Executive producer Andrew Miller and Gale Harold are now speaking out about which direction the series might have gone in had The CW renewed.
Someone on Reddit started digging through Pottermore’s source code recently and discovered a javascript file that runs the sorting quizzes on the site.
The names of the four Ilvermorny houses are: Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird and Pukwudgie. Pottermore’s source code does not offer additional details about each house, but quick Google searches reveal that each of these names refers to a creature from folklore or mythology. The Pukwudgie is “a two-to-three-foot-tall (61 to 91 cm) being from the Wampanoag folklore. The North American Wizarding World is being unveiled ahead of the release of Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, which is set in 1920s New York. We still don’t know when Pottermore plans to pull the curtain off of Ilvermorny (we currently know next to nothing about the school), but with code in place for an upcoming sorting quiz, it could be coming soon. Whenever the Ilvermorny houses are officially unveiled, we’re sure Rowling will have lots to say about each one. Fan favorite Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson indicated he’ll be leaving the show after season 11, so I look fondly back at the most significant Thompson-written episodes. Thompson has been working on other projects besides Supernatural, including penning the Marvel comic Silk. In season 9, Thompson introduced another significant character: Cain, played by Tim Omundson.
The 200th episode, airing in season 10, saw the Winchesters working a case at an all-girls’ school whose drama department was putting on an adaptation of the Supernatural books by Carver Edlund (aka Chuck Shurley, who we will come back to soon). The episode is filled with nods to the fandom and songs — in reference to the fact that fans have been clamoring for a musical episode for years. To me, Thompson’s legacy on Supernatural will be one of love and respect for both the Winchester brothers and of the fans who love them. Maybe you haven’t seen it and are debating who to root for going in, or maybe you have and want your alliances reassured. For some fans, the decision was a no brainer, and they’ve been touting their loyalties to one superhero or another since this film was announced.

For some fans, the decision was a no brainer, and theya€™ve been touting their loyalties to one superhero or another since this film was announced. Several hashtags concerning the series trended on Twitter worldwide for over an hour after the news was announced. Now that she’d seen what her selfish desire for power nearly cost her daughter, we’d have seen a different side to her. Rowling’s North American Wizarding School, Ilvermorny, appear to have surfaced online. Pukwudgies’ features resemble those of a human, but with enlarged noses, fingers and ears. Though Newt is a British Wizard who went to Hogwarts, he will likely encounter many American Witches and Wizards who went to Ilvermorny.
And unlike our experience with Hogwarts and their four houses, we’re not going to have much time to decide which Ilvermorny house we want to be in. Since then, he created Felicia Day’s Charlie character, wrote the 200th episode (including the song lyrics) and was quite active with fans on Twitter. Charlie is a fan favorite character, and her introduction will definitely go down as one of Thompson’s greatest additions to Supernatural. The Father of Murder, Cain carried the Mark of Cain that he would transfer to Dean so he could wield the First Blade in order to kill Abaddon. And the character quickly became a fan favorite, again marking a significant introduction on Thompson’s part. The episode is one big celebration of the show and its fans, and the fact that Thompson was the one to write it tells us a lot about how significant he’d become to the series. It was a love letter to the most important object in the universe, as it both told the story of a case the brothers worked and what Sam and Dean do during their off time — from the brothers washing the Impala to sleeping in her.
Whatever the reason, we are here to definitively tell you, once and for all, if you should be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man for Captain America: Civil War. Cap is slow to adapt to 21st century issues and our new reality, reluctant to go against his morals for the greater good, and Tony is narcissistic, egotistical, and often neglects to think through his actions and their consequences. Though initially there were some conversations about pitching the series to ABC Family, those conversations have ended — again, because of budgetary concerns and an already full development slate at ABC Family.

Showrunner Andrew Miller was hoping that season 1 would be available, but sadly it’ll only be immortalised on iTunes. Jake is going to take up his struggle to stop the darkness from seeping into his world and the people he loves. The Harry Potter books gave us lots of time to decide on our own, but with Ilvermorny, whose houses may be unveiled before Fantastic Beasts, we’ll just have to take the quiz to find out where we belong. In his honor, I look at what I consider the most significant (as opposed to favorite, which might be impossible to narrow down) episodes that Thompson wrote. The Winchesters bring Charlie in on the truth behind Dick Roman (he’s the leviathan leader) and recruit her help. We also learned a new version of the story of Cain and Abel — one that clearly reflected the Winchester brothers.
Looking at the episode in hindsight, it feels like Thompson’s final love letter to the series and to the fans. After this episode, we see Charlie several more times; we learn her backstory and she becomes something of a hunter in her own right. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is sassy and snarky, and while it took him a while, he’s realized the extent of what his team can do, both good and bad. Tony Stark (Iron Man) is sassy and snarky, and while it took him a while, hea€™s realized the extent of what his team can do, both good and bad. She’s seen how close she was to losing the one love of her life, her daughter, and how badly she’d been betrayed by Blackwell, and how easily she was manipulated because of her thirst for power. It was like he was the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked on him by the bullies, and he sends away from the back of a comic book to be a muscle man so he can never be in that position again. I think she’ll become much more of an avenging force for good, and I think that will be a huge problem for the kids and what they encounter with these Balcoin kids,” Miller said.
They thought that he was the best guy to take care of the skull, but in fact, he was the worst.

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