Yoo-Jung (Hwang Jung-Eum) goes to prison, because of the hit-and-run accident that killed Min-Hyuk's girlfriend. Choi Ho-Chul's original screenplay for "Secret Love" was the winner of the "Excellence Award" at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012.
NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 daily shows according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. I don't know whether to watch it or not but the plot sounds a little bit like innocent man. Into episode 6 and i hate hate hate ahn doon character urgggghh how could such a person exist, he really is a worm, even min heok is better than him.. The drama began like any other drama, it was cold at the beginning and it made me wonder what was so special about the story that made many people form positive reviews. And it is easily one of my favourite Kdrama of 2010s but seriously HJE's character is irritating with her stupidity until halfway through. I didnt say this drama isnt good or bad but as drama hunter I've been watching almost-same story line that I am not impressed.
The story was so good and intense and had my heart pumping so much of the time (for different reasons hehe). Also heads up if you are thinking of watching, during the early stages of the drama you find yourself loathing the male lead for his treatment of the female lead. How comes that other childish totally non realistic dramas are so popular, but not this one?? Best cast, best plot story, best cinematography, and absolutely thanks to the director Lee Eung-Bok & Baek Sang-Hoon for making this drama. When Secret was airing, I was the only person watching it among my circle of friends so I did what every good friend would do and talked my friends into watching it. Actually, i'm not interested to watch this drama because of the conplicated kind of story, beside i'm not a big fan of JS & HJE. I just watched the series, and by far the drama of the year, unbelievable acting and the main actress Hwang Jung Eum was amazing and her acting is soo convincing.
The great thing about this series is how it engages the audience to keep on watching from one episode to another.
Can someone tell me the name of the book Yoo-Jung reads to Min-Hyuk in episode 15 after the day they spend together please. I hope to see Ji Sung and Hwang Jun Eum in another drama playing a couple again, they have great chemistry together. Drama series is scheduled to air in various Asian countries including South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
This is the BEST Korean drama i have EVER watched oh my gosh this was deep, romantic, happy, and has a good message.
Only reason that I'm waiting for this is because of Lee Kwang Soo, but hes not on the list. Meanwhile, stunt woman Ra-Im is a fan of Oska's music and wins a contest to go to Jeju Island with Oska himself. Jay Park and Jang Hyuk were dropped from the list of potential casts, and Hyeon Bin was finally chosen to play the main male lead.
The lovely voices of Jihwan and Junhyung, of 2 BiC (To be continued) are the singers of the theme song I so enjoy. If you like good "falling and growing in love" and thoughtful conversation , don't miss "My name is Kim Sam soon".
Perhaps my favourite line of the series takes place at the museum in the beginning episode.
While at a marriage meeting at the museum and after Kim Joo-Won sits with the woman to talk. When Yeun Sul speaks of 'love at first sight', Kim Joo-Won then lists for her all of the elements that help to make an arranged marriage successful and asks Yeun Sul why she thinks that "kissing" is a valid substitute for all the planning and matching that goes into an arranged marriage.
It is a great line, and like so many of the lines that Hyun-Bin delivers, this one is delivered with delicious flippancy that caught me off guard !
On another noe, as a Canadian, I have grown increasingly tired and bored with North American productions that present a quick shedding of clothing and "first-date-jumping-under-the-sheets". The representing in drama, of a growing into love, instead of a 'falling' with a crash into it, is the wiser approach.
To offer my input on the reason for the story to continue for the 20 episodes, I would say the fantastic character of the mother !
The character of Kim Joo-Won, although he does not seem to let his mother influence his final decisions, nor even many of his day-to-day decisions, is nevertheless dealing with the traditional elements of parental input into spouse-choosing. To wit, I love the dialogue of the Kim Joo-Won character, at the beginning, while at a marriage meeting, at the museum and after, when the two sit to discuss 'marriage-meetings' in general as opposed to 'love-at-first-sight' meetings, Kim Joo-Won lists all of the elements that help to make a marriage successful and asks the woman he is meeting why she thinks that "kissing" is a valid substitute for all those elements he has just listed.
My watching of Korean dramas since this past spring is a first for me and I have had a great time watching them. If you haven't watched this drama and don't want any spoilers, please don't read my comments because it will give out some clues. Was visiting an elderly relative in a retirement home in Canada and happened to see the movie “That Touch Of Mink” (1962). I might deserve a medal for reading sub-titles for the 20 episodes of Secret Garden, even more so because I paused the video a gazillion times, in order to savour the great, great lines. Yoon Sang Hyun’s play of both his character’s stage & private persona is an incredible performance. I don't think that Hollywood writes love-triangle dialogue like this anymore, or, if Hollywood indeed ever did write such dialogue as well as it is written and delivered in this Korean drama.
