While he was celebrating his back to back blockbusters and living the superstar life, when nobody expected that the most wanted bachelor brought a wife over night! We hope to see actors in future who come up clean about their marriages by not disappointing the fans. We cannot forget the day when Superstar Upendra was married in Kolkata over night to a Bengali bong Priyanka. While we adore for his acting and recent success and his stardom stage, he hid the truth that he was already married and blessed with a beautiful baby!
Some senior Industrywala’s predicts that the Male Actors will have large number of female fans!
There should be no question of which sense organs is more important than others as most of them perform their own tasks.

Well the hush-hush wedding and a lavish Reception sure broke his female fans heart at large! How can you expect things to keep away from the public, which are meant to grab everybody’s eye ball?! Keeping everything in mind, one must accept that tongue plays a very significant role as it brings the taste of the food products that we eat every day.
Her caring husband was so much in love with the actress that he was well aware about her popularity. Rajkumar sons, Ravichandran, Vishnuvardhan, Sudeep, Darshan, Ajai Rao and many stars did not hide their marriages.
Since he did not wanted any of her fans to get disappointed, he publically announced the wedding.

His marriage was a secret ceremony attended by family members and only very close friends from the industry.
He sent the special invitations to the press people for the wedding and later for actress’s baby shower as well! Though the actor accepted that he planned to reveal the news post his upcoming film ‘rocket’ release. Another big celebration till date we cherish is Actress Rakshitha and Director Prem’s big wedding.

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