The first day and night of this year’s Secret Garden Festival brought some wild and vibrant costumes out to play at the Downes Family Farm, situated in a picturesque setting outside of Sydney.
Enter your E-mail Address and join our mailing list for exclusive content, competitions and more! One Australia's best and most beloved festivals, Secret Garden Festival, is back for another year, announcing the 2016 festival dates today.
Returning to the festival's hallowed and not-so-secret-anymore location outside of Sydney, Secret Garden is celebrating its eighth year over February 26 and 27.

And what's more, they're expanding (a little).Donning a bigger sunhat than ever, Secret Garden will be taking place over two full days and nights on Friday and Saturday, giving 'Gardeners' more live music, dress-ups, art installations, face painting, craft, lawn games, love and glitter than ever. But as usual, in true SG tradition, the lineup will not be revealed until after the tickets go on sale — that's at 9am on Wednesday, November 11.
As always, proceeds from ticket and bar sales will go toward charity — and these guys have donated more than $200,000 to Oxfam, The Boys and Girls Brigade and the Sarah Hilt Foundation. Noice.Capacity hasn't changed even though the festival program has, so tickets are going to evaporate.

Sign up for the presale at Secret Garden's fancy new website if you're keen to nab a spot at the festival.

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