Another question is the legality of reproducing the seal itself--While it is not a direct copy of the Great Seal of the United States (on which the eagle is holding 13 arrows in its left talon), it could potentially still cause problems if you were to have a hot press stamp of it made. Most recently Sony enlisted David Guggenheim to pen the script for Bad Boys 3, so maybe once Smith’s schedule opens up the film can finally move forward. Turtletaub said last year that he thought National Treasure 3 would be shooting within two years and Nicolas Cage is certainly game to return, so we could feasibly be seeing concrete movement on the sequel later this year if this draft of the script pans out.

Pentru el, istoria este vie, vitala si, uneori, ofera chiar posibilitatea de a gasi comori extraordinare. The way most tanneries process hides, they are not suitable for hot press embossing--the process requires the surface of the hide be treated with temperature-resistant chemicals, or you end up with a mess.
In "Comoara Nationala: Cartea Secretelor", Ben si tatal sau, profesorul universitar Patrick Gates (Jon Voight), sunt zguduiti de descoperirea unei pagini de mult pierdute din jurnalul asasinului lui Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth.

In mod surprinzator, informatiile de pe pagina gasita par sa il implice pe un stramos al lor, Thomas Gates, care ar fi conspirat pentru asasinarea Presedintelui Lincoln.

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