First Story – Gao Yuan is a low level accountant who has been flying to Yulin every Tuesday for the last 3 years working on an important contract.
Third Story – Mei is having an affair with her married colleague and they are involved in a car accident that puts her colleague in hospital. In a bid to protect themselves from eviction, Mario the Magician and his troupe of 'freaks' stage a Death and Resurrection performance at "The Blood Shed: Montreal's Only Grand-Guignol and Freak Show," in which Mario uses his powers to cast a spell on the condo-reality they are facing. Participating in supportive group with positive energy is a very healthy thing; it improves your ability to raise your vibration and keep it up there through thick and thin, plus you make new friends who understand and provide support.
As a student of success, I have heard a lot of definitions and opinions as to what success is and how to measure it.  This short passage is so very profound on so many levels.
Mastery is the highest form of intelligence.  The average person uses 5% of their brain capacity.
If you could become world class at something in the next six months, particularly if it’s something you’ve dreamed of or gave up on, what would it look like? I have spent nearly 30 years in business (sales and marketing), being trained by the top Investment banks in the world. Further, I believe I have put together a unique short cut planning model to overcome your limits and accomplish your goals. How can it be then, that I have just had a breakthrough on a massive limiting belief that might well explain the frustrations I have been running into my whole life?
What I discovered however, deep into a heightened state of awareness, is that this viewpoint in and of itself, is in fact a global limiting belief. Yet, as an athlete and a student of self improvement, this is at odds with other beliefs of mine.

As I reflect on how this goal was reached, I continue to realize that the success system that I’ve been experimenting with all these years (I am the human guinea pig in my scientific experiments), has finally been perfected and is proving itself over and over again.
IRON MIKE STONEGET IT FASTER ~ KEEP IT LONGERDiscover how to get what you want- weekly short and to the point email blast! Dedicated to helping you be the best you can possibly be and to helping you set, reach, & keep your goals. One day he is delayed at security by a diligent security guard Xiaolin who’s hand detector malfunctions and indicates Gao Yuan has metal on him.
Desperate for children, Xuelian implements the plan of eating healthy food for three months and having sex at the exact time she is ovulating. Glenda the Bearded Lady, Carrefour the Zombie, Alonzo the Strong Man, Galatea the Living Doll, and a bevy of burlesque dancers all get in on the act.
What if I believed that life was beautiful?  What if I believed that my businesses are beautiful? I am telling you that after 35 years of high level training, research, trial and error, and practice that I have developed a success system that really can get you anything you want! Jacks (what a great nick name, and how about that mustache!)  was an English educator, philosopher, and Unitarian minister who rose to prominence in the period from World War I to World War II. I believe I have assembled together critical elements to a success and goal achievement system that can help anyone accomplish anything they want.  I know that sounds grand, but I am deadly serious.
Xiaolin helps him book a flight to a city near his destination but that flight is delayed so they have lunch together.
What if instead of believing I can only count on myself, I believed that I can count on everyone?

I’m using it in my running and triathlon training, my weight loss, my businesses, and funny enough, even in the writing of my two books. Just about anything I have approached, I approach as if I’m Rocky getting in the ring with Apollo Creed. Only once before did I accomplish that, a few years ago with a unusual and suspect time of 1:57.
Into unhealthy behavior- which I’ve been pretty good at, because, well I deserved it.
I am also using it in my coaching and business consulting, where I am seeing results everywhere. Her private practice in Amsterdam, NL provides transpersonal counseling and workshops to individuals and groups worldwide. Those who sign up now will get a free e-copy of my co-authored book with the great Brian Tracy- available next month that has a summary version of my system.
Destination is determined by direction.  You can not change destination overnight, but you can change direction overnight!  A few decisions in setting goals, habits, a few daily disciplines. Over the past several months I became that type of runner- before I even got to the starting line on race day.  As I ran the half marathon and my muscles ached all over and my gut felt like busting, I continued with the thoughts, and more critical the beliefs, that I am a sub 2hr runner.

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