Submitter: I’m the business librarian at a mid-size university that generally doesn’t offer PhD programs (certainly not in business!) so by no means do we need a comprehensive collection of dusty tomes “just in case” someone is going to do research on that obscure business topic.
I guessed 1980s until I saw your comment and went back and actually paid attention to the date. When I first glanced at the cover, I thought it was Santa, turned away from us, holding his head in shame or despair. According to my professional development record, I attended said training in 2007, though I seem to have repressed the entire thing.

From what I understand of how Santa’s workshop is portrayed, there is a strong and concerted effort which is exerted from the entire group.
I think the fact that Santa is making toys for little girls and little boys all over the world regardless of their race, socioeconomic status, level of education, etc., is an example of socially responsible business practices in action.
Not just because it’s a vanity press book but also because there isn’t one “secret” to be had! I thought, “Why is Santa so downtrodden if he is such a powerful and persuasive leader!” A hat, HA!

The elves are treated equally and the reindeer are respected even though they are animals–Santa does not send his old reindeers to the dog food factory.

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