Le roman de Maurice Gee a inspire le secret des 7 volcans Le realisateur Jonathan King a tourne son film en Nouvelle-Zelande. Les decors des peripeties des jumeaux Matheson (aucun rapport avec le talentueux ecrivain) sont a vous scotcher les lumieres, les grandes baies vitrees.
Si vous etes amateurs de film d’aventure fantastique vous y trouverez une etincelle digne des contes de votre enfance sinon passez votre chemin. A fantastic, feel good eighties movie which will appeal to all people of all ages if you like 80's movies! The Secret of my Success stars Michael J Fox and is a romantic comedy that has some questionable morals to the story as the love interest for Fox in this film is actually having an affair with a married man who is also a relative of his, I guess that tells you a bit about attitudes in the eighties.Fox plays a small town boy who rejecs the farm life of his parents for life in the big city and uses the contact of his family to get a job in a big city firm however he is only employed in the mail room ad he finds that the streets are not paved in gold, however when he sees a vacnat office after a worker is sacked he assumes the mans identity and starts a career for himself. Under-rated and little-shown, The Secret of My Success was never going to be as big a commercial success for Michael J Fox as Back To The Future, made only 2 years previously.
Les images s’en ressentent, les paysages sont splendides, ils frappent des la premiere scene par leur beaute. La maison des voisins a un faux air de maison hante qui accentue le cote flippant de l’endroit. Le secret des 7 volcans version papier vous tiendra plus en haleine que l’adaptation. He was young and successful and made it a habit of making teen movies that for the most part were all popular. He then has to juggle his success with hiding the fact from his boss in the mail room as he has to carry out these duties as well.Cast ListMichael J. The pint sized actor who looks eternally like a teenager stars in The Secret of my Success as a budding businessman looking to make it in the Big Apple. Brantley Foster took two weeks.'Michael J Fox was once the toast of Hollywood, he was a bright young talent with an exciting future in films.
However, if you're a fan of 80s comedies with a schmaltzy ending and some cheesy synthysised tunes thrown in for good measure, this is the film for you. There were the likes of Back to the Future and Teen Wolf and then there was this wonderful comedy 'The Secret of my Success'. If not then dont watch this film.Without spoiling the plot it is about a young guy from a backwater town who wants to make it big in the city and prove himself to his overprotective family.
Fox had a string of hit films where he effortlessly let the script take him over, exuding the charisma of someone at one with his roles, and this film is no exception.

Its unfortunate then, that there are so few films where he was able to display his obvious talent for acting.
From Back to the Future to Casualties of War, there is seemingly no end to Fox's acting abilities, and this is no exception. I have to admit that he was a big favourite of mine during this era and have watched a number of his movies. The Secret of My Success is one of these such films, he's perfectly suited to playing the twentysomething bright-eyed kid from Kansas sucked into the heady world of big-business.J Fox's character isn't a million miles way from Marty McFly, he's got that same evervessence and excitement.
The chemistry with Helen Slater is perfect and utterly believable though audiences today may be hard pushed to find her 80s hairstyle as attractive as it was in the 80s.If you can forget the slapstick, contrived romance with Slater and the forgettable affair with his own aunt, the film gives even the stoniest-faced viewer a sense of ambition and purpose in life.
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This particular offering was released in 1987 and is another good one to add to the collection if you've never seen it.The plot of the movie revolves around the main character played by Michael J Fox himself. The gags and situations Fox gets himself into in his role are based as a comedy of errors that he somehow continues to worm his way out of as he stars as Brantley Foster, who gets a job in the mailroom of a large executive building run by his distanced Uncle Howard. However, he certainly does overplay a lot of scenes- especially when he's trying to escape after sleeping with the bosses wife - kind of like an American Norman Wisdom in his mannerisms.The Secret of My Success has J Fox move to New York to make his fortune in big business. He plays Brantley Foster who has just got out of college and is one of those characters who is really keen to impress and wants to go all out for success.
Spotting an empty office, he creates a new persona in Carlton Whitfield and thus ensues a hilarious effort of balancing two different characters in one building. Les effets speciaux m’ont fait sourire tout en ayant le merite de briller tel un feu sur mon ecran. Surely, it has to end in disaster, particularly when Howard's wife Vera starts making advances towards Brantley!Amidst the fervour of the Back to the Future films and Teenwolf, etc, comes this comedy. He gives Fox a job In the mail room but its obvious from the outset that this is not where Fox wants to be - he wants to have that chair in the office and be a 'suit'. Barney Rattigan This film has its funny moments but to be honest there are probably not enough of them and this is mainly because of a rather poor script, some of the scenarios you can see coming a mile off and there is not a strong enough supporting cast or comic characters to help Fox out with the delivery on this film.The plot is rather thin, probably the funniest scene is when he is told to drive one of the executive wives home and there is a scene which is rathe suggestive however this is hardly a moment of classic comedy just one of the most memorable scenes of a rather dull romantic comedy. Similar in many ways to his character in Bright Lights, Big City, Fox appeals to our positive sides and makes us believe we can do anything if we try. However, things don't go according to plan when the company he joins goes under on his first day.

It's very much an enjoyable film to watch, and will most likely keep you enthralled for its duration.
He finds an empty office in the building, and starts to jump into a jacket and tie in the lift and is taking calls from sales people around the world.The Secret of My Success was an extremely easy watch. As far as clinical filming and traditional styles go, it's not the greatest, but it does have an entertainment factor in its star lead. It was cheesy and predictable, but Michael J Fox has the likeability factor that makes you want to watch the film more. Helen Slater provides the romance interest for Fox as executive Christy, and Margaret Whitton is sultry as the seductive 'Aunt' Vera. This is where the fun begins in this movie.This isn't the job for him and he knows that after just a couple of weeks so sets about rising up in the company.
I watched this in the same week as the film 'Police Academy', and they are a perfect double feature in my view.If people in a thousand years want to know what life was like circa 1987, then watching The Secret of My Success would be a good place to start.
It is the sort of film you could easily watch more than once and still be entertained, and this is often a good sign for me. So he pretends to be an executive by taking over an empty office and all the while continues with his existing job.You will not be disappointed with this movie as it's very funny and Fox is brilliant in his role as the up and coming young gun who wants to make it big however he can. If a film can keep me entertained more than once, it has done its job and hit the spot for me.
Its dated yes, but you just couldn't make a film like it these days.It's a shame that J Fox never made more than a handful of decent films, and due to his current illness, probably is now totally off the radar. The Secret of my Success takes the mick out of New York lifestyles in a very entertaining way, and I recommend giving it a go. Back to the Future, Mars Attacks, The Frighteners and Casualties of War are good examples - The Secret of My Success is also worth seeing.

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