Forget Christmas; the most exciting event of December is undoubtedly the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Love it or hate it, anyone who works in an office will eventually find themselves involved in the seasonal process known as Secret Santa. If you find yourself tearing your hair out over what to buy Dave from accounting (who only ever talks about accounting), or get the name of someone you barely know rather than your work BFF, it may be best to go down the “office pressie” route.
The abundance of USB gadgets can provide an ideal solution to a potentially awkward decision, particularly as new gadgets are continually appearing on the market.
A search around online should get you out of a tricky situation, especially if you got the name of your boss in the Christmas draw. If you’re looking for something a little more frivolous, a great conversation point would be an “Executive Toy” for the USB age. If you want to stay in safe territory you might like to stick with something traditional and buy someone their own personal Christmas lights to adorn their work area.

Finally how could any work colleague not appreciate eBay’s cosy USB heated slippers for under ?10.00 and ideal to keep toes warm in a draughty office. The Maroon 5 frontman celebrated his bachelor party in Las Vegas last week, according to People. Buying your co-worker something that will bring a bit of joy into their daily office routine will always go down well. The humble USB drive is no longer simply a data storage device but can also be a phone or camera charger, a handy desk light or a mini fan powered directly from your laptop or desktop computer. Even your local pound shop can be a good source of USB gadgets (I wouldn’t go there for your boss though!). At under ?10.00 it comes complete with magnetic stylus pen and sliding eraser, in the style of an old etch-a-sketch. Desk pets such as Amazon’s Skitterbot (selling at under ?10.00) are rather creepy multi-limbed creatures that charge up on your desk and run around your work station like a giant spider.

Although Levine has dated a bevy of beauties and once said he'd never get married, Prinsloo apparently caused him to have a change of heart.
He and 50 other people partied in the Palms Casino Resort's Hardwood Suite, which has its own basketball court. They enjoyed dinner at N9NE Steakhouse and Levine gambled in the Palms' high-limit area, Mint. Getting filmed at every angle during the show can be intimidating, but these supermodels have no fear — they prep for the show all year long. Before the winged babes make their debut, they're training extra hard to stay healthy and toned.

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