In the beginning, we had couples from all over The Secret Circle universe — fanon, canon, and WTF?! Bracket 1: Cassie & Adam are all about the fairytale  —  who can forget their magic-making moment in the forest? Now, as we get down to the wire, we have a Battle Royale brewing between the canon and fanon factions! Fan favorites Faye & Diana have been rocking this competition in a HUGE way — will the dark horse pairing of Jake & Adam steal some of their momentum?

The stars say Adam but lots of you say Cassie’s chemistry with Jake is destiny-defying! When Jake & Cassie got together, sparks literally started  — that fireplace embrace was majorly, majorly hot. Plus, they bicker so much no one can deny there’s a majorly intense connection between them. We knew Faye & Diana were going to be a popular pairing — The Secret Circle fanon has not been shy about their #Fayana appreciation.

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