To all the guys and girls,, thanks so very much for colouring an already great experience with Joyfull cheer and honest camaraderie. To the Place, The People, the proper Plates of food prepared in the great outdoors and of course the Uncarved Block.. Wish you all the best and very much look forward to sharing another worthwhile experience in the not too distant future. Removal of the Energy Blockage Stones in the Path of the Energy inside Your System is the Secret of Abundance and Plenty and success Outside. Change manager working directly to the Managing Directors of several fortune 500 companies. It is in the principles of Nei Dan that we discover the internal aspects of modern Tai Chi. The 12 meridians represent processes of the major organs and their related yin and yang properties; it is those 12 meridians that occupy most of the attention of acupuncturists.
The additional eight extraordinary vessels are less frequently employed in acupuncture, but comprise the vehicles for Nei Dan meditation and its techniques of chi circulation.
Of the eight extraordinary vessels the two principle vessels are the Conception Vessel (Ren Mai) and the Governing Vessel (Du Mai). The Conception Channel travels down the front of the body, from the lower lip to the perineum located at the very bottom point of the torso. Furthermore, the more advanced techniques of Macrocosmic Circulation utilizes all eight psychic channels; many standing postures are based on variations of Zhan Zhuang, Standing Post Meditation.
Whichever method of breathing you employ it should be from the lower abdomen, referred to in Nei Dan practice as embryonic breathing. When first attempting microcosmic circulation it is best to perform it in two full breaths. 2. After the first inhale, when the dan tian is about three quarters full, begin the exhale guiding the chi from the dan tian to the tailbone at the base of the spine. Be aware of the San Guan, or Three Gates, which can pose obstacles to chi flow during your initial efforts. If you do notice a block don’t try to push it open, just gently bring the chi through it and move on.
These circulation techniques should never be forceful; keep it gentle and flowing, any tension can restrict chi movement.
When you are ready to attempt Microcosmic Circulation in one complete breath, the Taoist method dictates you begin the cycle during the initial exhale. 2. Then on the inhale bring the chi up the spine, over your head, and back down to the nostrils, the entire length of the Governing Vessel.
In Buddhist chi circulation, as opposed to Taoist chi circulation, you reverse the breathing, inhaling as you bring the chi down the Conception Vessel to the perineum, and exhaling as you bring it up the spine and over the head. Don’t worry too much about the direction of the breath or which channel the chi flow first follows.
Inhale should blend into exhale, exhale into inhale, each effortlessly becoming the other: Yang transforming into yin, yin into yang, substantial into unsubstantial, empty into full, and so on. Microcosmic Circulation is an essential practice in acquiring the full benefit of the internal aspects of Tai Chi. There are a number of ways chi can be circulated during Tai Chi practice; Microcosmic Circulation is the best place to start.
Unfortunately many Tai Chi teachers never transmit this step, never bring their students to this level; instead they offer instruction only in the external aspects of the Tai Chi form, reducing it to little more than a cultural dance.

