Online video service Hulu has just brought back Season 4 of the American romantic comedy TV series “The Mindy Project” from the dead. After Fox made the announcement a few days ago that it was cancelling the show after three seasons, Hulu decided to pick up the series and ordered 26 episodes for its upcoming fourth season. However, there is still no detail yet from Hulu on when will be the premiere date of Season 4 of “The Mindy Project.” One thing is sure though is that when it arrives, it will become another of the many original series of Hulu. It has been a recent trend lately that cancelled TV shows are getting revived online the way Netflix and the Yahoo service called Community have been doing.
Many of the fans of the show believe that they deserve a Season 4 because it would only leave them hanging if the show is cancelled for a fourth season and it ends the way it did in Season 3. Danny Castellano, played by Chris Messina, is Mindy’s best friend and love interest in the show, but whose religious sensibilities and issues with his own mother often provides the tension. There is also Jeremy Reed, the English doctor with whom Mindy once slept with in Season 1 but now heads the practice, Peter Prentice, a good-looking doctor who was a fraternity jock while he was still studying in Dartmouth, Morgan Tookers, an ex-con registered nurse who was once framed by his career criminal cousin, and Beverly, the promiscuous older office woman who speaks with heavy Southern accent.
Season 1 of “The Mindy Project” began airing on Fox on September 25, 2012 and the 24 episodes lasted until May 14, 2013. Sister Wives Season 7 Premiere to Debunk All Rumors that Polygamous Brown Family is Falling Apart! Female Led Comedies  From I Love Lucy, to The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to Roseanne, comedic women changed television. Ensemble Cast Similar to New Girl and the Andy Samberg starring Brooklyn 9-9, Mindy smartly spreads the funny throughout an excellent cast. I'm Stephanie Scott and I write Young Adult fiction about teens who put their passions first.
If DVRs could text, mine would send me the slightly stunned, sad-faced Emoji leaking a single tear. When reports say ratings are down, that usually means viewers are losing interest in a show and turning their attention elsewhere. I’m bummed about the impending hiatus, and I would be crushed if this was Mindy’s last season. Danny is equal parts manly and sensitive, which makes for some of my favorite lines in the show.
More and more strong female leads are popping up on the air, and Mindy is one of my favorites. Mindy, Nielsen, esteemed Fox executives likely wearing suits: don’t give up the good fight.
HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in culture, female empowerment, style, relationships, friendship, careers, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives. As some of you may already know, Kaling is primarily known for her role as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Season 2 featured 22 episodes while Season 3 had 21 episodes, the season finale of which just aired on March 24, 2015. Women bring a different voice to comedy, and we need to see more female voices alongside men. Mindy Kahling's character drives the show, but the story, the good lines, the humor, all balance among characters. But what reports don’t take into account is sometimes, despite lower ratings, the people still tuning in really love the show. When they finally got together, it was anticlimactic compared to the intrigue and excitement of their sexting exchange. One minute he’s a wonderfully grumpy old man, but the next you’re thinking about him naked. The sometimes overlooked, always awkward male nurse is one of the show’s best supporting characters. I appreciate that the “everyday” female leads represent things all women can achieve with hard work in a relatable way.
Like I said, I’m all for packing in the guest stars, and Jeremy needs a nice, cute girl who gets him to cut the crap and believe in love. She moved to Chicago, changed her name to Lauren and found an assistant job at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts ad agency.
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She’s responsible for a collection of the show’s funniest episodes, and now she has her own new series on Fox!
Importantly, just a few days into the start of the season, trolls, in the form of TV-critics-who-write-under-cover-of-internet, lost their collective minds and began harping on Mindy Kaling’s smug and self-satisfied nature. Mindy is US-born, and I like that the show doesn't have to center around her ethnicity, though it naturally factors in. Mindy is the quintessential career-driven single woman trying to find love in the big city. Maybe The Mindy Project doesn’t have the highest ratings right now, but the people who do watch it adore it. Maybe I didn’t give their relationship enough of a chance, but I also didn’t have much time to. Danny genuinely cares about Mindy, and I relish in the moments he creates that take her off guard.
But she quickly fell back into her old habits when she slept with the first handsome guy she saw at work (Zach). And now, we are growing beyond just the website to include video, film, television and events. This is a show set in a gynecological office that manages to eschew most typical female anatomy jokes.
New York City is a diverse place, and it's nice to see that reflected on TV (unlike, you know Friends). The realities of the 2014 season are knocking, and one of my favorite shows, The Mindy Project, might be in trouble.

Some of TV’s most beloved couples started as friends, or rather, had that underlying “maybe we’re more than friends” vibe going. Mindy’s character might be ditzy and self-involved at times, but she’s a career-driven woman who sticks to her guns.
