It’s no secret that North Minneapolis has historically been one of the most challenged communities in Minnesota. In 2004, Stuart Ackerberg, life-long Twin Cities resident and Metro Area real estate developer, was struck by the degree of disrepair he saw in the properties on the North Side. Trough his not-for-profit Catalyst Community Partners, Ackerberg has renovated an office building, a park, a church and three residential properties on and around West Broadway. Through its Socially Responsible Deposit Fund, Franklin Bank financed several residential property renovations in the park, along with the Garden of Gethsemane Church that overlooks the park.
Clare Short talked to the Gladstone Club about finding sensible and long term solutions to the crisis of immigration. All parties will enter the next election under new leaders – with the possible exception of UKIP! Laws, Davey, Cable, Huhne, Kramer, Webb are gone leaving Mr Clegg the only Orange Book liberal left. Long established insurgent groups study the history of how that question has been answered around the world often better than democratic governments with their short electoral cycles. John Alderdice headed the moderate Alliance Party at the height of the troubles in 1980s and 1990s and was a lead player in opening talks with the IRA.
How far do contrasting political philosophies in fact share ground on which alliances can be built?
Or will the Liberal party be obliterated as it was after the last Conservative partnership? Stephen outlined the history of the region, and explained official Russian arguments for legitimacy and comment on the West’s options.
Politicians know they have to shape the debate and that well-honed phrases win votes as headlines sell papers. Mark Forsyth, bestselling author of ‘The Elements of Eloquence’, writer, blogger and journalist with a special interest in language joined us to explore the art of giving form to substance.
Simon Hughes put the case for Lords Reform to Gladstone Club members and in an interesting 100-year twist he has also lately been promoting the party’s renewed interest in Land Value Tax.
Our one great success the Montreal Protocol of 1987 is on track to repair the Ozone layer by 2050. In his latest book ‘Green Philosophy’ Scruton presents a profound enquiry into the motives that drive the politics, and if they have insufficient force in internationalism then where they can be found and how they can be built upon to get results by other means.
Ross Ashcroft and Megan Campbell set themselves to get a new understanding of economics to a young audience. Poorer countries tend to have higher marriage rate and lower divorce rate and yet the opposite seems true domestically: in Britain poorer people are less likely to marry and more likely to divorce. Harry Benson, Communications director for the Marriage Foundation talked to our members about whether marriage matters. Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya - chains rattling across the middle east and comparisons with the late 1980s domino tumble of regimes across eastern europe. New crimes in the statute book over the last 20 years exceed those of the preceding six centuries. The free and lawful man of the common law was largely expected to regulate himself - an inexpensive form of government. Jeremy Horder Law Commissioner for England and Wales has taken up the gauntlet of challenging the statute culture and framing advice for government on where to consider other avenues.
What is more of a threat to our tradition of liberty, Al Qaeda or the initiatives legislated to fight it? To ‘speak truth to power’: the duty and the right of the church to give a moral lead in affairs of government.
Raymond Makewell Australian economist and author of ‘The Science of Economics’ presented a concise economic history of Britain tracing the fortunes of economic freedom with reflections on the rise of capitalism and on the classical liberal interest in conditions of access to land. Vince Cable, an artful politician, well respected for his experience and understanding of economic affairs explained in a most accessible way the nature of the economic crisis facing the world and Britain at present; the origins and causes of it and ways that world governments are looking at tackling these difficulties to prevent further recession and decline. On 5th May we will be called in the UK's second only referendum to review how we choose who governs us. Acclaimed writer, broadcaster and independent thinker, economist, award-winning journalist, political commentator, author of the best selling The State We’re In (1995), The World We’re In (2002) and most recently The Writing on the Wall (2007) on China and the West in the 21st century; long time chief executive of The Work Foundation, Will Hutton challenged and engaged members of the Gladstone Club at our Annual New Year Dinner. Best known now for his forthright views on banking reform, Lord Oakeshott has a special interest in the economy and the role of government in relation to it. At a time when we tolerate so much have we lost with it the freedom to think and speak what we believe.
The first Liberal ministers in living memory of whom Chris Huhne is #3 and with the Energy and Climate Change portfolio ranks #8 in a cabinet of 22. Mr Huhne escaped the affairs of high state to address the Gladstone Club on the Coalition, the challenges and the road ahead.