Neil Alexander is a professional magician, a Tai Chi enthusiast and occasional Tai Chi instructor, and the owner of the Online Ginseng Store. Thanks for the article, especially for explaining the different buddhist and taoist variations. The roots of Tai Chi Chuan stretch back thousands of years into the Chinese religion of Taoism and one of its core practices Nei Dan (pronounced Nay-Dahn), the ancient art of inner alchemy.
These eight extraordinary vessels, or channels, are sometimes referred to as the eight psychic channels.
Microcosmic Orbit clears energy blockages out of the Conception and Governing channels, and in doing so extends its benefits to chi circulation in all eight extraordinary channels and all twelve primary meridians. The Governing Channel begins at the perineum and runs through the tailbone and up the spine, across the top of the head, and back down to the front of the gums beneath the upper lip.
They are located in some of the same positions occupied by the seven chakras, and there are many parallel properties. The heart chakra crosses the Conception Vessel at the acupoint known as CV-17 on the front of the body. There are also standing postures that are employed in both Microcosmic Circulation and the more advanced techniques of Macrocosmic Circulation. The Taoist method of breathing, reverse breathing, is where you contract the abdomen during the inhale, compressing the chi and then expanding the compressed chi and the abdomen on the exhale.
Always keep the tongue lightly pressed against the roof of the mouth during this meditation, this forms a bridge between the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel.
On the first inhale bring the breath to the lower Dan Tian or Qihai, a chi repository located about one and one half inches below the navel.
On the second inhale, guide the chi up the spine to the top of the shoulders, the acupoint known as the Shangbei.
Eventually, possibly even by the time you next try the exercise, the chi blockage will have dissipated. While exhaling guide the chi past the Dan Tian and directly to the perineum, navigating the entire length of the Conception Vessel on the front of the body to the base of the Governing Vessel. It is also common in the Buddhist method to reverse the direction of the chi, first bringing it over the head and down the spine, then up the front of the body back to the nose. A former nightclub comic who spent years on the road, he currently resides in his hometown of NYC, and has lived on both coasts and several points in between. It also transverses the Governing Vessel acupoint GV-10 on the spine, an acupoint referred to as the Life’s Door by martial artists because it can cause a heart attack when struck with the proper force, or jing, and at the right angle. Reverse breathing is often employed to generate power in martial arts; natural breathing is generally preferred when practicing for health.
As you bring the breath to the dan tian, consciously sink the chi, the inner energy, to this area.
The perineum is an intersection of the Conception Vessel, the Governing Vessel, and also the kidney and gall bladder meridians.
An unabashed practitioner of the art of alliteration and its resultant mix of prose and poetry, he is on an endless quest to uncover the perfect word—the philosopher’s stone of writers. Certainly in Tantra this unification of body, mind and spirit is central to its experience.
It is important that you keep your awareness and breath centred on that part of your body. What happens is a uniquely individual experience and reflects where you are in that moment.

Moving energy around this circuit can promote healing, prevent illness and keep the organs in balance. Bring your awareness to the thumbs, close your eyes and feel the beating of your heart there.
Focus your awareness for approximately 5 minutes.Place the palm of your right hand on the heart space and place the left hand over the right. Imagine and feel the energy at this point in the centre of your chest, imagine it as the green light of growth, of new plant life, feel the heat of this energy in your heart. There is no set time for this, just trust your body and instincts to know when to move onto the next stage.Turn the palms out and away from your body, visualise the light and heat and energy moving out from your palms and out into the world, the cosmos, infinite, boundless.
Meditation can take many forms and be incredibly simple to do, some of them utilise the most mundane of tasks.
For this meditation you do not need a special area for this, or the ability to sit or still. Perhaps you have even dropped a glass or chipped a plate, even cut yourself on a knife hidden in the water, where is your focus? As a general rule, I tend to choose music that has no vocals, I find the mind focuses on the song and distracts from the meditation. If it’s what you want then note it for keeping, if it’s not right ask can it be used for another meditation?
As an example of this we have the original Quantum Light Breath meditation by Jeru Kabbal.
Where a meditation has several stages or visualisations it can be helpful to voice over your music with the steps. Though one piece of advice is to get someone else to do the voice recording, it can be terribly distracting to hear your own voice. Any form of focussed awareness, of consciously choosing to focus your mind on something is meditation.
Meditation is anything in fact that brings you into a state of present awareness and focussing the mind in positive ways. Our western mind has no choice but to stop thinking, and as a result we start feeling, de-stressing and opening.
It can be helpful to have a group or facilitator to guide you through the practices, to nurture, support and provide companionship.But why Meditate?
Wilhelm Reichs and Alexander Lowen believed that many diseases and ailments were caused by blockages of energy in the body and consciously allowing energy to flow freely could significantly improve health.Not only do you become more aware of your body and mind when you meditate, but you realise that multi-tasking is just another form of Attention Deficit Disorder with competing external stimulii and demands of the modern life leading to confusion, stress and a general shutting down. Meditation brings you into the now and allows you to focus and sharpen your mind and to live your life in the present.Emotional intelligence has been identified as a reason for success in life. How did you feel (feelings are different from emotions, but that is another article for another day)? Meditation is a means of becoming conscious of your emotions and thereby developing emotional intelligence.Meditation is also a wonderful support if people are getting help for psychological problems, it is a companion on the healing journey.

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