When I was writing the 28 Day Meditation Challenge book, I spent hours and hours, trying to come up with an answer to that question.
They are both intended to be profoundly spiritual life-changing practices, not just the superficial stress-busting techniques that are popularised in our media. Mindfulness could be described as becoming fully aware of the present moment, including the stream of consciousness of your mind, without judging it or changing it. Meditation involves concentration techniques, to focus on a particular exercise to quieten the mind. Of course, these are simplified descriptions, but they give you an idea of the commonly-accepted meanings of the two words.
As a practitioner of meditation and Eastern ways since I was 13 Now 58, I have watched the west assimilate much of eastern culture but it is still far from truly understanding true meditation.
Hey Clare, I read through the article in a curious attempt to find a similar realization of the differences.
Yes its very funny, but sometimes infuriating, so one has to be careful choosing the right setting. This is a great dialog and there are many interesting points around the differences and similarities of mindfulness and meditation. Yet pilates (derived from yoga) and mindfulness (essentially meditation) were considered perfectly acceptable. This naturally quietens the mind and can offer insights into the auto-pilot reactions we have been running in life.

It can help us to connect with our deeper wisdom, so that we see those same auto-pilot reactions and make changes. Mindfulness is more of a focus, and concentration method which certainly is beneficial, but it is not true meditation other than the term being used loosely. For example when you need say 5 minutes( which isnt that much really) of attention when speaking and you know you cant cut corners or simplify your points, but the other person isnt patient enough and immideately switches subject or gets distracted, or says your thinking too much. It helps us to connect with the true nature of what we are experiencing – and to accept it. It can help the mind to focus more clearly, slowing it down and preparing us for deep-acting techniques.
But there are practical ways to lay the foundations that will work more effectively for us in our over-busy Western culture – and that’s what this book is about.
True meditation can not be accurately or effectively done without very good powers of concentration and this is paramount to good result. Great explanation indeed so heres mine very shortly put; Meditation can only be practised upon realizaton of the self. If you realize that you are a spiritual being, then you must also regognize that everything and everyone is also spiritual.
As difficult as that is at times it will always prove to be worth the effort to dialog with yourself and come to that non-judging point before you express yourself to others.
This can lead to a reduction in stress levels and a strong sense of inner peace and happiness.

By definition, true meditation is very focused, laser like concentration, used to know God. Mindfulness is indeed a part of meditation but in itself holds no great spiritual meaning unless its perceived as a part of meditation,which in turn, requires self realization in order to hold spiritual meaning which one then meditates on.
Not only are meditation and mindfulness intertwined but so are all of us – we need to recognize each others humanity. The lack of perspective, or more properly, Consiousness is the reason for confusion and identifying with external things. The fact that youre reflecting on matters such as this, shows that your level of Consiousness is higher than say, my dog’s. So what you have is an experience of a part of Consiousness or God which is your true spiritual self, your soul. And its doing so Now in this world of Matter, and it will continue until it finds its Source.
I deeply recommend that you Meditate on this That is, your relationship between your soul and the highest Counsiousness or God.

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