The Story of the Battle of Antietam is by no means exhaustive – on the contrary, it was written primarily for children.
While this paragraph may be true as far as it goes, it gives an imbalanced version of the causes of the war. Soldier’s Heart is told in very simple language – so simple an eight year old could read it with comfort. At the end of the story is a brief scene in which it is implied that Charley is considering suicide.
I’ve already overviewed Harriet Tubman’s life in my review of Harriet Tubman, so I will not here enter into another account. Belle Boyd notoriously used her beauty to extract important information from enemy soldiers.
David Dodd encourages mild flirting amongst soldiers and local girls as a method of gathering information. A soldier says that he will kiss Ingeborg Klein, but she is disgusted at the thought and forestalls the event. After Kee’s father is separated from the family, Kee pours himself into providing for and protecting his family. What I thought was most interesting about this story was the inefficiency and waste of the U. On several occasions, Kee thinks that he agrees with his father and wants to work revenge on the American soldiers. Kee watched as Gentle Woman took Wise One into her arms and tried to comfort her, saying, “Little Mother, this is a dark night for the Dine. When the Navajo return to their land and game becomes more plenty, Wise One says that the spirits remember them.
When Truth discovers that the Bardwells are a stop on the Underground Railroad, she is ecstatic. At the end of the story, after a long adventure, Truth returns home and to the First Day meeting. Although the Bardwells are initially anxious about Truth and how her presence will affect their lifestyle, they soon welcome her with open arms. There are a few ‘oh-come-on’ moments, such as when Truth meets both Frederick Douglas and Mrs.
Here’s the plan – while Andrews and his team makes it down to Marietta, Georgia, General Mitchel will prepare to assail Huntsville. At the end of the story, Johnnie meets Abraham Lincoln, who is portrayed as a kindly, agreeable man. I had read several picture books about Harriet Tubman as a child, but never a full-blown biography. She didn’t make it very far; growing cold and hungry, and being to young to think of any other solution, she returned to her home and received another beating. So, in 1949, Harriet escaped and traversed through Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania with the help of the Underground Railroad. It is thought that Harriet aided something around three hundred of her fellow slaves in their escape from freedom. Although it is for this effort that she is most widely known, it was not the only work of her life.
As mentioned in the biographical sketch above, Harriet Tubman not only championed the cause of slaves, but she was also a suffragette.
Also, probably due to this incident, Harriet began to have ‘visions’ which she thought were from God. Thirteen year old Leah Carter is full of life – almost to the point of annoying her best friend, Jeff Majors.
That complained, I did appreciate the historical accuracy exhibited on one or two points.  Stonewall Jackson is presented as being a devout Christian who prays and speaks regularly of God. That was the real issue that faced the country – whether or not a state could leave the Union if it so decided.
I also appreciated that the War Between the States was treated ‘fairly’; by this I mean that both sides were portrayed as they defined themselves. Christianity was included in the story but mainly as pietistic phrases slapped onto the dialogue instead of as deep convictions which drove the characters.
Tom teases Jeff about Leah several times, and on the second-to-last page of the book, Leah kisses Jeff.
If you have any curiosity in regards to the story, then you’ll be forced to purchase the sequel (and for all I know the rest of the series) to discover the end of the story. Toby Jones (Marvellous) will star alongside Vicky McClure (This Is England) and Stephen Graham (This Is England) in new BBC One drama The Secret Agent. Toby Jones will play Verloc, whose seedy Soho shop hides his role as an agent of the Russian Embassy, spying on a group of London anarchists.
Furious that Britain tolerates violent extremists, the Russians want Verloc to provoke a bomb outrage that will trigger a government crackdown.
Ian Hart (Boardwalk Empire, The Driver) will also star, playing the dangerously unpredictable Professor, Tom Goodman-Hill (Humans, Mr Selfridge) will play Heat’s boss, Assistant Commissioner Stone and David Dawson (Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders) will play Verloc’s Russian handler, Vladimir.
As of October 2013, I have upgraded to a new site – The Blithering Bookster – where I have posted all of my old reviews and continue to post new ones. But it provided a comprehensive examination of the battle, including the days preceding and succeeding it. An excellent resource that describes the Battle of Antietam in language that children can understand and adults can learn from. That mission was to replenish our stock of materials concerning the major battles of the War Between the States as a preparation for Vision Forum’s History of America Mega-Conference, which we are attending next week. The Spy of the Rebellion is the personal memoirs of Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, who lived in the middle of the nineteenth century. I don’t have any other resources on Bell, and have never read a serious biography of him.