Park Jun Keum, at one point, lifts her right hand to her cheek, to check that a strand of hair is still in place, and that little gesture transmits so well her character’s utter inability to step outside her comfort zone.
Ha Ji Won, who’s character has the triple role of playing off of not one or two, but tree other characters (the mother, the boss, the suitor), gives it her absolute all.
Am now watching the scene in the office, between Hyun-Bin and Phillip Lee in episode-3, also an amazing back-and-forth. Am watching this drama at the moment, am now watching episode7 but i don't think if i will finish it i do not really like the idea of body switching! Just finished this drama, i fast forwarded through a lot of it, proly because ive been kdrama binging.
I really like this drama watched so many times, Im so interested with ha ji-won for her action scene I wish to be like her! One of my favorites: in many ways a classic fairy tale with the poor maiden (but tough and smart), handsome prince, and evil witch. I would love to watch this but this does not have English subtitles very disappointing why?
Most afraid and fearful of Kim Joon’s Mom’s most serious threat to hurt and destroy her loved sweetheart, Kim; and thus convinced she really needs to have to give up Kim Joon, Gilarm made every feasible lie to get Kim to think he has to part from her. 1) Thus, she pretended she could not bear to keep thinking Kim was the reason her Dad died while all along loving him and enjoying life with Kim. 2) Even more touching was her further pretending her receiving and keeping that memorable broken handbag newly fixed by Kim with a very elegant looking clip, specially purchased by Kim would only hurt her feelings as it would presumably remind her how Kim looked down on her because of that broken cheapy handbag. 3) The her two good byes to Kim Joon: The scene at the Mall when pretending she was calling from the movie shooting set, with the pretext she was occupied with shooting movie scenes afar, she most emotionally expressed to Kim how she misses him so very much. 4) To repeat, convinced it to be necessary that she parts from her beloved Kim, the incident in the home library of Kim when, with Oska as accidental but very proper witness, she secretly left her very own memento of final goodbye with the inserting of the image of her – the self-denying, self-sacrificing mermaid – bidding her beloved Kim farewell as she, now, most unwillingly and most agonizingly will have to disappear like a foam and a bubble according as fate had ordained her in relation to her beloved Kim. Very clearly, the story-line of Secret Garden showed the lead female character, Gilarm, a simple common girl; but a girl not necessarily naive and impressionable girl. PS WordPress seems to be changing the tone of the colors in my pictures when I upload them. What products did u use to get ur hair white n how do u die the blue without messing up the tips.
What actually Ashlee want to convey is not yet clear on media during her interview when she was asked for having a plastic surgery. Her boyfriend is the one that actually committed the hit-and-run accident, but Yoo-Jung took the blame. And the whole story progression (except the end, which was rather incomplete, like gazillion other kdramas imo). That's why it earned a lot of awards since it's INDEED one of the best dramas I'VE EVER watched. Also, I love it that the leads have also done their best, they didn't just bank on their good looks like other actors are doing.
Ji Sung carried KMHM but if you want to see why both Ji Sung and HJE are so loved together, watch this drama! I also loved the supporting cast, mainly the main female leads' ex-con crew and Ji-Sung's CUTE secretary.

I myself vowed I would NEVER support their being together but ended up falling for the two of them. Honestly I think the chemistry in Secret is better than KMHL, because the relation(ship) the two leads have overall has way more attraction and hotness because of the personalities. So I looked up for more dramas from Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, and I found out that they played on this drama together.
The storyline kept me interested, the acting was just right, the characters and everything else was great!
But I don't understand the scene on ep 16 where Do Hoon borrowed the car key of his father. You just have to keep on going because the plot is fast paced despite the typical kdrama formula i.e chaebol, unrequited love and such. Themes touched in the drama series involve first love, dating methods in love and breakup, unrequited love and immortal love. Joo-Won mistakes stunt woman Gil Ra-Im (Ha Ji-Won) for Park Chae-Rin and takes stunt woman Ra-Im to a hotel. Meanwhile, Ra-Im tries her best to ignore Joo-Won because she knows Joo-Wan belongs to another higher social level compared to her. Because Yeun-Sul had a high-living status, she was arranged to attend a blind date with Joo-Won. It's so cute and I cried for half of the ending, because he risked his life to save her and it was so cute!! Kim Soo-hyun (born in 1943), South Korean screenwriter and novelist, is a respected writer. I am still very new to Korean dramas and by no means am familiar with all the ones that ‘veteran viewers’ know of.
