Few children's classics can match the charm and originality of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden, the unforgettable story of sullen, sulky Mary Lennox, "the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen." When a cholera epidemic leaves her as an orphan, Mary is sent to England to live with her reclusive uncle, Archibald Craven, at Misselthwaite Manor.
Thirteen-year-old Catherine Cabot Hall put ink to the first unblemished page of her diary on October 17, 1830, the day after her father returned from Boston with the diary tucked conspicuously under his arm. Ever since he can remember, Robin, son of Sir John de Bureford, has been told what is expected of him as the son of a nobleman. In the small 14th-century English village where he has lived his entire life, the boy has grown up with no name of his own, known only as "Asta's son". As a young boy, 18-year-old Daniel witnessed his fathera€™s crucifixion at the hands of the Romans.
This unforgettable childrena€™s classic has been captivating children and adults alike for almost a century. Owing to popular demand, ROADS is delighted to launch the first books in its Children's Classics collection An extension of the popular ROADS Classics series, these are stories to excite the imagination.
Born in London in 1931, Virginia McKenna trained as an actress at the Central School of Speech and Drama and worked extensively in both the Theatre and films throughout the 1950s.
Catherine's mother had died of fever four years before, and now Catherine performed the duties of housewife and mother, living contentedly with her father and younger sister, Matty, on their New Hampshire farm.
But when his mother dies, the boy receives both his rightful name, Crispin, and a lead cross, inscribed with a secret that soon has him fleeing for his life.

Rebeccaa€™s widowed mother has a failing farm, meager resources, and seven children to raise. Perfect for reading together at bedtime or for introducing confident younger readers to iconic works of fiction, ROADS Children's Classics are books to treasure The Secret Garden is a poignant and much-loved classic for children and adults alike.Mary Lennox is spoilt and rude. It was the 1956 film A Town Like Alice that shot her to fame, and earning her the BAFTA for Best Actress.
The Secret Garden has been adapted for film, stage and television, but it is hard to beat this wonderful audio book reading of the original story.What the Narnia books did for wardrobes, The Secret Garden did for the walled garden. In spite of the daily hardships, Catherine had much to be thankful for, especially for Cassie, her dearest friend. But Robin's destiny is changed in one stroke when he falls ill and loses the use of his legs. But as he works with a band of outlaws using guerrilla tactics, he also begins to pay attention to the teachings of a wandering rabbi from a nearby town.
Sold at auction in America and haunted by the memory of his young sister left behind in Africa, At-mun, now Amos, began his long march to freedom. After the passing of her parents she is sent to live with her uncle in the austere Misselthwaite Manor in Yorkshire.
In 1958 the film of the life of the Second World War spy Violette Szabo Carve Her Name with Pride established her as a mainstay of the British film industry.

Few readers can fail to share with Mary Lennox that inexplicable thrill of anticipation at the notion of an enclosed and secret world, bursting with potential life and beauty but remaining hidden from view.When she finds the key to the secret garden, Mary embarks on a journey of self-discovery and enables other characters in the novel to open doors and windows into their own lives, bringing vitality and vigour back to the inhabitants of Misselthwaite Manor.
Caught between his desire for revenge and the demands of his family, Daniel goes repeatedly to hear Jesus preach. Randall bundles her second eldest into a stagecoach with a kiss and an admonition to stay out of mischief.
Horribly lonely she befriends a robin who helps her to find the key to a secret place that has been kept hidden for years.
The author’s interest in Theosophy is perhaps reflected in the journey of the crippled Colin, who believes he can heal himself through positive thinking.
Could she be asking too much of the free-spirited imp with sparkling eyes and insatiable curiosity?
And, as the roses return to the garden, so they bloom in Mary’s cheeks - as she discovers an ancient and timeless magic that every gardener will recognise and understand.
Will Daniel learn to heed the message of forgiveness before his violent lifestyle leads to disaster?

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