If there was ever a time when we needed to know what makes a William Ewart Gladstone, now is that time. In a system undermined by misappropriation of political privilege, he was able to rise through it untainted and undeterred and reform it from within. Dr Eugenio Biagini, lecturer in Modern British History at the University of Cambridge, touched on the essence of Gladstone the Statesman, the times he lived in and compared it with our world of politics today.
Set in the beautiful surrounds of the National Liberal Club terrace we celebrated the Bicentenary of William Gladstone's birth with Pimm's & canapes and summer Jazz. Former Times correspondent and long time friend of the Gladstone Club Geoffrey Smith turned his brilliant and sharp intelligence to the approaching general election.
Whichever of the five classic voting strategies you prefer - party-tribal, presidential, policy in the national interest or in your personal tax interest, integrity of the local candidate or a tactical mix of two or three - Geoffrey provided unexpected insights to sharpen your ballot booth pencil.
Professor Anthony King, well known for his analysis of the political scene on election nights and an expert on the British constitution shared with the Club his insights on the nature of the changes that have taken place to the Constitution over the past 50 years through such things as devolution and the strengthening of the independent judiciary.
Economic analyst Phil Anderson’s life work has been to chart the fall and rise of business cycles back to the 1800s. When it comes to houses, the rich are getting richer while their children are getting poorer.
Charismatic Democrat follows unpopular Republican in the throws of recession and a banking crisis. Obama takes the reigns on 20th January but in the meantime he is publicly reflecting on Franklin D Roosevelt’s first 100 days in 1932.

The Gladstone Club was delighted to welcome back Geoffrey Smith, former American correspondent to the Times to speak about the American elections, the consequences of Obama's victory and effects for domestic and world politics. Just as the poles briefly edge him into first place, Chris Huhne shared with the Gladstone Club his broad vision for the party and for policy domestic and foreign. In the wake of the Tsunami crisis, Claire Short, previous Cabinet member for International Development shed light on the government’s response to international crises both of natural disasters and political conflict. A local councillor for 7 years and a successful campaigner ousting one of Labour’s ‘rising stars' in Enfield Southgate, David shared his reflections on a year at Westminster.
As notes and coin dwindle to 3% of money in circulation, so dwindles the portion of money issued free of interest. In a departure from the club’s customary format, the subject was introduced via a short film by Canadian political artist Paul Grignon. Stanley, founder member of  the rock band Kiss is currently in second spot in the “heavyweight”  New York Times’ print hardcover non-fiction Best Sellers list- with a bullet! Stanley, founded the  band way back in 1973, with  Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, and from the outset, Kiss were far away from being your average “boy band”, playing hard rock music, wearing black and white face paint and the most of flamboyant stage outfits, with their stage act featuring such spectacular effects as (simulated) breathing fire on the audience, exploding instruments  to name some of the tamer tricks they pulled out of their sleeves during their live acts.
The formula certainly worked with Kiss becoming one of the World’s leading  rock bands, selling in excess of  forty million albums in the United States alone, as well as one hundred  million records worldwide, making for  one of the  best-selling bands of all time. In his autobiography, Stanley goes way back to his childhood in the nineteen fifties  and sixties, when he was growing up and learning to cope with  a condition called microtia, which meant that he grew up partially deaf, and with only one ear. Interviewed recently for the musical press on the launch of his autobiography, Stanley recalled  the conversations  that he had  with contemporaries in the music industry, pointing out that  the majority had complimented him  on his bravery for writing such a revealing book, which he explained by stated  that he needed to write it as a  personal  reflection on his life.
To that end, the company has established the LEGO Sustainable Materials Center and expects to recruit more than 100 employees for the new project. Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO and President of the Lego Group, said, “This is a major step for the Lego Group on our way towards achieving our 2030 ambition on sustainable materials. The Lego Group owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, commented, “Our mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. Yisrael Beytenu leader tells Ynet the clandestine talks between PM and the Palestinian president have been kept from the security cabinet; Abbas reportedly demanding that Israel cease military activity in A areas. Yisrael Beytenu leader MK Avigdor Lieberman claimed Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding secret negotiations with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Lieberman, who is not currently a member of the government, told Ynet that Netanyahu has been concealing these negotiations from the security cabinet. Lieberman claims that the Palestinians’ main demand in these alleged secret negotiations is the halting of all IDF activity in Area A that, according to the Oslo Accords, is supposed to be under full Palestinian civil and military control.
