This ambitious project, 12 years in the making, is designed to educate all Australians about their Indigenous history and culture by building bridges of understanding, leaving a lasting documentary record.
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A storm on Sodor reveals previously hidden footprints from a strange and mysterious creature. Although we do our best to provide you with accurate information, all event details are subject to change.
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About Family Fun CanadaFamily Fun Canada features articles about family travel adventures and activities across Canada and the World! SECRET & SACRED also examines events beginning with the arrival of European settlement and ending with the current status of the tribe as it exists today. The Elders have made this project possible because of their desire to tell their story before it is too late and have signed letters of authorization to allow these sensitive subjects to be addressed. There she befriends a fairy and a mermaid who have lost their powers because a spoiled ruler is determined to have all the magic in the kingdom for herself! Thomas and Percy are determined to discover who made the prints, even if it means putting themselves in some dicey situations!

It is intended that SECRET & SACRED – Badtjala is but the first installment in a 12 part series encompassing tribes from all the States and Territories of Australia. Seven original songs add to the enchantment of this story of friendship and standing up for what is right. This tale of courage and friendship will delight the Thomas and Friends fans in your house.

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