If you have any experience using the Secret blank check please comment below and let me know what happened!!!
May 20th New Moon -Annular Solar Eclipse -Galactic Alignment is an Amazing Opportunity for Us! Today the Sun and the Moon are in Taurus delivering a nice dose of earthy energy for us to relax and ground ourselves in. You are invited to receive a complimentary Money Reiki Healing MP3 to give you a Money Reiki healing whenever you desire! Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.This is What You've Been Waiting For. The book that gave birth to the movie The Secret is The Science of Getting Rich (click to download the eBook for FREE!) by Wallace D. Now have the top Teachers from The Secret reveal this science to you and guide you step by step through it's implementation. If you’ve ever watched the movie The Secret or read the book then you may know what this is about. If you are driven to make more money…what better way is there, then to blog from the comfort of your own home and make 100% commissions.

I also made it my desktop picture so I see it on my computer everyday and taped it up to the wall beside my desk! With this comes healing and transformation at both a personal and global level including grand scale release of abusive control patterns, sexual dysfunctions, karmic patterning and negative imprints left from the mis-aligned expression of both male and female domination. CLICK HERE To Discover the prosperity miracles it has created for others and how it can for you too! So the idea is to fill out the Secret blank check written to yourself with an amount of money on it that you want to receive.
It is expected that Earth dimension will commence an entire reboot of its operating system which includes our own bodily system. The MOST POTENT times to write your check are 8 hours AFTER the exact time of the New Moon.
This day the Sun and Moon will be in an exact conjunction with the Pleiades, which means these three luminaries will be fused in time and space. Whatever you write down, I’d recommend it being a stretch but somewhat believable…maybe not that you know “how” it might happen…but a number that gives you confidence that it can and will.
Mi me sirvio no probe lo del cheque todavia,pero pense en tener dinero siempre nunca decir que no y tener siempre algo de dinero en la billetera y ayer abri un cajon y encontre plata que no se ni de que era…gracias Ley de atraccion positiva!!!!

QUISIERA SABER SI ESTA LEY HA FUNCIONADO EN ALGUNA PERSONA …???Responder Ley de la AtracciA?n Positiva febrero 27, 2014 en 12:31 pm Hola, Fabia!
Pero hay q creer ciertamente q funciona, por cierto nosotros no ponemos fecha ni cantidad, nuestra creencia es q el universo es abundante e ilimitado, por eso no ponemos limite y siempre, pero siempre nos funciona…. Imprimi el cheque y lo llene y me pasa que cada vez que lo tengo en las manos y lo veo ( que son unas 4 o 5 veces al dia ) siento un escalofrio en todo el cuerpo. Es una emocion tan grande que es como si lo tuviera Yo se que voy a conseguir lo que tanto deseo lo se con todo mi corazon, muchos piensan que estoy loca o que deliro pero yo se que ese dia va a llegar.
FE INAMOVIBLEGracias y mil gracias por todo esto Gabriela Ruis junio 23, 2014 en 1:24 pm Por favor contestemen, los sigo todos los dA­as. Gracias ?Y™‚Responder cintia arduino noviembre 18, 2014 en 2:25 pm el dinero viene a mi de forma esperada e inesperada gracias gracias gracias!!!Responder Isis Coronel noviembre 18, 2014 en 6:11 pm Hola! Tengo 16 aA±os y me he leido el libro por eso me meti a buscar el cheque se lo voy a dar a mi madre y explicar tambien como funciona , aunque hay personas que se rien de mi porque creen que creo todo lo que me leo que soy muy fantastica jajaja en fin lo voy a probar e intentar convencer a mi madre de que lo pruebe , espero me funcione , se que lo harA? .

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