Lieberman also asserted there is a connection between the supposed negotiations and rumors about a possible alliance between the Zionist Union and the Likud parties, which would significantly expand the coalition government.
The former foreign minister said that more information may come to light after Abbas’s visit to New York. Following IDF officials’ expression of concerns about an escalation in violence leading up to Passover, Lieberman called for public officials to avoid provocations.
For its residents, crime and economic hardship are common barriers to living happier, more successful lives. Success factors include capital investment, politics, thoughtful planning, passionate advocacy, trust and hard work. Since then, Ackerberg has invested significant amounts of time, money and real estate acumen into devising a plan and taking aggressive action to spark positive growth in the heart of North Minneapolis. Catalyst’s approach to renewal is unique in that it looks at how to best re-organize and change an entire neighborhood – from housing and arts and entertainment to fitness centers, main street offices and retail outlets. A spectacular reorientation will position the building entrance toward the vibrant five-corner intersection and will include an outdoor plaza.
Milliband blocked strikes in 2013 - cynical politicking according to Nick Clegg at the time - but Blair’s 2003 Iraq invasion is now regarded as having spawned Isis. The summer saw Mr Corbyn’s election signal a major realignment of the political landscape and Mr Farron’s speech on Wednesday won wide plaudits for his emerging leadership qualities. They were credited with a move back toward a Gladstonian liberalism but it is symbolic that Mr Farron chose to speak at the Club laying out his vision of liberalism. The pressing question today as then: traditional punishment of a junior partner in coalition or signal to change political philosophy? The one certainty is that while the battlefield invariably plays a part it has nowhere been final. Few can claim more hands-on experience or inside understanding of the motives of armed insurgency – religious, cultural, political or otherwise. The Russian economy depends on its oil and gas exports and much of Western Europe depends on Russian oil and gas. 25 years later under Asquith the clash over Land Value Tax lead to the 1911 Parliament Act. But there are predictable reasons why we have serially failed to agree on Carbon - from Rio in 1992 to Kyoto 1997 to Copenhagen 2009.
They are convinced that internet and the moving image are the ways to do it and their latest film Four Horsemen dramatically joins edited 'talking head' interviews like 'Inside Job' with narrated explanatory animated sequences like 'Money is Debt'.
Libya in the spotlight now but who can predict where the spirit of revolution will ignite next?
But Governments in Whitehall elected on their promises, and wanting to promise something to everyone, have been swelling the statute books at a terrific rate.
Compared with our continental neighbour Britain has much more obesity, penchant for brutal shaven heads and slum chic, and increasingly crude behaviour.
Nick Clegg explored the difficulties we experience to maintain liberal values and deal effectively with intelligence.
The church has lead some great political campaigns, the abolition of slavery, Jubilee 2000 on 3rd world debt. He now turns his attention from banking to fiscal policy and asks if taxation can be fair and also friendly to growth. Fearless and Frank, Ann Widdecombe spoke of the three ills afflicting society today: political correctness and its two ugly sisters, the rights culture and the compensation culture.
Highly idealistic, deeply devout, yet able to build a consensus out of feuding factions; he could deliver a masterful critique of the history and principle of income tax, yet raise it to repair a disastrous deficit, and still grow in credibility and popularity. Over the last few years while many of us rejoiced in rising asset values, Phil predicted 2010 would be the bottom of a precipitous correction.

We, in England, live in some of the smallest, oldest and costliest homes in the developed world. Stephen spent 16 years as Russian Affairs Analyst with the BBC World Service, and six years lecturing on Soviet military studies at Sandhurst Military Academy. Among other topics he notably used the opportunity to plot out for the first time his distinctive position on defence and the nuclear deterrent.
Much of international commerce specifies English Law for its contracts and 80% of cases in London’s commercial courts involve a foreign party. Anthony Daniels) was a prison doctor and psychiatrist for many years before retiring to France. In an entertaining polemic on the nature of money and banking, the film focuses on how, long since freed from ties to gold or other valuable commodity, money now is created by private banks out of nothing but the borrower’s undertaking to pay. He also provides provides insights on the dynamics within the band in its early days, his and Gene Simmons  problematic  relationship with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss which  characterized the band over  the four decades that they have been together.
