Amy begins using her new heat powers to their full potential, discovering another ability on the way. Since it's been a month since her transformation, Amy decides to visit the cave where she became a mermaid. Amy and Brenna were just hanging out like normal, when Amy is abruptly reminded that she and Kelsey have a science project to do.
Since Brenna can't swim because of her broken foot, she has to wait at the dock while Amy takes a dip.

Kelsey's had been having nightmares about Amy being a mermaid, but can't really remember if it was real or not. Kelsey has decided to make a scrapbook as a nice present to give to Amy and Brenna, to show her friendship. Amy hides Brenna upstairs, trying to conceal the fact that she's forgotten about the project, and Brenna makes some discoveries of her own. Lured in by the mystic water and blue moon bubbles, and a change in the tail, Amy forgets about Brenna, who eventually goes home.

From Brenna's tail changing to their tails magically appearing, Amy, Brenna, and Kelsey are in for a wild ride.

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