Executive producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold are now speaking out about which direction the series might have gone in had The CW renewed.
Maybe you haven’t seen it and are debating who to root for going in, or maybe you have and want your alliances reassured. For some fans, the decision was a no brainer, and they’ve been touting their loyalties to one superhero or another since this film was announced. Percy’s cameo was the first one we got and, objectively, probably the most important.
I love that despite everything she has been through, and everything she’s seen her son go through, Sally has not turned bitter against the gods.
Will’s romantic relationship with Nico also provides an opening for Apollo to address the topic of sexual orientation.
Nico is, without a doubt, one of this series’ most prominent fan-favorite characters.
This character has always been dark, brooding, tragic, and complicated, and yet as his solemnity grows, so does our love for him. When Percy struggled to find his place in the world, Chiron was always a steady presence for him. Chiron continues to play this role in the first Trials of Apollo book, and it was almost as welcome a sight as seeing Percy again. Though not a major character, Connor (and his brother Travis) have been threaded throughout the Percy Jackson series as a minor foil to Percy and his fellow campers. The eccentric and enigmatic Rachel Elizabeth Dare quickly won over my heart, and as soon as we figured out who she really was, I found myself rooting for her every cause. As much as we feel sorry for Apollo in this book, we can at least place some of the blame on his own shoulders. Speaking of being loved, our last major cameo comes from Calypso, the girl who stole Leo’s heart.
Interestingly, Apollo and Calypso do have a history, so it’s perhaps going to make for an awkward dinner or two.
There were plenty of names dropped in Hidden Oracle, even if we didn’t get to see every single character we wanted to. Meanwhile, Frank and Hazel are at Camp Jupiter, both part of the Twelfth Legion, and Jason and Piper are in Los Angeles, accompanied by Coach Hedge, Mellie, Little Chuck, and Piper’s dad.
The setup for the next few books is that Apollo must make his way across the country, his next stop likely being in Indiana. But the team dynamic of Civil War has led to a division among fans, and Tony Stark has continuously come out on the bottom. This is a man who has spent his entire life surrounded by everything he could ever want and need.
This is perhaps best seen when he says to Pepper, “You stood by my side all these years while I reaped the benefits of destruction.
This is a no-brainer for someone like Steve, who we saw jump on a grenade in The First Avenger. Iron Man 3 saw Tony dealing with the very real, very human aftermath of the attack on New York. The sarcasm, the witty one-liners, the cool confidence are all still there, but it’s only on the surface. You know that part at the top of the movie where Tony’s calling his suit to him with a series of arm movements, and he flips over so his upside down mask can click perfectly into place? He tries to protect what he loves most in this world, which is Pepper Potts, but once again that backfires. The loss of Jarvis in this film forces Tony to go back to his roots, which does a lot for his character as a whole.
If you’re looking for a movie that paints Tony Stark in the worst light possible, it is Age of Ultron. Several hashtags concerning the series trended on Twitter worldwide for over an hour after the news was announced. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her.
Whatever the reason, we are here to definitively tell you, once and for all, if you should be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man for Captain America: Civil War. Cap is slow to adapt to 21st century issues and our new reality, reluctant to go against his morals for the greater good, and Tony is narcissistic, egotistical, and often neglects to think through his actions and their consequences. He takes Apollo in after the god-turned-mortal gets beat up by a couple of kids in an alley and is subsequently saved by the mysterious Meg. Knowing she and Percy are still together and in a much happier place makes me so proud to see how far they’ve both come.