The company announced plans to spend DKK1 billion—about $150 billion—to develop a new sustainable material for its iconic toy blocks. Its ambition is to find and implement sustainable alternatives to its current materials by 2030.
We have already taken important steps to reduce our carbon footprint and leave a positive impact on the planet by reducing the packaging size, by introducing FSC certified packaging and through our investment in an offshore wind farm. We believe that our main contribution to this is through the creative play experiences we provide to children.
I estimate that Netanyahu and Abbas have been exchanging papers, which on one hand contain Palestinian demands, and on the other contain all sorts of Israeli promises,” he alleged. On one hand, Netnayahu blames Abbas for being the chief inciter, and on the other he’s willing to clear his schedule to meet with him. Fortunately, these elements are now emerging on the North Side, along with real hope for long-term neighborhood revitalization.
And, the formerly crime-ridden park across the street is now home to kids playing after school, not drug dealers,” Ackerberg said. Both his ministers with foreign portfolios resigned, Robin Cook from the Foreign Office and Clare Short from International Development. Eminent political biographer Sir Anthony Seldon reviews the second decade of the 21st century in British politics and reads the runes for the next parliament in 2020. The explanation is to be found, says Professor Scruton, in the motives needed to agree (and later adhere to) such a treaty. A good time to count among your friends Jonathan Fryer, for many years foreign correspondent for the BBC specialising in middle eastern affairs, extensively travelled in the region, has written for everyone from Reuters to the Spectator. Anthony Daniels does not so much apologise as forewarn that his observations will be sweeping and laced with judgement. Under the sound-bite ‘muscular liberalism’ he advocated more engagement with moderate Islam combined with less toleration of extremism. At the same time, relentless religious conflicts underscore the case for secular states with religion kept firmly at arms length.
Phil explained the remarkable regularity of the cycle, complete with mid-cycle mini-recession, the invariable appearance of a sharp credit contraction and ultimate crash. And so it is of enormous value that someone should take the trouble to penetrate what exactly PC is and how it operates. In his report "Bigger Better Faster More" Dr Hartwich shows how other equally populace countries build bigger houses in green and pleasant cities while avoiding house price inflation.
Should we expect an audacious scheme of Public Works or will the Obama New Deal be an altogether new new deal? He has interviewed Russian presidents, ministers and double agents and was in high demand to shed light on the Alexander Litvinenko affair. So if you thought English Common Law was long since buried under Statutes and European codes – apparently not. So they welcomed an insight into the remarkable document from Vince Cable’s tax commission which develops both just and principled policy from the fundamental canons of taxation. In his book ‘Romancing Opiates’ he seeks to argue that addiction to opiates is not an illness at all and that the medical bureaucracy only make it worse. Leader of the Alliance Party, First Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly and appointed by the British and Irish Governments to the Independent Monitoring Commission established to assist in completing implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, Lord Alderdice explored the very real difficulties in bringing a lasting peace to a troubled nation. The investment announced is a testament to our continued ambition to leave a positive impact on the planet, which future generations will inherit. This is a confusing and contradictory message and you can’t convince anyone with it, not the international community and not the citizens of Israel.
We have no interest in an escalation, we have no interest in provocation, it’s unnecessary, and we all hope that the holidays pass quietly and the peple of Israel will be able to celebrate safely,” he said. Corbyn wants out of Nato but is not a pacifist, says Maria Eagle, shadow Defence Secretary. Does the West have the strength and leadership to stop Putin or will we end up settling for appeasement? He finds them lacking for Carbon and hence even with Mr Obama in the White House talks will fail again in Doha this month. He sets out to prove that methadone is not only counterproductive but also dangerous and that the real problem lies with the emotional and spiritual depravation particularly of the ‘underclass’ in our society. Only 18% regularly attend church but the number regarding themselves as Christian still exceeds 70%* at last count. He also argues that human beings are being regarded as inanimate objects rather than as agents of their own destiny. We haven’t seen demands that Abbas, for instance, condemns terror attacks against Israeli civilians. Who better to reflect on mace and mitre than Westminster’s attache to the Holy See, Ambassador Francis Campbell.

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