And what if its effectiveness, if any, of the secret and the law of attraction was really much more about basic human nature and failing to acknowledge this dramatically limited, rather than strengthened its effect?
Every thought, we learned, creates a measurable electromagnetic wave that is “perceivable” on a subtle level, by others. While I didn’t find universal truth in the secret or the explanations offered to explain the law of attraction, I’d actually experienced the effect of focusing on constructive outcomes.
Take the smartest people in the world and begin to repeat to them a conclusion that they know to be false. Repeatedly visualizing a deeply sought after goal, seeing, feeling, hearing yourself accomplish this goal, over and over, has a profound effect. You invest time, energy, hours and funds in yourself and others without really noticing how differently you are presenting yourself to the world. 1) People perceive you differently – they become responsive because they read in you a sense of confidence, commitment and raw-energy that they want to participate in. 2) All the little actions begin to add up – the thousands of nearly imperceptible changes in behavior and modest actions taken on a consistent, daily basis, begin to yield results to take you a step closer to your visualized goal.
So, in the end, you really don’t need to leap down the quantum physics rabbit hole and buy into the secret existence of the Law of Attraction. Repeatedly visualizing a goal as if you had already attained it conditions you to believe it’s possible. Those actions increasingly deliver results and inspire you to believe your vision is attainable on a deeper level. And, it also explains why even the most intense focus on the attainment of a goal will bring you nothing without an equal commitment to action.
Jonathan Fields likes to rock the boat with his profound logic and unique perspective on the things that shape our lives.
What if the law of attraction wasn’t a law at all, but really just a theory or hypothesis?

Captivating speakers, from Joe Vitale to Jack Canfield and Neale Donald Walsch to John Assaraf.
So, if you constantly focus your thoughts on what you want to manifest, rather that what you want to avoid, those around you whose thoughts are also resonating at the frequency associated with that same positive intention will be attracted to you.
Harmonic resonance says when an object vibrating at one frequency is placed close enough to a similar object that vibrates at the same frequency, the vibrations from the first object slowly entrain the objects around it to vibrate, too.
Harmonic resonance assumes that those other objects (a) are at rest, before being exposed to the original object, making them “free” to adopt the other object’s vibrations, (b) vibrate at the identical frequency, and (c) do not actively generate their own conflicting vibrations of equal or greater strength.
We are not “empty” of our own electromagnetic vibrations or waves, we are not identically structured to resonate at identical frequencies and, in fact, we create a non-stop stream of very strong vibrations all day long. Subject to conditioning much the same way Pavlov’s pooches salivated at the ring of a bell.
It conditions you slowly away from self-doubt and disbelief and moves you increasingly toward belief. When you believe something, even marginally, you begin to do a thousand little things differently.
And, each positive interaction and baby step begins to further fuel the belief that was set in motion by your initial conditioning. Over time, as that conditioning takes root through repetition, your belief in success leads you to act differently on many levels and take actions you’d never have taken. The notion that, through cosmic law, whatever you focus on necessarily grows, so, rather than focusing on what you don’t want, hold what you do want in your mind…and watch it blossom. What if it wasn’t as provable, self-evident or sacrosanct as Newton’s law or any of the other laws of physics that have been proven through verifiable, scientific study and replication? And, the latter claim, that others perceive and have the ability to respond to these vibrations, I cannot prove…but, for the sake of optimism, I am open to. And, the net-effect will be that through the secret and the law of attraction you will realize the manifestation of all you desire.

The same poles of magnets fight to get away from each other, while opposite poles desperately seek to connect. For us to take action, especially sustained and repeated action toward the attainment of any goal, we need to believe the outcome, no matter how remote, is on some level attainable.
Over time, though, they not only become open to the idea, but, through, relentless repetition, it becomes incontrovertible gospel. This sets in motion a belief, action, attainment cycle that becomes increasingly unstoppable. And, as people around you see you not only succeeding, but becoming more confident, they will respond to that confidence, too.
They spoke to the impact the secret and the law of attraction has had on their lives and the lives of thousands of others. Same thing with electricity, like charges repel each other, while differing charges attract. Strike it, and place it next to another tuning fork of the same note and they both begin to vibrate at a similar frequency.
But, as much as it can be used for destructive ends, it can also be harnessed to form the basis of great achievement. So, if our thoughts emit electro-magnetic waves all day and other beings can, in fact detect and respond to them, the far more “natural” assumption is that others with “like” thoughts and similar electromagnetic waves will be repelled, not drawn to us.

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