I've thought there was an unusually large number of checkout receipts left in books, and maybe this is why. Is it a wise idea to leave patron’s names on receipts linking them to the items they checked out? I was shocked to see that the patron’s name was printed on the receipt (and interested to see that it was King County Library System, our neighbor to the south).

I always toss out the receipts I find in books – I chalk it up to stuffing the receipt into the book at checkout, and forgetting about it when the book gets turned in.
Our Spydus catalogue has a review (more a comment) function, but I’d like to get the upgrade and add LibraryThing for Libraries to give that rich added dimension to each entry. We did put date due stickers with room for patrons to write in reviews but sadly hardly anyone did.

This would seem like a violation of privacy if their name is attached to a receipt showing they checked out specific titles.

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