This one is more simple Cinderella theme, more lighted heart, don't need miracle or defectives, just be yourself and thoughtful. As i am a great fan of Ji won so after watching her movies i looked for her other debuts and that's when i found this awesomely awesome drama. I am trying to learn the language with the "Memrise" site: that is how much I am enjoying Korean dramas. Unlike original Cinderella who is a victim of abuse and wants an escape, she is a survivor of self-supporting life, has a career she has a passion for, a father she is proud of. These are the sequences that I am impressed how the author use conversation for Joo Won telling 'I love you' to Ra Im. Of course, its dialogue is not as well done as some of the other older love-triangle movies with Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and James Stewart. I start watching korean drama coz this drama.the chemistry between ra im n jo won is really awesome !! Hoon Sang-Hyun uses every muscle in his face to deliver both exaggerated and subtle emotions, switching from his 'singer' persona to the 'authentic core' of his character with lightning speed. But that time i didnt give attention to it bcoz i was at my 4th yr as college student and so busy with my studies. Secret Garden could take pride in its very in-depth dialogue, mostly between Gilarm and Kim Joon, and between Gilarm and Kim's Mom, Moon Bong. Whereas in fact that broken bag fixed with loving tender hands of Kim actually poignantly only endeared Kim to her even more, and made her aware how truly that broken handbag ironically and very memorably now serves a bond of their profound love for each other.
Despite the advances of Kim Joon from the 1st episode up to midway of the 10th episode, Gilarm never exhibited herself like a melted flower under the most aggressive impertinent and arrogant advances of Kim Joon.
Ashlee has been victimized for having her nose done with rhinoplasty surgery to straighten her nose bridge. Spectators said she is use to with botox and fillers which are making her skin stout and smooth. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Looking Forward to Romance" and will be followed by "Bel Ami" November 20, 2013. I loved how the relationship developed from wanting to have a revenge to the point of willing to leave everything for love. I even liked the side characters the stoic assistant of Jisung's character - Choi Woong, the ruthless but kind "eonni" of HJE's character - Jung SooYoung, the flawed character of Lee Da Hee's etc.
I haven start to watch kill me heal me becus a lot of ppl say the drama is very nice, is a must watch Blablabla so I'm waiting to finish my current drama and start to focus on watching kill me heal me, so excited, I hope is really as good as this !!! So I just decided to watch it and now I am finished watching this drama and there is no word to describe it. This drama was the first "explosion" between JSxHJE, the reason why they're currently the fastest and most memorable recurring couple in K Dramas record. I especially love the on screen chemistry between the two main leads and the second leads were pretty convincing as well.
Watch them again in Kill me, Heal me, in this new drama their acting is just as much if not more the best.
There's something about the way their love story goes and ends, that doesn't feel right to me. Oska made the request in an attempt to prevent Park Chae-Rin from revealing their relationship to the press. Even though Joo-Wan made it clear that he doesn't have interest in her, Yeun-Sul keeps pursuing Joo-Won.
Joo-Won learns that Ra-Im won the contest to spend time with Oska and decides to follow them to Jeju Island. She has such an expressive face, she doesn't even have to say anything and you can tell exactly what shes thinking.
But my ear is doing lots of listening and am learning a few words of the language on the Memrise site. I am not Korean and i don't speak Korean either so it was hard for me to follow Ji won, but finally i got a very good deal for all those hard searches. Older female actresses in the West love this kind of great writing for actresses who are over the age of 50.
