The 2012 Black Friday shopping season kicked off with a robbery as four women stole approximately 53 bras as well as panties from the Battle Creek Victoria Secret store. The police was informed by the police that remainder of the two women stayed at the counter and when the theft was done, they left the store. The previous year, at least 65 bras were stolen from the two drawers at the front of the store. Last month in Richmond Heights in Ohio, a man stole sweatpants and panties two times worth 1,474 dollars.
Tammy Roberts, who is a spokeswoman for Victoria Secret stated that these matters are gravely serious and close work and cooperation was needed to catch these petty criminals.
At this time of the year, there is an increase in shopping crime as number of people increase in stores. The Battle Creek as well as Emmett Township are on the patrol and keeping an eye out for thefts.

Telebrand's Air Lounge Top 10 Youngest Internet Millionaires Weirdest restaurants around the world! 15 High Resolution Beautiful Wallpapers - 331,297 views55 Aishwarya Rai Wallpapers [1024×768] - 226,941 views66 Misc. The police of the Battle Creek said on Friday that the theft amounted to a meager 1400 dollars. In Nashville, Tennessee, a woman made it a point to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of goods and then tried to sell it to other various stores. But, the high ranking officials from Victoria Secret took it jokingly and shoved it as minor crime. In USA, the retailers lose collectively 30 billion dollars in shoplifting as reported by National Retail Federation.
The clerk in the shopping store, who is aged 21, saw four women enter the shopping paradise in their 20’s.

Then in September, 600 pair of panties valued at 6,000 dollars were stolen, while clerks were being kept busy. Also, in Palo Alto, California, some thieves entered the store on Halloween day and stole 180 bras, which were valued at 11,000 bucks, as the clerks were looking away.
The time was 5 pm and two inquired about bra fittings and took them to the back of the store. In October of 2009, at least 80 bras worth 3,200 dollars were stolen from the drawers as before. In June 2008, a clerk found that 160 pair of underwear was missing from the stocks worth 1,300 dollars.

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