He knows he’s too young, but why should he miss out on all of the adventure and glory of war? As he watches friends and comrades blow up around him, will Charley have the strength – physical and mental – to pull through?
She admits that she has not been able to control him since his father died, however, they do seem to love one another. He explains this by saying, “Not old in years – years he still hadn’t started daily shaving or learned about women.
When Charley first hears a man curse, Paulsen writes, “Charley nodded but stopped talking because he did not like profanity, even of a low order.” [pg. Charley believed in Heaven and Hell and God and Jesus and wanted to be with God if he was killed. I will only note that Harriet Tubman was written for an older audience than “Wanted Dead or Alive” and thus includes more details of Harriet’s life. A solid account that will fire your children’s imaginations and give them a greater interest in the effort to end slavery.
Emily Geiger serves the Patriot cause by helping her partially-paralyzed father supply the Patriots with food from their crops. Charles Phillips pretends to be a regular newsboy, selling papers on the streets of Richmond, Virginia.
Belle Boyd loves her Southern life and is deeply disgusted by the uncouth Union soldiers who now occupy her beloved Shenandoah.
Charley Felton didn’t plan to be a spy – all he wanted was to escape from his cruel master’s plantation and begin a new life in the North. David Dodd is just an ordinary boy – until the day his friend, Confederate General James F. Joe Leysin is ecstatic to meet Baden-Powell, a member of the British Secret Service, and learn spying techniques from him. Choon Kyung Ko has the perfect alias identity; he pretends to be a poor beggar, orphaned by the recent tragedies which have ravaged Korea.
He and she support the same cause, but she (correctly) believes that he would not allow her to participate in dangerous missions if she asked permission of him. Called the ‘Siren of the Shenandoah’ and ‘Cleopatra of the Secession’, Belle was a first rate flirt. Will he and his family ever be allowed to return to their desert mountains, or must they live out the rest of their lives amongst this ugly prairie? He takes counsel from both his mother and grandmother, and behaves maturely throughout their entire captivity. One can hardly blame him, considering that they have destroyed his family life and livelihood.
Her mother died when she was young, and now that her father has gone to a sanatorium in California, she has been cast upon the mercy of her cousins the Bardwells. The war has begun, and Truth’s cousins, Robert and Todd are in danger of being pressed into the army. They attend First Day meetings where the men and women sit on opposite sides of the building and wait for the Inner Light to inspire them to speak. Standing, she said in a clear, low voice, “I am too young to speak to thee, I know, but there is something the Lord has done with me as his poor servant. Then, all in one blow, Mitchel will strike, and the Andrews’ gang will steal a mail train and man it north, clipping telegraph wires, derailing the tracks, and burning down bridges all the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee. This didn’t bother me, because he probably WAS kind and agreeable to those on his side, and he is, after all an historical figure who is worth mentioning in a story from this time. A solid adventure story which will thrill all children, but especially those who love war stories. It was sometime during the early months of either 1820 or 1822, but because slaves weren’t important enough to have celebratations for their birthdays, their owners rarely recorded them. When she was somewhere around five or six, her owner decided that she was old enough to be hired out to different masters.
In Pennsylvania she halted her journey, rested a while, and finally decided to dedicate her time to helping other slaves escape their masters.
Each of her runs was fraught with danger; posse hunters and bloodhounds dogged her tracks, and there was always the possibility that she might run into a person that would recognize and report her. She also played the role of a spy for the Union Army, using her skill of stealth and her familiarity with dark forests to steal past confederate pickets and penetrate their cities. After slavery was abolished she dedicated the rest of her life to winning women the right to vote.
There was no official certificate, and when Harriet ran away John refused to come with her. A year older than Leah, Jeff tolerates her buoyancy and bossy eagerness; he actually likes it.
It is basically a set of modern characters conversing in modern dialogue cramped into a historical time setting. In her youth, she had been a great beauty, but sickness had drained her, and now she looked frightened. Portions of the story are written from Jeff’s perspective and parts from Leah’s which created sympathy for both sides rather than a stringent ‘this side was right’ attitude. These interactions are neither passionate nor extensively described, but they’re there. Caught between the Russians and the British police, Verloc drags his unsuspecting family into a tragic terror plot. The movements of both armies are discussed and pictures are provided of the key leaders of the battle as well as the locations, campsites, and battlefields involved.