The list goes on (Seth Meyers!) which leads me to believe this is only the tip of the celebrity iceberg (Seth Rogen!). We were founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi in 2011 as a place on the Internet to inspire a smile. While the tides are shifting, there are still so few shows with female leads, and even fewer comedies. Mindy struggles with giving up her identity to please someone she is in love with, spurring some larger character development. Mindy and Danny are on track to be one of those couples, get married and live happily ever after working together at Castellano & Castellano, where Mindy comes first in the title. It’s fun to learn the backstories of our favorite characters, and Rishi gives us a peek at a different side of Mindy. Sometimes The Mindy Project feels a little too character-heavy, but since we’ve already gone down that route, let’s just fall down the rabbit hole.
To prove to her coworkers she is not superficial she dates a total bonehead (the amazing Timothy Olyphant as a 40+ year-old skater dude). So if that’s true, and I like to think it is, it’s even cooler that Mindy’s character was inspired by a real life strong female lead in her life. But I haven’t seen one critic yet say “I can see myself in Mindy’s character,” the way many described the appeal of Dunham’s Girls. Now, I don’t watch Girls, largely because I really cannot see myself in the characters in the show nor are their lives particularly interesting to me. Mindy's character playfully jokes about dresses that make her look skinny, but it's clear she's a full, confident character who isn't cramming herself into Spanx for a laugh (Sorry Rebel Wilson, I had to give up on Super Fun Night). But we most love her friendship with Danny, blue-collar (though a doctor) coworker who looks out for her.
I reference it as a way to illuminate the racism and misogyny that Mindy Kaling continues to face, despite her talent and obvious work ethic.So, there are a lot of reasons why I watched this entire first season of The Mindy Project. First, the almost immediate emotional sigh of relief to see an Indian American woman on TV, being beautiful and funny. Being beautiful, funny and not playing a deranged sex kitten or terrorist (or both, simultaneously). Being beautiful, funny and not tokenized as the sassy best friend, or tragically comic office-mate (I love Aziz Ansari with the fire of a nova, but we still don’t know Tom Haverford’s real name after six seasons of Parks and Rec.).
That kind of existential relief can only be felt in contrast to the otherwise ubiquitous feeling of never seeing someone that looks like you or your family on TV, save for the times you can count on one hand.Then there’s the boss factor. This is just the thing Mindy would completely appreciate while anyone else would think is weird. Both Mindy Kaling and Mindy Lahiri (her character on the show) are confident badasses – a characteristic I love and relate to. Women who clearly love their jobs and their friends, and are unapologetic feminists are the stuff of my dreams. Note, here, that I haven’t yet said anything about Mindy’s body, though it is oft discussed as something revolutionary about the show. Which is a commentary on Hollywood and it’s inability to think of “leading ladies” outside a very oppressive and narrow set of body parameters. She’s strikingly beautiful and rather small, actually.  There’s not much more to it than that. But I will say that she is unusually fly, some of those outfits are the absolute freshest.So I took a deep breath, thanked goodness for Mindy, plugged in and began to watch the show. In the fist episode of the season, Mindy (Lahiri) makes a disgusting “joke” about women in burqas (nevermind that the woman in the burqa is not actually wearing a burqa, but a headscarf). It wasn’t until several months later that I returned to the series on Hulu and made my way through the next several episodes, at one sitting.I have watched the season like that, in a couple of sittings, a few episodes at a time and pretty quickly realized that the show has an uncomfortable, and painful-to-experience, relationship with race. Mindy Kaling has said that she finds the racial tensions between different minority groups to be fertile joke-ground. I disagree, both because usually, I don’t find low-brow race-based jokes funny, generally speaking (humorless feminist alert), but also because I don’t find the show’s execution of those jokes to be funny.I acquiesce to the limitations of this analysis, however, knowing that Mindy Kaling’s job is not to represent me, or any or all other Desi women. It has, regardless, become clear to me that Mindy (Lahiri)’s feminism is not of a piece with mine, really, at all. Mindy’s seems to be about being traditionally successful and occasionally, sexually bold – not bad, per se, but limiting. I cannot stomach, however, the repeated and diverse forms of self-loathing the character performs in regards to the fact that she can’t seem to get and keep a man. There’s nothing revolutionary about ‘you’ll find someone, someday’ and ‘you deserve, better.’ Especially given that this first season is largely about her being left, repeatedly, by a gaggle of white men beaus. Now, there’s nothing wrong with “having a type,” but let’s not willfully delude ourselves into believing that our notions of what is sexy are not influenced by a mortifyingly racist, sexist, classist, ableist society.In this context, I return to Mindy’s looks and weight. Her weight and looks are something that she herself, and her character on the show talk about quite often (in the first episode, one of Mindy Lahiri’s coworkers suggests, quite heartlessly, that she lose 15 pounds if she wants to look good). I’ve not seen a single interview with Mindy Kaling where she hasn’t self-deprecatingly mentioned the fact that she’s not conventionally gorgeous. I also realize that I cannot expect any given South Asian woman to share my experience, political lens and perspectives completely.
