It’s the bow-tied, triple-knotted kind of ending for this cast of characters, as we say our final goodbyes to Secret Garden. As announced last week, a special Secret Garden was held on the night of the drama’s penultimate broadcast, January 15, and here are some photos from the event.
Secret Garden ends its 20-episode run this weekend, but it’ll have another week on the broadcast schedule, as it has announced a special to air the following week.
Okay, there have been a ton of recent parodies and references to Hyun Bin‘s sparkly tracksuit in Secret Garden, but this one really takes the cake. She admits that it’ll be hard for her if she continues to see him, but decides that the pain from being with him will be easier to endure…than the pain of not seeing him. He stares back at her, frozen, and then they get interrupted by the last woman that Joo-won met on a blind date. She even adds that the girl, whom she calls a thorn, shouldn’t meddle when two people (Ra-im and Joo-won) are just about to admit their feelings and get somewhere. She heads inside and is taken aback by the music…she looks over to the piano and Oska is playing her favorite song. She and Oska are both surprised when they look over to Joo-won and Ra-im who have gone from slow dancing to slow kissing. Ra-im is self-conscious at first because everyone is staring at them, but Joo-won doesn’t care. He kisses her tenderly on the forehead, and then they start making out like no one else is in the room, as Seul, Oska, and the whole party stares on. The next day, Oska finds out that his old rival and frenemy Jun-hyuk is back, and that stirs something in his memory…and then he FINALLY remembers that conversation where he said that Seul was nothing to him.
He’s thwarted by another crisis though, this one a rumor that he knew the plagiarized song was a copy, but pushed it into production anyway.
Meanwhile, Joo-won is scared to check his company’s stock value, which only takes a slight dip and remains largely the same, to his relief.
Jong-soo gives Ra-im her audition reel for Dark Blood, and Joo-won steals her away for a date.
He tells her to wipe her terrible memory of what happened in this place (in answer to her cries in the last episode that she has to eat and sleep in the place where his mother cut her down so harshly), and he tells her to only think of this moment, right now. He hangs up and Ra-im gets squeamish about his intentions (oy, let’s not go there again, Show) as he starts to chase her around the apartment. She backs onto the bed, and he looms over her, asking what she thinks he’s going to do, and then crouches down in front of her to hold her hands. Oska goes to see the songwriter who lied to the press, and it turns out that it’s someone Tae-sun knows, who happens to have been in love with him despite his being gay.
Oska fumes, but she just trounces all over him, saying that he’s the one who did this to himself, for being the kind of no-talent star to buy his way to fame rather than work hard for it. His manager wants to pay her off, but Oska tells him that he’ll fold all his activities instead.
Mother Viper gets word of the VVIP party’s kissing couple, and decides to retaliate hardcore. Ah-young comes home and doesn’t let on that she was fired, because she clearly knows why. Mom of course (not knowing that this is coming straight from her son) thinks that this girl is threatening her with balls of steel, and asks what Joo-won thinks. Ra-im wants to figure out why they switched again, but Joo-won’s got other things on his mind. Ra-im wonders how he ever endured all this time NOT kissing her, then, and he shares his little secret of the rhyme he chants. Ra-Him and Joo-wonda confer at the end of their day at a coffee shop, and decide to meet here every day to go over the major decisions. Oska cancels his Christmas concert, and when they try to offer the fans their money back, they decline and send him gifts instead, with a message that they’ll wait until he does the concert some other time.
He spends Christmas Eve alone, until Seul arrives, worried about him and thinking it was better than him being all alone.
He starts playing, and thanks everyone for attending his concert, and for sticking with him…through the end.
It’s a stellar performance from both of them, as he sings full of regret and longing, and she cries, unable to hold back her emotion any longer. Ra-Him arrives at the action school with her gift exchange present in hand, and is surprised to find that Joo-wonda is not only there, but has contributed to decorations and party supplies.
The next day Ra-Him looks in the mirror as she shaves, and swoons over feeling close to him, like they’re standing together, if she closes her eyes.
She walks over to Oska’s house, and he happens to be sitting there with Ji-hyun, because he needed some sleeping pills. Meanwhile, Jong-soo sees Joo-wonda looking at the picture of Ra-im and her father, and asks about the exact day.
