The Secretby Rhonda ByrneEditorial Reviews - From the PublisherFragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries.
Membalik halaman demi halaman buku ini, kita akan diberikan pandangan betapa sebaiknya kita mengapresiasi setiap momen dengan cinta. Manusia tak perlu kaya harta terlebih dahulu untuk memiliki orang yang berkelimpahan cinta. Pada akhirnya, Rhonda mengajak pembaca untuk memahami bahwa jalan untuk menciptakan kehidupan kita yang lebih baik, entah itu hubungan dengan manusia lain, uang, kesehatan, kebahagiaan, karir, bahkan seluruh kehidupan, berpulang pada the power of love. In this article, I want to present those The Secret book quotes which inspired and moved me most, and explain what I think about them and what experiences I've made with them. She interviewed a lot of people from all over the world who have explored the ways in which the universe works, especially the Law Of Attraction.
I have watched the movie several times, and I want to tell you that everytime I watched it, I noticed new things which I seemed to understand now, but which I could not understand while watching the movie formerly. By speaking this sentence, Emerson proved that he knew there is something behind all those things, and it's nothing else than the Law Of Attraction. When you understand the basic principle of The Secret, you will clearly see the intention behind this sentence.
If you take the time to listen deep inside yourself, you can feel that there must be something you don't understand, something bigger than yourself.
This is in my opinion the most important of The Secret book quotes when it comes to applying the law into our own lives. You can begin with one very simple yet powerful exercise: Concentrate your thoughts on what you want.
This exercise alone can change your whole life for the better, so if you are honest about creating some changes in your life, this is the way for you to go.
Rhonda masih tetap keyakinan bahwa kita dapat meraih apa yang kita inginkan dengan mengharap dan menganggap apa yang kita inginkan tersebut ada dalam genggaman.
Dalam buku ini, Rhonda menunjukkan bahwa “feelings” adalah terkandung dalam semua bentuk kehidupan. Rhonda, dengan tegas mengungkap bahwa memiliki “perasaan serta pemikiran yang positif  tentang uang” adalah jalan untuk menjadi kaya.

Seperti disinggung di atas, buku ini memang mengeksplorasi law of attraction sehingga persentuhan itu tak bisa dihindarkan. Kekuatan cintalah yang akan menyembuhkan, menguatkan, mendewasakan, dan mengayakan kita sebagai manusia. In this movie, she presents the Law Of Attraction in a way that people can understand and apply it in their everyday lives.
All those great leaders and teachers use their own words and stories to explain in what way this law affects every single one of us - and also the world around us - whether we understand it and believe in it or not! The mind grows and your awareness expands, and as your mind develops, it is always ready for a particular piece of information while it is not able to understand or even notice another piece of information now. When we get in our lives all the things that resonate with us, with our being, with our thoughts, then we can simply use this mechanism and become the person that attracts those things we want to have. Well, I must admit that it's not too easy to implement these principles in life, but nevertheless are they infinitely powerful. You cannot stay the same and expect different results (because who you are now has created exactly what you've got right now).
This also means that we create our future with the thoughts that we are thinking right now, and the feelings we feel right now. It's the feeling of knowing, of suppressed knowledge, pushed away by the habits we develop, and the education we get in our society. Bell did not understand the law either, but he felt that it was there, and somehow he figured out how it worked, and how he could use it in his own life.
The biggest problem is that people think "great, I know about it now, but what can I do next?".
Sometimes things take several years to put everything in order for your vision to manifest. If you have questions or stories to tell, put them in the comment section below this article. You will find some interesting things which can change your life especially in the area of money and finances. Setebal 272 halaman, bisa dikatakan buku ini merupakan kelanjutan dari ide awal The Secret.

Adapun pengertian “power” di sini, adalah “kekuatan cinta”, sesuatu yang disebut “mainspring of the universe”.
Dia mengungkap bagaimana Mahatma Gandhi berujar, “Apakah kemanusiaan akan mengikuti law of love atau tidak, saya tidak tahu. Rhonda Byrne really managed to make this crucial universal law clear and easy to understand for everybody. I think it has a huge impact on our lives once we see the greater picture, and that is why I want to talk about some specific The Secret book quotes in this article. However, this one will be understood automatically in future times watching or reading the same thing again.
Most people are not even aware of those universal powers, so we can't blame anybody for this.
But he DID NOT understand it (just like hardly anybody understands how exactly electricity works, but everybody can use it). However, this doesn't mean that the laws don't work, but it's proving that they DO actually work. Don't think "I want to pay off my debt" (as you are thinking about debt then!), but replace this thought with something like "I want to be rich" or "I am rich" (as you think about being rich and having money here).
You can also print these The Secret book quotes and put them on the wall in your home to remind yourself of the miraculous power all around you. Para peneliti di sejumlah negara, tulis Rhonda, “telah menemukan bahwa ketika air mendapat kata-kata dan perasaan positif seperti cinta dan penghargaan, level energi air tidak hanya meningkat, tapi strukturnya juga berubah, menjadi lebih harmoni.
Sebaliknya, ketika air mendapat emosi negatif, seperti kebencian, level energi bukan cuma menurun, perubahan yang buruk juga tampak.” Dan karena 80% isi kepala manusia adalah air, jadi, bisa dibayangkan betapa pentingnya memahami kekuatan kata-kata positif.

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