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Greg Finley, Megan Park, Daren Kagasoff, Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann and Francia Raisa all re-created their first cast pic together for the final season of the ABC Family show. The morning after the graduation party, Ricky asks Amy when she wants to get married, and is surprised to find that Amy is not in a big hurry to get married—she's just happy to be engaged. Adrian tells Dante that she has been going out with his brother, and Dante breaks up with her.
She and Grace hatch a plan to live together over the summer, go to summer school and not have anything to do with boys for a while.

However, when Alice tells him that Henry and Adrian slept together at the party, he breaks their date and angrily confronts Henry. Henry suggests that he was seduced just like Ben was, but Ben tells him that he is no longer welcome in his home and his friend.
Dylan and her friends (including Raven) come to confront Ben and demand to know why he broke their date.
They are discovered by Leo and Dylan's parents, who have followed her.Raven sends Daniel a camera photo of Jack and Grace kissing early that morning, and Daniel breaks up with Grace as a result.
Grace and Jack kiss again, but Kathleen warns Jack that Grace may blame him for Daniel breaking up with her, and that he should simply be friends with Grace and start fresh in college.Ashley returns after being away in Florida with Toby, and announces that she has been accepted at a college in Florida, smugly observing that even though she's a year behind Amy, she'll be a year ahead of her in college.

Amy and Ashley trade insults, during which Amy declares all her dreams have come true, and Ashley meanly asks if her dreams included being a teenage mother.

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