Sure, she might not love everything they do, but she’s still willing to take in their children, related or not, and bake them a batch of blue cookies. The god is, himself, bisexual, and makes no qualms about his son being in a gay relationship.
We want to see him happy, and with the introduction of Will, we’re seeing that now more than ever. For me, he is just as iconic to that original series as Percy and Annabeth, and seeing him again brought me right back to that first time the son of Poseidon realized his teacher was just a little bit more than he let on. The two peas in a pod have been separated, however, and it’s interesting to see Connor sulking instead of scheming. Being the Oracle can be just a wee bit complicated, but Rachel has found a way to balance her role as a daughter, a friend, and a Seer. And he stole hers right back, which is made abundantly clear by their adorable bickering and comfortable interactions. Calypso is without her powers now, though, so perhaps the two have more in common than they had in the past. Grover is dealing with natural disasters in California, while Ella is at Camp Jupiter, still giving out broken prophecies.
If this is indeed the case, we’re probably going to see these other heroes regroup with their friends too, if only briefly. In fact, I think both teams ended up right where they needed to be by the end of the movie. He’s made a lot of mistakes that have had huge repercussions on his friends, his loved ones, and the world as a whole. He is dying, and while he thinks he wants all the comforts of his past life, there’s only one person he wants by his side.
The Avengers is unprecedented in many ways, but perhaps most strikingly for any fan of Tony Stark, it’s that shocking moment when he passes control over to Captain America.
For Tony, a Slytherin if I’ve ever seen one, this would not be his knee-jerk reaction. His anxiety is at an all-time high, and he’s suffering from PTSD following his battle with an alien army.
He may have felt death’s grip in Iron Man, but New York presented that beast in a whole new manner.
I’m not saying it was the right choice for everyone, but it was a choice that Tony felt was necessary. Though initially there were some conversations about pitching the series to ABC Family, those conversations have ended — again, because of budgetary concerns and an already full development slate at ABC Family. Showrunner Andrew Miller was hoping that season 1 would be available, but sadly it’ll only be immortalised on iTunes.
Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves. We get a little snapshot of his life outside of being a demigod, and it’s nice to see him laying low, focusing on school, and trying to stop himself from doing anything to make Annabeth angry at him.
Plus, it allows the focus to shift to other characters who maybe haven’t been in the spotlight as much. It offers up some Once Upon a Time-levels of weirdness, and yet their strange father-son-friend relationship never feels forced. In fact, because of Will and as a result of Apollo’s past experiences, this theme of non-judgmental love is threaded throughout the story, especially as we learn more about Daphne and Hyacinthus, and the story is all the more diverse and encompassing because of it.
It’s true that he is mostly involved by proxy, thanks to his relationship with Will, but he also makes himself quite useful in the final battle against the colossus.
He has taught demigods to be brave in the face of danger, and he has taught readers that wisdom and courage can defeat any evil. Rachel never had a choice in the matter, and as Apollo’s divinity went out the window, so did her ability to tell the future. It was nice to see how loved Leo was, and it’s even better knowing that Leo will be making his mark on the next book in the series. Their relationship was just starting up when we last saw them, so I’ll be interested to see their quirks and flaws as we move forward.
When you compare him to Captain America, it’s not hard to feel as though he may be in the wrong. He’s often cold and clinical, preferring to work on his machines rather than work on his relationships. And he doesn’t hesitate in taking it through the portal and into space where it can detonate without harming anyone in the city.
On the one hand, it motivated Aldrich to do better, but on the other hand, it has warped him into a megalomaniac.

For someone who has had the ability to solve problems and invent answers to every question, he now does not know how to find a solution for what he has seen.
He does this by isolating himself from the woman who is probably the only person on the planet who can talk some sense into him. It’s wonderful to see him use nothing more than lawn care tools and Christmas ornaments to take down a compound full of soldiers because it shows that Tony is not just a man in a can.
He cares so much that he’d rather see Earth be placed in a cage than leave it vulnerable to attack for even one more day. So when he sees his worst nightmare, that of another alien invasion which kills all his friends, he is confronted with the fact that he could have saved them if he had just done something to prevent it.
But at the same time, these intentions were manipulated by the power within the mind stone.
Tony Stark (Iron Man) is sassy and snarky, and while it took him a while, he’s realized the extent of what his team can do, both good and bad. Still, it was such a relief to see him again and know that he’s doing great after the events of The Blood of Olympus.
It makes for some interesting dynamics, but it also allows for Apollo to learn from a fellow mortal about what it means to be human. There are plenty of other mischievous demigods willing to pick up the mantle of camp prankster. Like I said, it makes for a complicated life, but it’s also one she has embraced over the years. Is there anything funnier than a dog landing on a giant metal statue’s head and then proceeding to pee on it?
His and Calypso’s story felt very much unfinished, so we knew it was only a matter of time, but once I realized he really was coming back, I may have danced in my seat. He realized that perhaps those accusations of war-profiteering were true, and instead of letting someone else handle it, he donned the suit himself despite the danger and the consequences. He kept people safe, but as he flaunted his power, there were those who laid in wait for him to become complacent. It puts a strain on his relationships with Happy and Pepper, and it turns him into an obsessive, paranoid recluse. He has Rhodey and little Harley by his side, but Jarvis continues to be his best asset — and his best friend.
Despite Fury’s acceptance of Iron Man and rejection of Tony Stark for the Avengers Initiative, the two are one in the same. He’s talking about Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, but this can easily be applied to himself in Age of Ultron.
Bruce agreed with him, ran the tests for him, and helped to ensure Ultron would become a possibility. There is no doubt Tony should not have messed with an object beyond his comprehension, but then again, if he had not, Vision would not have been born. She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power.
Her fetching skills are otherworldly, and I can only hope this isn’t the last we see of her. Whereas Steve would call this arrogant and self-serving, Tony would call it smart and efficient. Of course, he’s talking about giving her the company, but this is true in every part of his life. He knew he was gambling with his life when he decided to be on the front line in a war against terrorism, and while having a nuke strapped to your back might feel like a far cry from going toe to toe with some guys in a cave, the basic principle is the same. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again. I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said. But when it counts, Tony becomes part of the team, and he realizes he is not the best person to be in the driver’s seat (metaphorically speaking). When you strip Tony down to nothing but his most basic elements, he is still the person willing to put his life on the line to save those he cares about. They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst. But now he has concrete proof they exist, and he doesn’t know what to do with that information.

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