It is, notably, a function of the dearth of relatable characters and a tragic commentary on the state of mainstream Hollywood representations of women that I yearn in this way. That perhaps, is the central node of my anguish, and it has very little to do with Mindy (Kaling or Lahiri): it has to do with living in a world that refuses to do just that.
To acknowledge my complexity, to acknowledge my skin itself, to encourage me to foster a sense of self free from racist implications. I temporarily satisfy myself with the triumph that this woman has a show and gets to write for it. I had similar expectations for Scandal once I started watching it but I was left unsettled with Olivia Pope and have since stopped watching.

It was mentioned in the Stakeout episode where he is believed to be breaking and entering into his own vehicle. I think Mindy is charming and funny, but every episode has at least one really offensive theme. A few episodes ago, they visited a prison, and it was some of the most anti-prisoner depictions seen on TV. I thk her references to women of color are appropriate and she satirizes stereotypes very well. She’s no social justice warrior but she definitely brings instances of injustice to light.
You have every right to your opinion but as women, and especially women of color, it is our job to love and support one another.
Her only crime was being herself and I don’t at all appreciate your persecution of her. Yeah, some of the jokes are off-color, but so are many of the jokes that I, as a WoC, make on a daily basis.
I happen to love that she talks about weight because it is a very real struggle for us curvy girls.
We can say that we want to break down social norms of beauty all day long, but one of the best ways to do that is to take a relatable character and show some of the asshole behavior (citing: the birthday episode) rude jokes, general insecurity, and constant need to self-affirm that women who are not skinny and white have to endure because of societal prejudice.
I am annoyed with how all her love interests are white guys and she is most often the token woman of color around all white people.
I have nothing against interracial relationships or friendships, but it just seems a bit odd and redundant that she is this Indian-American character on TV with no other POC around her!
Sometimes I wonder if Mindy Kaling really is as shallow as he she pretends to be, but then she does something brilliant again to throw me off-balance.
She will play the fool and expose the absurd things we do to fit in and we’ll get a chuckle when we recognize it in ourselves. Still have much love and respect for her but I just hope people like you write a show that challenges social issues such and race with my more flare. But I would loathe this show regardless of what race the leading character was, because it employs horrific racist, sexist, classist and homophobic tropes in every. How about a recent episode where she literally screams “Oh my god!” when she sees an extremely offensively-caricatured African man?
When I first watched the show I thought it took place in LA because it was the weirdest whitewashed depiction of New York I had ever seen, even more so than SATC, Friends, or Seinfeld. It just looks like she always has something to prove, I’ve been there done that, I know how it feels like.
It saddens me greatly that Mindy and now Tamara, a very 2D take on a Black woman are the only people of color on the show, and that her world is so very very white, but otherwise, I like the self-absorbed, upper middle class unapologetic Mindy. I don’t disagree that racial tensions are ripe for comic genius, I thought Dave Chappel made that perfectly clear. I still think that seeing a non trope dark skinned Asian woman on tv is very gratifying and so very important.As you noted, expecting to see yourself in a tv sitcom character because you share the same gender and race as the star is not rfealistic. All Black women do not share the same experience, neither do all Japanese women, or Indigenous women in the diaspora. One of the things I like about Mindy’s character is that she alone on the show has some complexity. I tire of the constant negative critiques of Mindy not doing enough, after all she is the first Indian American woman to have her own tv show. I think for those truly disappointed by her vision, the only thing to do is write your own show, and portray your own version of life as you know it, thanks gawds for Youtube.
It’s liberating to follow shows online mainly, that do feel more representative of a broader spectrum of people. I appreciate that in the end your article talks to the frustration with the entertainment industry’s lack of acknowledgement of our existence as people of color of various shapes, sizes and experiences. I left the show after the episode in which one of Mindy’s partners asks her to tell a patient that she is too fat.
The show also portrays midwives as a bunch of hippy-dippy jokes when they are really nurses with specialty training in midwifery like a nurse practitioner practicing in a doctor’s office. In the first episode the midwives appear Mindy bullies and scares her patients into returning to her practice. I haven’t watched but am bummed by the down on midwifery bit and weight obsession, nonetheless, let’s give her a break, remember how hard it was for Margaret Chow? And off course they are so understanding, gentle, progressive, kind and never have a single issue with her body type.
Because I certainly can’t remember the last time I walked into a hospital or clinic or general practitioners office to find nothing but all male white doctors.
That is all well and good but the crackhead-like devotion of some of the fan base is annoying. Unfortunately we all want our point of view to be displayed by which ever POC gets the chance to breakthrough. Kaling cannot and should not be expected to represent all of us , its impossible and its unfair. Every culture wants to be shown in the best light but we are all human beings with light and dark aspects, so cut her a break.
To be honest she has to cater to many demographics to be successful and to have access to the means to practice her art, so we might have to cringe a little but that’s life.

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