficult. It’s the fact that the catsuit dramatically changes the nature of every level you use it in.
You’ll scale every wall you can, and when you are treated with a secret exit or star, you’ll love the catsuit as much as I do.

The Tanooki Suit is here, and, coupled with Peach’s floating jump, it makes precise platforming a dream. If you’re a long time fan of the franchise, you will grin from ear to ear at almost every turn and little jab here. We completed the game solo and played a several hours of cooperative before starting this review. When Nintendo announced the platformer in January, it looked like a quick turnaround of the 3DS’s Super Mario 3D Land. Levels that do focus on a single concept are often shorter but more difficult, which is refreshing. 3D World has eight themed worlds and each of those comprise around eight normal levels, a handful of enemy stages, and at least one series of special challenges. It feels like the development team was forced to come up with scores of new ideas, and the producers only kept the awesome stuff.
It simply reloads the level in blissfully little time and gets you right back into the action. Even beyond the variety, the fundamental Mario gameplay of jumping on enemies, using powerups, and finding secrets is better than ever.
2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, a Mario game is enabling players to choose to take on Bowser as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, or Toad for any level, and they each play differently. As boring as I am, I favorited Mario, but I found that the levels played differently (sometimes easier and sometimes not) depending on who I was using.
I had fun trying to control the flock of Marios as we took on enemies and filed one at a time into a pipe, but the secret goal of the level was to get at least four of these Marios to the end of the stage to activate a switch that would unlock one of the green stars. Once we're done on completing the whole game with all green stars and stamps we'll do other secrets and specials like how to unlock Rosalina, where the secret 1-up's in the overworld are and a whole lot more.
The game supports 4-player co-op, with a roster of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach as playable characters. You will have to play the level you were working on again, but you won't be punished by losing your shiny stars. Shake the 3DS up, down and side to side on each photo for different photo sounds and effects. The cool blurring effect that makes objects in the environment’s backdrop out of focus, gives Super Mario 3D World a distinct visual appearance (especially when compared to other 3D Mario titles). Players can also play using the Wii U’s Gamepad screen separately, just like you could with New Super Mario Bros. Although, since the game is played in three dimensions and there is more space to move around, this is less of an issue. What started as just an off-series on the Nintendo DS made its way to the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
It’s a follow-up in style to the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Super Mario 3D Land, which dropped in 2011. When rolling solo, it’s fun to try levels as different characters in order to get to locations more easily or make it through specific sections in less time.
Mario’s little bro is hidden all over the place, and each time he shows up, I couldn’t help but chuckle.
I never once thought, “Man, I wish I could use something else.” Just be aware that, while you have a choice most of the length of the campaign, sometimes you will be forced to use the GamePad, its mic and its touchscreen.
That series would pit my wife and I against each other as she fell into a hole too many times for my liking, got mad at me for being frustrated, grabbed me and tossed me into the nearest pool of lava. I don’t know whether it’s because playing with family and friends at home encourages tighter exploration or not, but I didn’t have the same problem while reviewing the game. Being able to store power-ups like the good ol’ Super Mario World days means that you can bring a catsuit with you almost anywhere.
You’ll also be able to double characters with the Double Cherry, though this is limited to specific levels and can’t be stored for use elsewhere. The Fire Suit, for instance, was much better…that thing is as old as the Super Mario series itself. The sheer amount of levels, both standard, hidden and unlocked at the end, makes it a huge game. The lens of nostalgia might keep the older game in higher regards for me, but Super Mario 3D World is simply fantastic.
The Wii U was (and still is) struggling, and Nintendo clearly wanted to get another Mario game out to help boost hardware sales. The challenge levels are either a series of fast and difficult platforming obstacles or a special area that puts gamers in control of a toad who cannot jump and has to figure out a puzzle-like pathway to collect the green stars. Kick the Koopa into the narrowest portion of water on the far left so it bounces quickly back away and towards the screen. While I didn’t experience it during my short time with the game, I imagine portions of each levels design will encourage cooperation between players.
Sure, Super Mario 3D World features three-dimensional gameplay, but it isn’t in actual 3D. We’re several years removed from the last Mario game of this ilk, and Super Mario 3D World is so much better because of that fact.
In that game, she rocked a floating jump that made her one of the best characters for platforming. It’s a quick little escape, but Nintendo actually built a level reminiscent of a course from Super Mario Kart on the SNES.
And the ability to scale walls and diagonally pounce over big distances makes this an explorer’s dream. I probably lost about a dozen or so lives using Mario before I decided to try the stage with Toad … and, of course, I beat it on my first try with the blue little mushroom man. With proper timing, you'll continue to bounce on the Koopa shell as long as you don't move in any direction.
The cat suit allows players to climb up certain surfaces but if you hang out on a cliff for too long, you’ll slide down the side of it. I have a feeling this strange name choice will lead to some confusion among gamers and casual players. For a series that features almost identical music and pretty much the same assets again and again, posting two new entries separated by only a few months is a recipe to ruin desire from fans. You can change almost on the fly, and that makes swapping characters so much better and easier.
He doesn’t jump as high as the others, which actually helped me maintain control of his movements. If you land on it in the right place, Mario will bounce, getting a life every time he lands after the first few hits.

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