Disclaimer: The Perfume Girl (TPG) is a perfume oriented site which publishes information on perfumes, fragrances, celebrity perfumes, and scented products. Recently our documentary about one of the largest and longest aerial wars of history got released on DVD by the publisher Zweitausendeins. The Major General of the Royal Laotian Army, Hmong leader, CIA proxy, opium and heroin dealer and one of the most divisive players in the Cold War arena of  Southeast Asia, has died in California, aged 81.Vang Pao was one of the most illustrious and charismatic figures of the cold war struggle between the US and communism in Asia.
Vang Pao gave an interview in our documentary The Most Secret Place on Earth - The CIA?s covert war in Laos.
Our films THE MOST SECRET PLACE ON EARTH - THE CIA'S COVERT WAR IN LAOS and HOTEL SAHARA have been preselected in the TRT International documentary competition. A documentary by Laura Nix and The Yes Men For the last 20 years, the notorious activists The Yes Men (Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum) have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw international attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment. A Film about the unifying Power of Music Mali, situated in the heart of Western Africa, is often regarded as the cradle of today’s Blues and Jazz. The Secret War was the largest operation ever conducted by the CIA, yet to this day hardly anyone knows anything about it. I may have received one or more of the products mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my website. Postings on this site may have errors and inaccurate information, however the information is carefully selected. However, next door in neighbouring Laos, the longest and largest air war in human history was underway, one which eventually made Laos the most bombed country on earth. The Yes Men Are Revolting is as much a character study as it is an entertaining depiction of their latest interventions. For centuries music has strengthened Mali’s cultural identity, musicians are holding strong positions in society. However, next door in neighbouring Laos, the longest and largest air war in human history was underway. Critics call it the biggest war crime of the Vietnam War era and point to striking similarities in the present conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, similarities that were tested and used back in Laos in the 1960s: Then, like now, the use of private contractors, mercenaries, as well as the exclusion of Congress and the press gave the executive branch a free hand to wage unlimited warfare as they saw fit.
Secret Vaults of The Mormon Church - Known as Granite Mountain, the world’s largest collection of genealogical records is housed in a secure vault located in the mountains near Salt Lake City.
Tumen River North Korea, China, Russia Border - Within 1 mile, you can go from North Korea, to China and end up in Russia.

Korean Demilitarized Zone - The Demilitarized Zone or DMZ cuts the Korean Peninsula almost in half, crossing over the 38th parallel.
The Greenbrier Underground Bunker - Carved deep into the mountainside beneath one wing at the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia is an emergency Cold War fallout shelter.
Cheyenne Mountain Complex - Built under 2,000 feet of granite, this bunker is built to withstand a 30 megaton nuclear explosion. HavenCo - HavenCo is a data hosting services company founded in 2000 to operate from Sealand, a self-declared sovereign nation that occupies a former World War II defensive facility at sea located six miles from the coast of Suffolk, England.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York - Approximately 25% of the world’s gold is stored here. Babylon, Iraq - Following excavations in the early 20th century, European archaeologists claimed they found features such as the remains of the famous Ishtar Gate, but some portions of this site not viewable from Google Maps. Fort Knox United States Bullion Depository - Fort Knox not only stores thousands of tons of gold, but it may contain important historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carte. Go glam in this thrilling blend of juicy currant, osmanthus blossom and pink freesia form our Victoria's Secret Fabulous collection.
The film reconstructs the gripping story of the operation and illustrates its relevance to current American military conflicts. Revealing the real people behind the ruses, at its heart lies a hopeful message about fighting for change.
Following Fatoumata Diawara, the young shooting star of the global pop scene, MALI BLUES is a musical journey, discovering the country’s rich musical culture and it’s threat by radical Islamists.
During the Secret War, a bomb load was dropped on Laos every eight minutes over a period of eight years – in total, 2.1 million tons of bombs fell onto this small, landlocked South East Asian nation, more than on Europe and the Pacific theatre combined during World War II.
As the war dragged on, Long Cheng became the busiest airbase in the world and a major centre for the global opium and heroin trade.
The LDS church built Granite Mountain in 1965 to preserve and protect church records, including its huge collection of more than 3.5 billion images of family history on microfilms. It was created as part of the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953 and is one of the most closely guarded border regions by 2 opposing nations anywhere in the world. It is extremely well guarded and the actual vault is eighty feet below street level and fifty feet below sea level.
Ever since a supposed alien spaceship crash at the site in 1947, Area 51 has been rumored to hold all kinds of secrets from the well known Skunkworks aircraft development program to the studio where the moon landing was supposedly faked according to those who think we never landed on the moon.

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On our way we meet other committed musicians, who are fighting for unity and the freedom to express themselves through their music, like world famous Ngoni player and traditional Griot Bassekou Kouyate, street rapper Master Soumy and Tuareg band leader Ahmed Ag Kaedi. Even today much of the countryside is poisoned by Agent Orange and littered with unexploded devices. Candid interviews with past and present players combined with previously unseen footage from the war as well as from the current struggle in Laos tell a story that hasn’t been documented in history books.
Interestingly though, there are conspiracy theories persisting that there may be no actual gold in Fort Knox as Congress itself is not allowed to audit or open the vaults. Even though the entrance looks almost abandoned, just get close to the front gate and see how fast security is on top of you. To date, the country has still not found peace, and remnants of the CIA’s secret army of Hmong hill tribe guerrillas continue to clash with Lao government troops. As we journey into Long Cheng for the first time – the site has been off limits to the outside world since the end of the war in 1975 – the film reconstructs the gripping story of the operation and illustrates its relevance to current American military conflicts. Even though this was once a top secret and highly secure area, the Bunker is now open to the public. The facility also contains a network of blast valves with filters to capture air-borne chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear contamination in the event of an attack. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on TPG, please, contact us and they will be immediately removed. Long Cheng was an almost uninhabited valley deep in the jungles of central Laos when the CIA built its headquarters there in 1962.
Four years later, 40,000 people lived in Long Cheng, the location whence the Secret War was largely planned and executed.

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