Chaque semaine, Tele 7 Jours fait le bilan de toutes les informations interessantes glanees en regardant la tele.
Chat alors !Les chats, formidables compagnons, source inepuisable de LOL sur Internet.
Dessiner, c’est gagne Direction la Grotte Chauvet en Ardeche, dimanche dernier dans Sept a huit sur TF1, et ses peintures murales vieilles de 36 000 ans, deux fois plus anciennes que celles de Lascau.
Le chanteur americain viendra interpreter en exclusivite mondiale son nouveau single a Stockholm en Suede, lors de la finale du concours le 14 mai prochain.
Dans SOS Ma famille a besoin d’aide diffuse ce dimanche 8 mai 2016 sur NRJ12, un adolescent s’est montre particulierement violent envers Pascal. Under the cover of darkness, Claude slips through the back door of an unknown home and enters the kitchen.As its unsuspecting owners sleep inside, the intruder pads over the terracotta flagstones with barely a sound. Despite owning Claude for seven years, having adopted him as a kitten, Henrietta Mulnier, a 47-year-old lecturer, was unaware of his nocturnal thieving (which, as it turns out, is surprisingly common among domestic felines) until recently.a€?I had no idea,a€™ she laughs. Dr Sarah Ellis, far right, shows the cat owners where their pets travelled during the one-week surveillance.
An interactive map created by the BBC lets you follow 10 of the 50 Shamley cats featured in the Horizon programme including Ginger, Sooty, Orlando, Hermie, Phoebe, Deebee Kato, Coco and Rosie. Each moggy was fitted with a specially-designed collar which collected GPS data on their location and level of activity. Janet Williams, a 50-year-old book-keeper, was surprised to learn that her mild-mannered ten-year-old tomcat Ginger was moonlighting as the local trespasser after she had gone to bed. Wilson said that being on site enabled his team to examine the data as soon as it came off the collars, and to work closely with behaviour specialists Dr Sarah Ellis, of the University of Lincoln, and Dr John Bradshaw, of Bristol University.For example, the collar data helped Wilson to decide where to place fixed cameras by identifying activity hotspots.

During their week of surveillance, several others were caught sneaking into kitchens that werena€™t their own for a late-night snack. It aired last night and made us get goosebumps approximately six times, cry twice and want to sleep with our faces buried in our cat’s fur for comfort. And when we stroke a cat, they like it because it reminds them of being cleaned by their mum. Cats have a reputation for having nine lives because of the way they save themselves when they fall.
Says John: a€?We saw stand-offs but not very much fighting at all.a€™So if theya€™re not scrapping a€“ how exactly do the cats go about protecting their territory? We cant wait to see what kittens Topgun has with our girls, we expect a lot of lovely rosettes and super type! He is in line for a Regional Winner as a kitten, and is currently the best bengal kitten in our region( Western Europe).
Dans le documentaire Les Super-Pouvoirs du chat diffuse sur France 5, on a appris que les chats ont une ouie 30 fois superieure a celle d’un humain. La fresque aux lions, la plus emblematique, aurait ete peinte par un seul homme, un droitier, mesurant pres 1m75.
In a built-up city 75 per cent of litters born to a mum cat will have two or more fathers – cats can get pregnant by different cats at the same time.
It’s the most sensitive part of their body because they walk on tip toes at all times.
Unlike humans, whose hearing shuts off when they’re asleep and switches back on when a loud noise wakes them, cats have hearing on all the time.

They twist themselves onto their fronts and exapnd their legs to take them into a parachute shape which slows them down.
An eight-year-old grey and white tom, he likes chasing mice, sitting in the front garden and Whiskas cat food a€“ which he regularly steals from the bowl of his neighboura€™s moggy, a five-year-old ginger named Rosie, once her owners have gone to bed, by making full use of their cat flap. Ita€™s quite cowardly of him - picking on an old girl like that!a€™ So, next time your feline friend slips out through the catflap, give a thought to what he might be getting up to when your backa€™s turned.
He has an amazing pedigree with plenty of regional winners and supreme grand champions going through all the generations.
They are quite solitary really, so when you cram them together in a village, they dona€™t like each other very much. Parmi les extraordinaires capacites : se deplacer parfaitement meme aveugle, une perception des ultra-violets, une capacite a l'anticipation et un equilibre hors du commun. We arena€™t sure how the system develops but we think ita€™s from their routine of marking their territory with their scent.a€™Scientists believe that, as well as being able to smell where other cats have been, they are able to tell how long ago there were there. On aura tout vu !Western made in FranceQuand on pense film western, on pense forcement Amerique. In one cat had been in the vicinity recently, the other is likely to steer clear until more time has passed.
Une information qui nous vient du documentaire au titre sans equivoque, Joe Hamman le Francais qui inventa le western, diffuse le 4 avril sur France 3.

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