When we are at ease, our bodies work efficiently, our minds settle, and space opens up for us to connect to our intuition, creativity, and sense of connectedness. Everything you need to know is right there inside, waiting for you to tap in and discover it, and then hopefully do something about it. It takes an honest look to observe our selves without judgment, and then to do something about it. Tara is the founder and owner of Strala Yoga, widely known for it’s unpretentious, inclusive, and straightforward approach to yoga and meditation. Yoga Transformations with Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles, are two transformative yoga DVDs with guided yoga with Tara, and guided meditation with Deepak, set in Joshua Tree.
Yoga instructor and social media sweetheart Tara Stiles responded to a few questions from Julie Deardorff with Tribune Newspaper. But Stiles, the fun-loving founder of Strala Yoga in New York City, is probably best known for her use of social media, including her own low-budget YouTube yoga videos — she was one of the first to create and upload instructional videos — and her Facebook posts, which might show a picture of her lunch. A: The chance to help people connect to themselves in a holistic way through meditation and eating. So many physical ailments are a combination of poor diet and inadequate exercise and are completely preventable and reversible. We just got back from an amazing weekend in Toronto leading Strala classes and Strala Intensive for Teachers.
If you have tired, aching legs but are not sure if you need to see your GP, your pharmacist can be a good source of advice. Even after practicing and teaching meditation for more than 35 years now, I truly understand that sustaining a regular practice can be challenging.
One morning, I woke up feeling particularly ornery, and, after I snapped at Narayan’s father for forgetting something at the supermarket, he recommended that I take some time to meditate. As my body has changed and long sittings have become more difficult, I’ll often do a standing meditation. Many contemplative traditions recommend setting a regular time of day to meditate—usually early in the morning, because the mind is calmer on waking than it is later in the day. If you are able, attending a weekend or weeklong residential retreat will deepen your practice as well as your faith in your own capacity to become peaceful and mindful.
The most important thing to remember is your commitment to practice “no matter what,” even if it’s for just a few moments out of your day. Tara Brach is a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening.
Tara is nationally known for her skill in weaving western psychological wisdom with a range of meditative practices. Tara has been featured in publications including Elle, Lucky, InStyle, Esquire, and Men’s Health and has been profiled by the Times of India, The Times (UK), and Sweden’s Dagnes Nyheter. She is the personal yoga instructor to Deepak Chopra, whom she’s collaborated with to create the Authentic Yoga application, Yoga Transformation DVD series among other projects. Stiles, a former model, recently explained why it’s nice to have famous friends and why she wants to connect with the rest of us.
Of course yoga can’t cure anything it is more like a foundation for health and wellness.
Seated meditation, moving meditation (yoga), gardening, walking, running, and one of my favorite meditative practices, knitting!
Last week’s mustard yellow hat is going to recent college grad Jenny Young in Cranston Road Island.
I love how gaining inspiration and wisdom from others brings you right back inside to nourish and ground so we can reach out and offer value to the people we reach in our lives.
It’s so exciting to see leading with ease and fun take off like wild fire and really begin to sweep the globe.
The program is designed for anyone who wants to move with ease and form a deeper connection to self. He or she can talk to you about your symptoms, when they are worse, and can suggest some lifestyle changes or compression stockings or support tights that could help. During the twelve years I lived in an ashram, for instance, I had others to practice with each day.
I handed the baby over, plunked down in front of my little altar, and immediately dissolved into tears.