As a Canadian, I have grown increasingly tired and bored with North American television, disliking in particular the quick shedding of clothing and "first-date-jumping-under-the-sheets". Watching the 1962 flick brought home again to me just how good the dialogue is in Secret Garden. I'd always thought that switching bodies thing isn't that necessary but maybe it won't be this good if it wasn't,right?? Like all fairy tales, it includes a dark side--but it is most importantly a romance in which no man ever loved a woman more. Music is great, chemistry is unbelievable, plot is tight, it has everything (drama, comedy, action, fantasy, family, etc.). I must admit both Ha Ji-Won and Hyun-Bin adapted their characters pretty well during body switch. Then, add further the frequent exchange of hurt feelings and profound sad misunderstandings between Choi Mon Young and Yoon Seul: plenty of story-lines of poignant and ironic conflicts and fights between two very much in love couple, the second love story in the show. It was so moving because this Kim’s most genuine expression of tender loving of Gilarm had to be ruined by Gilarm’s most hurtful sacrificial repression of her truly touched loved heart having to pretend with her lying despise for the handbag pin, which she would actually, rather, cherish lovingly like a very precious jewel from her beloved. While she fancied his very publicly and personally raising her actress renown equal to the level of the top artists, and while she did reckon the marvel of this rich man's particular attention to her, up to this point, which is already half way past the whole story, she had not seriously owned up a supposed opportunity of really getting involved with Kim Joon. These speculations generated when she noticed with her new nose in which the bump in her nose bridge was removed and it was looking more straighten. You should see these photos and update us with your comments regarding “Did Ashlee Get Nose Job or not”? Beside, after falling for him for difference characters in HMKM, this character is nothing compared to what he did in HMKM. Not only they bring great different characters and chemistry in vastly different Secret and KMHM, but they also bring both dramas successful ratings winners and popularity, which other recurring pairs in K Dramas couldn't achieve. We, all your fans, are expecting the same sizzling and rocking chemistry for the next dramas if you work together! Great performance by the cast and a very compelling plot line, I even shed a bucketful of tears during the drama. There were too many cuts where the camera man had to show other ppl's faces briefly and than go back to her face where they entered fake tears for her crying scenes just made me roll my eyes. At the hotel, Joo-Won discovers that the woman he picked is not actress Park Chae-Rim but a stunt woman.
Eventually, Joo-Won was able to find Ra-Im but ended up stranded in a mysterious restaurant in the middle of the woods called 'Secret Garden'.
Even though, I am Asian in Australia, Korean name is still quite intellectual challenge for me!! I was and still disappointed that Kim Joon mother still didn't accept Ra at the end, but she accept the grand-children.

Then, include further the many funny but realistic expressions of true love between An Young and 'Secretary Kim. Without the revenue generated from advertising, we would be unable to provide this great content free of charge.
Here we have put on compare her before and after photos for a better comparison, and inviting your comments in the comments box below to make sure if she really gets her nose correct or not. She attended the Prairie Creek’s Elementary and Richardson’s North Junior High School where her sister singer Jessica was also enrolled with her.
You just frequently visit this page because we are always in seek of any further update or news of Ashlee plastic surgery. I watched it for the second time because i love the chemistry between jung eum and ji sung, gonna watch kill me heal me after I finish this one.. The songs, the acting, the drama, the story line, the script GOD the script is unbelievable and totally heart-aching. The tragedy that the heroine suffered at the beginning five episodes made me shed tears for her.
I also recommend the epic drama Empress Ki another well written drama; Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Hong Gil Dong, and Lie to Me.
Gu Hara did very well though as they showed her crying scene from start to finish and the tears were real. During this time, Joo-Won starts to experience strong feelings for the feisty stunt woman, even though she isn't his type. Yeun-Sul then manages to become the director for Oska's next music video, which is scheduled to be shot on Jeju Island. Even more mysteriously, the owner of 'Secret Garden' seems to know both Joo-Won and Ra-Lim very well. As her profession is an invisible existent, so, it's the author's intention to set the distance between he and her, I guess, as it appears in the conversation between Ra im and Yoon Seul in art gallery, her description about him in ep 13 and they always walk parallel in distance both in reality and in his thought. And many more very deep dialogues spoken even by very secondary role parts performers in the story, eg. If at all, she was merely leaving an opening if this man would really prove himself genuinely and honestly falling for her. As soon as we get any news about Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery before and after nose job photos we will share with you right here on this page. JiSung oppa is so handsome and charming oh God <33333 I bet im gonna watch this over and over again in the next few days! She looked kinda unattractive in some scenes which showed her genuine feelings for not trying to "look pretty" while acting which was very good.
Joo-Won tried getting Ra-Im out of his mind for Ra-Im does not own a high status life nor is even rich. In this action school setting, she is only a female and a senior, so she has a firm feeling of equality, power over her junior and dignity between her peers.
He has qualities apart from general Prince Charming should has (rich, well-education end, upper class social status and power, good-looking), he also is a perfectionist, single-minded and often use excessive power (I don't think he is a complete authoritarian) and rational. Following episodes when she provoked this question again, he at this time already accepted at some stage that he liked her.
