No, not just for the characters, but in real life as well, during a visit to the set I took part in last month. It was all quite dramatic, as the cast and crew were filming out at an isolated house for the episode airing this week, "Beneath". During our time on set, the cast were all friendly and had plenty to say about what was to come, while completely hiding several huge plot turns that they'd already filmed (and have since aired), including the death of Nick, the break-up of Shelley and Adam and just exactly who Jake (Chris Zylka) was and what he's been up to.

We have a little romance happening with Cassie and his character, Jake." Little did we know Jake was Nick's brother, that he came back because of Nick's death, or that he's part of a group of murderous witch hunters.
In fact, it was quite interesting to go back and listen to Robertson's answers, such as when she was asked if Cassie and Nick might have a romance (as they did in the books the series is based on) and she replied, "It's possible. We've got to keep her in consideration." Tonkin's lips were sealed though when it came to explaining just who this child was though, who can be seen in the photo above.

Said Tonkin, "I said to Natasha yesterday, I'm kind of excited to see what happens to Faye and Dawn's relationship.

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