SOCIAL NETWORKING: Helen spends most of her online activity on Facebook, she has around 400 friends and is constantly checking for updates on her phone. Helen is heading to Leicester, her first choice University, after taking a gap year after college. Helen is looking forward to being more independent though shea€™s slightly nervous about making new friends. Will Helen settle in and make new friends, or will she find the tight knit community and the gossip that spreads like wildfire too much?
Tia lives in Kent with her mum Cheryl, a manager of a bookmakers, and dad Glenn who works in waste management.
She has amazing social skills and a very strong sense of morality and justice, and expressed her ideas on this and other topics very clearly. Jack lives in Middlesex with his mum, Kelly, a children’s photographer and Dad, Jason, who works in Sales. He’s a buoyant and energetic child with an outgoing and adventurous approach to life.
Theo is an only child who lives in Surrey with New Zealander parents Lisa and Freddie and is Steiner educated.
Theo is thoughtful and imaginative, and develops strong and special friendships at the play centre, with both boys and girls. Lola lives in Darlington with her mum Hayley, a teaching assistant and Dad Jamie, head of design and technology at a secondary school.
Despite being the youngest of the group, Lola expresses herself very clearly and has excellent language and social skills and she loves to have a good chat! Tyler lives with his mum Nikita, who runs a photographic studio and his step-dad Jamie who is an air-conditioning engineer.
Tyler initially showed less interest in playing with his peers at the play centre, and seemed happier playing alone.
Taylor lives in Manchester with his PE Coach Mum Katie and his Dad, Dave, who runs a bouncy castle business.

Taylor is the social glue that holds the children at the play centre together - but shows distinctly more interest in spending time with the girls. He is one of the oldest in the group and is a bright and thoughtful child with a sharp logical mind. Nathaniel is the youngest of two children and lives in London with his mother Natalie who works in fashion and father Kevin, a chef. He has a very wide range of social strategies and skills to draw upon, and used these to quickly develop positive and reciprocated relationships with the other children. Jadzia is an only child who lives in London with her mother Anneka, a Primary School Teacher, and Dad Kerry, a Retail Manager.
She doesn’t have many playmates her own age and throws herself into making new friends with enthusiasm, learning some important lessons about playing at the same time.
Jadzia also demonstrates acts of compassion and caring, revealing a strong, nurturing side to her character. Charlotte lives in East Sussex with her parents, older brother Harry and baby sister Alice.
She makes firm friends in the group, especially with Lola and Charlotte and their play and communication developed during the week.
I really loved this moment, well of course followed by the next one where they hold hands and walk into school. In order to deliver a personalised, responsive service and to improve the site, we remember and store information about how you use it. He wants to have his own bathroom and if he is sharing a kitchen he will make a rota to ensure it is clean at all times.
Shea€™s been in the same bubble for a long time and has not always been the most social but she hopes that her budding baking skills will help win over her new flatmates. He is the youngest of three boys and as such has learnt from his brothers to stand up for himself! But as time went on he developed a strong friendship, which would change things for him in ways no-one anticipated.

He often brought a soft toy with him that gave him something to focus on while getting used to being a part of the group, which at first, he found quite difficult. Mum, Natalie is an Educational Psychologist and Dad, Nick is a Lecturer in Sports and Exercise Psychology. We're trying to make it a little better by bringing up some questions, and some picture sharing. He likes to imitate the look of Scott Disick who he is absolutely obsessed with a€“ loves his personality, style and everything about him.
She also wanted to take advantage of spending the year living with her parents as she knows that once she moves out it will never be the same. He’s also a loyal boy, and makes a beeline for Tyler early on, and he won’t rest until their friendship is cemented! Tyler is fascinated by letters, numbers and buses, but socialising with his peers takes a bit more coaxing.
I really don't want them too yet, but I'm just saying if they really and truly love each other, then they'll have sex.
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Aiden is single and thinks of himself as a bit of a ladie's man a€“ he has been to Kavos and Zante so he knows what university will be like; he cannot wait for Freshera€™s Week. These are simple text files which sit on your computer, and are only used by us and our trusted partners.

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