A delight from the first episode to the conclusion: and this time KDrama gets the ending so right. By comparing her before and after Nose Bridge, Nasals and nose tip we can easily examine that she had a perfect nose job surgery. She said that she is afraid of forgetting what happened to the other woman, that she one day would stop regretting and get over it. Overall, this drama is one of the dramas that truly touched me in terms of thoughts and emotions. Great acting from all the actors and actresses, and shout out to the writer of this drama.. JS and HJE are the best Korean drama couple, their chemistry in both Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me are just so convincing and felt so real.
So he admitted that he likes her and in reply she questioned back that she would be a Cinderella? A memorable drama that had me laughing, crying, excited, cheerful, tearful, mysterious and so much more!!!! Most K-drama couples can only DREAM of creating a FRACTION of the sexiness that Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won created in Secret Garden. Well atleast she accepted her grandchildren, so i am sure that day will also come when she will accept her daughter in law as well. You could easily examined that her nose bridge has been straighten and nose tip become sharp and Nasals are looking refined. At night, neither Joo-Won nor Ra-Im find themselves able to sleep and each takes this time to clear their mind while drinking their individual gifted wine.
I will watch it again at some point, but need time to let my first viewing of it ‘settle’ in my mind. The thing that shows his being single-minded is the designer's tracking suits that he hand picks and thinks that is perfect for him and completely ignore the others pointing out that those tracking suits look peculiar. Then he answered that she could only be a little mermaid who would be a bubble and disappeared at the end and threw all convincing reasons to her. Later in order to pursuing acting career she makes a guest appearance on an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. But here I would like to mention that Ashlee may want to hide this surgery from media and just said that “everybody’s already asking about it, So what…! A twist of intrigue takes place in the plot when both Ra-Im and Joo-Won wake up in the morning to find that their souls have switched to the other's body! A couple of amateur singers in my family, so I enjoy listening to anyone with good vocal talent. My point is, it is reasonable that he ignores other realities, and hand picks Gil Ra Im who is seen as poor and has a background far from his as his girlfriend.
When the story progressed, she refused him again by saying that she doesn't have a right to be a little mermaid because little mermaid has to love the prince first to be able to disappear beautifully. I would like to see these same cast of people working together in an second time on Secret Garden 2 before the kids and ending with a wedding with his mom there realize that true love is best!!!!
Well later she auditioned for a cast of her debut film 7th Heaven from where her career as an actress was rose and peoples starting knowing her as an actress and singer. Hence Ashlee has maintained her fame on the peak of acting and singing profession by performing in the number of movies and by singing different songs. I went on for months not watching new dramas because I still was so in love with Secret and nothing, nothing was even close to being as good as Secret.
But yes, gu hara surprised me the most.Especially the part where she visits her mom's grave.
The Korean lead actor in "Good Doctor", Joo Won, also sings the theme song for the series, entitled "I'm Loving You".
Even though he realises his marriage involves many stakeholders, he goes to arranged dates routinely, but when it comes to essential in his life, he handpicks it by himself and once he thinks it's perfect and rationalises his thought and behaviour, he can ignore other factors and goes on with it. Now keep reading this post for examining Ashlee Simpson plastic surgery before and after nose job photos. I'm glad to say though, that Kill Me Heal Me, with all its mystery and suspense and genius performances with the hilarious adlibs, is the first drama that I am truly loving since Secret. Nevertheless, the author piles up more rational behind his deep affection to her by throwing in a cause of his claustrophobia and the magic for swapping bodies and that leaves viewer like me stunned and the last scene keeps cycling in my head a while!
He encountered her again and said if she did not want to be a little mermaid, then he would be a little mermaid instead. Worried that a conflict with France might stir up French sympathizers and divide the nation, Congress enacted the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.
For me, even the story is finished at episode 14, does have content of swapping bodies and a defective memories that explains his deep affection to her, it already rationalises this Cinderella saga through conversation that reflects situation of Joo Won and Ra Im. What amaze me is how hyun bin and ha ji won totally nailed the characters they were playing. I swear i watched a lot of kdramas with supposedly good stories but bcoz the actors couldnt deliver their roles very well it became boring to me.
When he and gil switched souls he delivered the character perfectly.haha, im laughing my ass off xD. The reason why this drama is almost in everyones bucket list is bcoz of how the actors manage to touched the hearts of viewrs with the characters they are playing. Some even looks like they are just reading the script, no emotions, no connection to the characters.

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