Despite the immense value of these latter three things, none could exist without the first; the nature of Truth. Interestingly enough, the essence of modernity's underpinnings; the scientific method, begins with this very same idea.
Unfortunately, there is a logical flaw in their practice, one which exists primarily in their test for knowing they've arrived at a sine qua non. Unlike Socrates then, science sees truth in mere mathematical repetitions, even when this result cannot ever generalize to individual cases. This means they make getting reliable numeric results more important than finding the essence of a thing, even if these reductions destroy the nature of the thing. To see this as true, let's look at what many see as one of the two leading theories of personality; trait theory.
Is a there a sane alternative to using mathematically meaningful numeric repetitions as a test for truth though, one which does generalize to individuals in a scientifically reliable way? Our first look into human nature then will focus mainly on this idea, as we aspire to answer the very question Socrates sought to answer; what is the essential nature of truth itself?
How does this apply to our being able to successfully conduct practical, real world tests for truth? There are two ways we can test things for the presence of an absolute truth; classical geometry, and fractal geometry. The key to our being able to test for truth then lies entirely in our having a precise knowledge of our limits. The limits of what we use to test for truth then is to contrast and compare something against a known visual pattern.
A test for truth then is, does the arrived at result appear true one hundred percent of the time. Here then is the key to knowing what we can and cannot test for truth; knowing the difference between the container and the content. Applied to a real world object then, say an oak leaf, based entirely on pattern recognition, an oak leaf can be tested and known with certainty to be true oak leaf. In other words, our ability to test for truth is limited to the fractal patterns which make a leaf an oak leaf.
Finally, using this test for truth, we can discern patterns in human nature which are one hundred percent true, even in cases wherein the content has yet to be seen. Freud saw that when an energy comes to exist within the mind, that will continue to exert itself until it is expended.
Herein lies the essence of Freud's great work, an essence largely founded on the then being discovered laws of physics.
Of course, the obvious truth here is that the actual content; magnetized water, is entirely spurious.
Applied to our search for truth in the world, we now have two methodological guidelines; fractility, and psycho physicality. In addition, if you begin with the upper left hand cell, you'll find psycho physicality here also.
Now let's look at how the psycho physical laws governing waves created transverse waves (as opposed longitudinal waves) explain the way the matrix fractally expands. All processes in nature, including human nature, involve change, and all changes in some way mirror the fractals for the ways waves change.
Applied to how the Emergence Matrix develops, the matrix originates in the upper left hand corner cell (the Meta Meta cell), then spreads outward in waves, creating first the Meta, then the Macro, then finally the Micro. Tests for truth which only yield mostly true outcomes are, at best, only starting points, first steps on the way to the truth, and never truth itself. In other words, because funding mainly goes to those getting results, researchers make the truth fit their tests, rather than fitting their tests to the truth.
This means the better you are at designing test situations which lead to statistically significant outcomes, the more money you get.
We, on the other hand, require our truths to be true one hundred percent truths, in all three test situations.
So can my claim about human consciousness; that it has three but three basic qualities, meet these three truth tests? To see this though you must be willing to set aside what you've been using to test truth and apply a more critical measure.
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In Episode Two of Burial at Sea, one can find this very same audio log on a side drawer near a bed. Fort FrolicStood Up Again · Musical Insult · Come to the Record Store · The Wild Bunny · Artist's Feud · Fancy Cigarettes · The Doubters · The Iceman Cometh · Fontaine's Army · Guns Blazing · It's All Grift · Pregnancy · Ryan's Stableboy · Bump Culpepper?
HousewaresLaissez-Faire · The Blue Dress · This Atlas Guy · For All Occasions · Old Man Winter Giveaway · Prison Intel, Dispatch #8 · Pennies on the Dollar · Imprinting Roadblocks · Hooligans · So Long, Suckers! And while these ideas are still true, our standards for accessing truth have since been raised a thousand fold.
Yet three hundred years of scientific chest pounding has scared the pants off most dissenters. Begin with that this success rests entirely on knowing what we can and cannot test a thing for; what parts of a thing we can know as true and what parts we can never know. Both can be used to test things for absolute truths, things which are true one hundred percent of the time. What is especially important to notice here is that we can discern this truth despite the fact that no two oak leaves will ever be the same. This proves false the maxim that because we can never witness all cases, we can never know the whole truth. To see this as true, one simply need look at how Freud's certainty about there being an unconscious came directly from his applying the one of the Laws of Thermodynamics to the psyche. His realizations about the unconscious state then came from that he realized that when the form was unacceptable to the person, that the energy somehow continued to exist but in a changed form.