I usually meditate thirty to forty-five minutes in the morning, but there have been days, especially when Narayan was young, when it didn’t happen.
Still, the commitment to daily practice “no matter what” has been one of the great supports of my life. Something happens—a bad cold, falling asleep early, simply forgetting—and the promise has been broken. However, the best time for you is the time you can realistically commit to on a regular basis. Choose a relatively protected and quiet place where you can leave your cushion (or chair) so that it is always there to return to. It’s hard to feel enriched if you get mechanical, if you practice out of guilt, if you judge yourself for not progressing, or if you lock into the grim sense that “I’m on my own.” One of the best ways to avoid these traps is to practice with others.
As one of my students put it recently, “Just having those moments to be quiet is a gift to my soul.” It is a gift to the soul.
She has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years, with an emphasis on vipassana (mindfulness or insight) meditation. Her approach emphasizes compassion for oneself and others, mindful presence and the direct realization and embodiment of natural awareness.
Great article you have, I would also want to share my thoughts that Meditation indeed has positive effects not only in the body but also in the mind, a total holistic wellness that brings us to know our inner-self better.
Also, coming from a dance background, performance was a big part of my life, and I don’t see yoga as a performance.
But when health issues do arise your body will be more able to overcome them more quickly and easily because of the strength and general health benefits of yoga and mediation.
I discovered knitting several years ago when I was writing Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and was out on a writing break walk around the neighborhood.
Get your needles ready and enjoy creating all that space for yourself and a lovely gift for yourself or a friend. Whether you are interested in leading Strala classes privately or in a group, or just interested in deepening your personal practice, the weekend intensives are open to everyone. The last 2 years I led all the classes and have had such a blast with everyone, but now that Strala is growing and expanding I can’t hog all the fun to myself.
But as she grew older, Stiles realized she was experiencing things differently than other people. With that kind of support, creating the time for daily meditation became a given in my life. In those moments, with the sun flooding through the windows, and the background sounds of my husband chatting away to Narayan, I made a vow. Instead, I’d sit on the edge of my bed right before going to sleep, and would intentionally relax my body, opening to the sensations and feelings that were present. If you are new to meditation, fifteen minutes may seem like an eternity, but that impression will change as your practice develops. Some people choose to do two short mediations, one at the beginning of the day and one at the end.
You may want to create an altar with a candle, inspiring photos, statues, flowers, stones, shells—whatever arouses your sense of beauty, wonder, and the sacred. You might look for an existing meditation class with a teacher, or find a few friends who are interested in sharing the experience together.
Meditators have a growing pool of resources—CDs, books, podcasts, teachers, and fellow meditators—to support and accompany them as they walk this path. Stepping out of the busyness, stopping our endless pursuit of getting somewhere else—even if it’s just one minute at a time—is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit. Here is what she had to say about her inspiration for her life and some of her personal tips for healthy living. So if my body isn’t going to get into a certain position, I have no external drive to force it to. Yoga just removes the doubt, fear and insecurity that lead you to make bad choices that destroy your health.
Yoga instructor and social media sweetheart Tara Stiles is absolutely right many health problems are reversible if people follow a healthy lifestyle.
But don’t miss all the wisdom from over 100 World-Renowned Teachers including Deepak Chopra, Suze Orman, Sharon Salzberg, Louise Hay, Kris Carr, Dr.

We have so much demand to bring Strala classes, guides, and programs all over the world and it makes me so happy to see leaders who are guiding Strala classes in their studios and gyms growing their businesses and communities. No matter what, I’d create time each day to come into stillness and pay attention to my experience.
If you meditate each day, you will experience noticeable benefits (less reactivity, more calm) and you’ll probably choose to increase your practice time.
This is certainly not necessary, but it can help create a mood and remind you of what you love. The fuller your breaths the more and more doors open on up, leaving you with the space to walk on in!
The benefits of yoga come from what is going on inside your body and mind, much more than how extreme the pose. Within a year I gave birth to my son, Narayan, and found myself with a new infant and an increasingly erratic schedule. Who’s going to know?” If you miss practice for a day, a week, or a month, simply begin again.
Whatever the length, it’s best to decide before beginning and have a clock or timer nearby.
I never really dieted, but I used to eat a lot of crappy things — like Gummi bears, sugary and salty things and diet sodas — during my (ballet) dancing years when I didn’t know any other way to get a lot of energy.
Helpful lovely people sitting around candle lite knitting the most gorgeous colored fluffy wool and cottons into amazing creations.
Outside of the yoga we’ll be enjoying the pool, the spa, the awesome food, and of course, sunny Miami. Stiles, a former model and the owner of Strala Yoga in New York, talked about how synesthesia affects yoga, meditation and the one yogi she’s still longing to meet. Then, rather than getting entangled in thoughts about when to stop, you can fully give yourself to the meditation. A: People think they are supposed to get rid of all of their thoughts, when the reality is thoughts come and go all the time. It’s if and how we decide to attach or not attach to them that brings us into a meditative state that makes all the difference. I like to think of it as lying on the grass on a perfect summer day, watching clouds go by in the blue sky. Every time we have a thought we can simply guide our attention back to our breath, just like another cloud passing by.
A: I'm not sure if it makes it easier, because that has been my experience and seeing the colors around me was definitely a big factor in drawing me deeper into meditation and meditation-like practices. I think I have always felt deeply connected to meditation practices; seeing the colors was a way further in. I suppose it becomes for me, a gorgeous light show to enjoy and further the meditation experience.
When my mind isn't calm and the thoughts are creeping in, the colors aren't there, so it's probably a chicken and the egg situation. I have to be calm to see the colors, and have to stay calm to see the colors, and I only see the colors when I'm in a meditative state. A: A simple practice that already exists in everyone, connecting you back to everything in you and everything that exists. It’s just how it is and just gets richer and fuller and more connected, the more you practice. A: Something shifted in me a few months ago and I did stop looking for external validation.
He comes from a dance background like I do and seems easy going and not caught up in a specific yoga scene or school.

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