Back at Oska’s, Ra-Him plays it off like she was just kidding, and gets away with vague responses as Ji-hyun makes her exit.
Jong-soo can tell that something’s not right, and to confirm, he pretends the date he was talking about was his birthday.

This episode was a much-needed up-tick, because as stellar as the chemistry is between the actors, the story wasn’t doing anything new for a good long while. I agreed with the comment javabeans made yesterday about the near-molestation interaction of episode thirteen.
First and foremost I want to apologize to “All” the people that I antagonize in “SG Episode 13 Recap”, I truly meant no disrespect, but if any one felt disrespected please accept my humble apology, I do not need to mention any name since you know who you are. From the inception of time the struggle between what is and “appropriate touch” v.s one that is not propitiate, has been one of the main sources of contention between the sexes, but I must say that it goes beyond that, since we know that it also translates between individuals that share the same gender.
Consensual sex is when both partners are freely and willingly agreeing, or consenting, to whatever sexual activity is occurring. Approach relationships as equal partners, openly communicating in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared decision-making. This is how here in the USA we deal with this issue, and even when we have a very clear define precept in our current law, woman and man still are sexually violated. In the past I have work with “Violent Offenders” and their victims, and the most “Scary” thing about this work is not dealing with the violent offender, but with the victims that suffer from “Traumatic Bonding & Stockholm Syndrome”, when the victims says “but He says that he Loves me, and he is sorry”, or when the police go and try to arrest the offender and the woman start fighting with the officers because she does not want for him to be arrested. I am an “Ex- Violent Offender” I have been violence free for the last 16 years, I am also a “Committed Pacifist” and practice non violence in my daily life. So there is a reason why I react so negatively when I see people condoning, abusive behavior as something “Cute and Romantic”. The point being that while the whole harassment debate makes a LOT of sense on a general level and while I agree that a drama not only reflects part of reality but may influence it too, I think it is very wrong to apply it to this particular drama and that particular scene. The fact that she is able to shrug him off is not a minor detail, nor is the fact that he knows it.
His actively stalking her should have disturbed us from the very beginning, if this were the scope of the drama.
The bed scene, on the other hand, comes at a point in the plot where it is as far from sexual harassment as anything I have seen.
So, forgive me should I sound unrespectful, this is the wrong place to raise the right issue. 5-I am not offended if you disagree with me, further more, it does not matter to me what you say, I do not have any interest in your opinion or the ones of people like you.
When I was younger and still living in my country I remember I went with my family to the beach and as I was enjoying swiming I notice that a guy just kept looking at me, at some point I started to feel unconfortable,but I guess I was too young to understand the severety of the situation because in one split second the guy aproach me and started grabing my private parts and just took off.
A third scenario happened here when I starter living in the US and starting to go to highscool. About Rape I don’t even want to go there because that is a wound I just choose to forget and not talk about it ever againg. 4) The most intense momment was when evil mon visited Ra-im and made her cry by insulting her parents( I was like, bad momy, bad bad mommy), and felt respect towars the actress because that was such a good scene. 5) I also love that JW was also woried about her and kept looking for her and declare that he was going to keep seeing her no matter what. Attention: About %80 of broken-missing video reports we recieve are invalid so that we believe the problems are caused by you, your computer or something else.
Video is definitely there but it may take some time to load because of high demands to the servers.
The OST concert featured performances by the artists on the soundtrack, and tickets reportedly sold out within five minutes of going on sale. Phew, what a roller-coaster journey this drama has been, and this episode is no different — it takes us from one extreme to another, serving up some silly moments, light romantic beats, cute comedy, and then more melodrama with lots of angsty tears. It’ll be a standard special, with a highlight reel, behind-the-scenes tidbits, and NG clips, and has a 70-minute running time.
Of course they’re staring at them, because he just sent the value of his company spiraling down because he kissed a poor stuntwoman. It does feel like they’re in their own space, moving to a different beat, as they lose themselves in the kiss. It dawns on him that she heard everything, and to his credit, though he remembers it a decade too late, he still goes running over to her. He decides he’ll take care of this himself, and pretends to call Secretary Kim to tell him to keep Ah-young out till morning.