For truth to exist, both must be present, and appear in the reverse order of what I've just stated; psycho physicality then fractility. Thus, while this cell contains a fractal description for all of human consciousness, this same fractal mirrors exactly the pattern of Einstein's fractal; E=MC2. To see this, we'll need to look at the fractals for the two most basic kinds of waves, transverse and longitudinal. Transverse waves result mostly from an initial displacement, the rock thrown into the pond, for instance, causing the water beneath it to be pushed down. This test is based on the idea that the rate at which information is perceived creates a bias as to which brain interprets the data, the mind's brain (brain in the head) or the body's brain (the brain in the gut).
I've just made a rather outrageous statement; that all of human consciousness can be reduced to three interactive properties.
Unfortunately, the very foundation on which all these tests rest; the artificial environment, invalidates the test.
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Like any AI we suggest that you be over 18 and of course have a good diet and exercise program and be in good general health as checked by a doctor. Interrogation · Fontaine Must Go · Bathysphere Keys · Finding the Sea Slug · Masha Come Home · Picked Up Timmy H. More important, in 2010, I began work on a new scientific method, one with which discoveries are guaranteed. Moreover, from this maxim we can see that Socrates believed truth existed only in the essence of things.

To wit, researchers spend lives designing test situations wherein they can, in a controlled way, isolate this very nature.
This means the reductions could never be seen as valid if, in the process, the nature of the thing got destroyed. What I mean is, by making mathematically meaningful repetitions their holy grail, science ignores the fact that the nature of a thing no longer exists below a certain level of reductions. It is arguably the most reductive scientific effort ever devised, in that it claims to be able to describe the essence of human nature using only five pairs of opposite words. Before preceding though, we must first explore briefly the tests for truth being used here. This stands in direct opposition to things like statistical tests which, at best, can discern only partial truths; things which are true only under certain conditions and never one hundred percent of the time. Equally important, what we can never test for is these variation, albeit, we can statistically discern trends. And a century later, this proves true as far as how Freud's unconscious parallels the laws of thermodynamics.
Unfortunately if I proceed without first proving how I test for this truth, we will step into the same mire much of modern science currently wallows in; the idea that tests for truth which yield mostly true outcomes are as close to the truth as we can come. Would you be comfortable with a pregnancy test which said you were probably pregnant but could not say for sure? This LH travels through the blood and binds to the testes causing increased natural testosterone to be produced and released! Hold the contents under your tongue for 60 seconds, then swish the contents around your mouth and swallow completely. Thus by inference, the rest of a thing was relegated to the small details, stuff associated to the thing more by chance than by purposeful design. The ability to create outcomes which are said to be meaningful by virtue of the fact that they are better than chance outcomes. That science accepts this theory as having any validity begs the question, what is it they are using to judge truth. Do they, for instance, discern their truth without destroying the nature of the things they explore. More to the point, if this claim does not pass all three truth tests at a one hundred percent true level, then we will not claim it is true, not even partially true. How about a marriage certificate which said you were married thirty two percent of the time?
This said, this article is still important in that is shows the relationships between my work on mind and consciousness, emergence personality theory, and emergence therapy. With no knowledge of the nature of Virtue, life would be a constant battle against the rationalizations of the mind, making life an endless negotiation with the will for the space in which to make a good life. What we cannot test for is anything else, including the infinite variations which make real world things real world as opposed to the predictable certainties of ideal world things.
This has led to a form of scientific research which has more in common with the Emperor's New Clothes than with truth. Thus while statically significant outcomes may indeed begin the process, to mistake these beginnings for the truth is to mistake sugar cane for a gourmet meal. How about a college degree that said you were qualified to do twenty nine percent of your career? As well as a proof for whether you have actually learned something versus having merely memorized data. It also shows how anything posited had (and still has to) test as true from all three prospectives; from the view of the mind, from the perspective of personality, and as part of a working therapy.
More basic still is the nature of Human Nature, without which we would forever remain strangers in our own land, the face in the mirror a face we could not know leading to the unexamined life not worth being lived as Socrates said. Mathematically meaningful numeric repetitions, none of which are pragmatically capable of predicting, to any significant degree, the personality features of randomly chosen individuals. Both are knowable containers which are one hundred percent true while at the same time having infinitely variable content.

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