A paperback edition of the widely praised book that gives parents "for the first time" ever a true understanding of what their child with a learning disorder is thinking and feeling.
Winner of the 2002 Margot Marek Annual Book Award for the most outstanding book written for parents or children on the subject of dyslexia or related learning disabilities.

Robert Frank, whose own dyslexia didnit stop him from becoming an educator, psychologist, and award-winning author, takes the reader inside the emotions and frustrations of the dyslexic child to help parents coach their child to: ?? Improve academic achievement?? Get support from friends and family?? Establish solid work and study habits?? Focus on abilities and strengths?? Set and meet personal goals Above all, Dr.
Frank tells parents the simple steps they can take to help their child build self-esteem and confidence and create a life of success.

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