She tells him to keep his distance, as he follows her around, asking what the issue is, since they’re two adults.
She clearly doesn’t know about the kettle and the pot, because she then follows it up with blackmail, asking him for a payoff for her to recount her story.
She lies that she had it out with a co-worker and quit, and is happy to take some time off to catch up on old dramas. But since Ra-im is one too, she runs out of there right away, to go have it out with Joo-won’s mother. He meant what he said to Mom and wants Ra-im to pack a bag now so that they can start living together, this instant. She brings him the cutest Christmas cake ever, and while she lights the candles, he goes over to the piano. Joo-wonda ends up laughing at the action school hijinks and having a good time, despite himself.

She notices the bottle of pills on the counter, and flashes back to Oska’s oblique references to an accident, memory loss, and seeing someone named Ji-hyun about pills.
Then Ra-Him sits down to ask Oska if he knows Ji-hyun’s phone number, since he lost it and needs to ask her something. In this episode we finally saw a major shift in the relationships with declarations and answers, and now some real suspense as Oska and Jong-soo hone in on the body swap. Does that mean if I steal twenty dollars from javabeans with the intention of giving it back (really, I swears it!) that means my actions are justified? Consent is an active process and a responsibility shared by both partners in any relationship. But yet again far be from me to try to change anyone here, for I know that at the end of the day I can only change myself, and I have committed myself to never treat another human being with out regard for their safety and personal boundary’s.
His pushing her into a fitting booth should have made us cringe, since it was degrading as well as aggressive. I also appreciate your apology because I would also like to apologize for my previous behavior and if I did offended anyone I apologized. I was on my freshman year of highschool I was stanting on the lunch line when I felt someone touched my but, but this time I turned around and slapped the guy behind me so hard that my hand and his cheek were bright red! At the beginning of the episode I laughe like crazy when the director moved JW out of Ra-ims way and lay next to her, but our crazy guy just squize on between and was so happy just like a puppy is when is next to its owner.
He then, because he is Joo-won, looks at the label on her dress and notes that it’s a nice one.
She tells him that she swore to his mother, on the memory of her dad, that she wouldn’t see him anymore. She tells Ra-im to ask herself if she can be happy at the expense of her friend’s happiness, and leaves her hanging.
Joo-woon pulls up to the house at the same time, and they argue outside about who should be the one to take care of the situation. They curse their luck at switching at this moment, which is of course right when Mother pulls up and tells them both to come inside. He adds that this is all for her son, because if they’re not together, he might die of lovesickness. Ra-Him gets excited about attending the action school’s Christmas party, which Joo-wonda rags on for being lame. But Oska is feeling too low to face any of it, and insists that their money just be returned.
Hope they stay swapped for longer this time, enough for the suspicions to make things more complicated, and more hilarious. It’s naive to assume that television as a form of popular entertainment is not borne of a culturally specific time and place, and that it has no effect on the world it came from, or the one that will come after it. But that doesn’t excuse the drama from having made the call to portray that scene in all its ambiguity. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. WTF with all that forced bed-hugging when you could have just had smokin’ chemistry like this, all equal-participation-points-with-yummy-lips-and-all?
She assures him she’ll stay out for a good long while, and tells him to have a good time. I love the sweetness of that—that the one thing he’s been dying to do is hold her hands with no reservations.
He confirms it with one more fact: he casually mentions that their sunbae Ji-hoon called to ask about her.
It makes so much more sense that people this involved in their lives would notice that something was awry. I seriously don’t want to start another debate of why I am right or wrong and just want to move one. Episode 126 Episode Description : Cyborg is building stress up, to the point where he directs his built-up rage onto the other Titans. I was not even going to puberty when these thing happened to me, and although I was too young enough to understand, at least I knew it was not right. Joo-wonda notes the tactic that Mom will inevitably employ: first the friend, then the job, then the home, then out of the country.
Mom’s eyebrows go up as her master plan gets recited to her, and she assumes that Ra-im has encountered this treatment before. I suppose Joo-won sense the same thing – she merely annoyed than truly rebelled about the hug.
Sure Joo Won may have been aggressive, but he was doing it in a playful way and we can tell that he has no further intentions than holding her.

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