But in other ways he was old, old from too much life, old from seeing too much, old from knowing too much.” [pg. If he had profane thoughts as he went to war, they might infect his soul as the dirty clothes would infect his wound.

The ruthless Mexican general, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna has destroyed the Alamo and is now making his way towards their home, destroying everything in his path. But if by mingling with the soldiers, she can gain useful information for the Confederacy – now that is a different matter altogether! But when he overheard his master speaking of important military plans, he knew he didn’t have a choice.
So, when that beast, Adolph Hitler invades her native land, she retaliates with the best that she can give – her unique spying abilities! Nothing truly inappropriate is included from her exploits, but she is portrayed in mildly flirtatious situations. Kee’s family is enraged – Strong Man leaves his family to warn friends of the danger and never returns. Well, she’ll show them that a Quaker from Indiana is as trustworthy as a Quaker from North Carolina! All that matters is that he, a fifteen year old lad was chosen to be a member of the sabotage team organized by James J. There was no “the Confederacy is so evil because of this that and the other” or “the Union is so wonderful for this reason”. Many of them were cruel and punished her unmercifully for her mistakes, regardless of whether they were accidental or through ignorance.
As she watched one after another of her siblings being sold further south, she plotted how to escape with her family to freedom. Many of her conductor friends were viewed with suspicion, and this made receiving help from them especially difficult. Later, she invested a great deal of time fighting for the suffragette cause and aiding the poor. The characters are one-dimensional and are always bursting into indignant exclamations; the battle descriptions would pain any lover of war novels, and the relationships between the characters are just plain sappy. If you like sappy, simplistic fiction, then you’ll probably enjoy it; if not, then you’ll find it a teensy bit irksome. The battle in which General Lee’s Maryland Campaign was repulsed by General McClellan’s Army of the Potomac. Stick and jab and shoot them and murder them and kill them all, each and every Rebel’s son of them.
And while he did not think he would die, did not think he would even be hit or hurt, did not think of it at all, still it was best to be careful. However, older students who are interested in gaining a realistic perspective of war or who are infected with a sentimental view of war may profit from it. Will Emily safely deliver General Greene’s message to General Sumter, or will she be caught? So, when the opportunity comes to deliver important information to General Sam Houston, Kit doesn’t hesitate. She fits perfectly into the little French village where she and her mother live – speaks the language like a native – but she is German born. But he is also a spy who penetrates the enemy’s camps and reports back information to his friends in South Korea.
They seem to think that it is their job to make the Navajo tribe behave – they’re even trying to make them migrate south to an unfertile land where no one in their right mind would want to live. Beatty properly describes the Emancipation Proclamation as freeing only the slaves in Confederate states. It was simply a record – a group of men on a mission who are determined to achieve it because it is their mission.
Harriet was very happy with her husband – she loved him very much – but as a slave, the threat always hung over her that she would be sold away from him. The two families maintain a relationship but are separated when Jeff’s father decides to move his family back to Virginia. The blade is constructed with fantasy cut outs, teeth like serrations, and a piercing point.
But Jim and Tom Smith, fellow newsboys, seem to suspect that Charles is more than he seems.
Each of these is mentioned several times, but they are treated soberly, not as something to giggle and be silly about. Because of this, I was able to enjoy the story without having to weed through a bunch of name-calling from either side. He writes of horses with half their heads missing, of the horrible screams which echo across the fields, of the sweet smell of bloated, decaying bodies, of jaws blown off, appendages missing, and intestines dangling from stomachs. When the Navajo finally surrendered, they were herded several hundred miles away to a tiny plot of reservation land. Leah and her father begin traveling between the Union camps selling supplies and distributing Bibles to the soldiers. They will simply move into the canyon and wait out the soldiers, who usually move on when they realize they can’t have their way. Beatty claims to be an accurate one, is when Todd and Robert are captured and forced to walk in front of the Confederate troops to serve as ‘cannon fodder’.
There were several places where I turned my eyes away from my spot on the page to catch a deep breath before rushing through as quickly as I could to the non-violent parts. Once they arrived at the reservation, it was too small for all of the people to live and farm, so the U.S.
The idea was that, if they refused to fight, they could at least block a couple of bullets for the ones who were fighting!

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