From the star-studded author of DIZZY (in addition to the mother-son team that brought you DIEGO) comes a picture book on the extraordinary Hildegard von Bingen, a woman who had the courage to take on kings. Now Jonah Winter teams up once again with his mother, the award-winning illustrator Jeanette Winter, to bring you Hildegard's remarkable story. Starting from the premise that everything we've been taught about our world's past is corrupted, this revolutionary rethinking of our story presents an alternate timeline ofthe past 3,000 years. The outcome is a lyrical biography that captures Hildegard's faith and beauty--and celebrates the courage it took for a singular woman to let her light shine.

Charge through time and space and look again at history as you thought you knew it, from Christian cults to Freemasons, from Charlemagne to Hitler. Hildegard von Bingen composed hymns and symphonies, painted glorious pictures, compiled books on medicine, and wrote religious revelations of such ethereal beauty that they inspired the respect of Popes and kings--all in the Dark Ages when most people were illiterate and women were disdained.
If you’re expecting typical history you’ll be frustrated.  But if you’re looking for a myth to show you how we got where we are and where we’re headed, give it a try.Stay in touch! For more information regarding this child's history book, click on our partners via the button below.

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