The twosome are gearing up for an all-new season starting next week and JJJ can’t wait! With the "Secret Life" finale upon us, we thought it'd be a good time to look back on the hit ABC Family show that gave us five seasons of awful lessons about sex, embarrassing dancing and severely distorted depictions of teen parenting.
From Grace (Megan Park) thinking that losing her virginity killed her father to a hooker (Jennifer Coolidge) hired by a teen with Down syndrome becoming the wife of the Sausage King, take a look at eight moments from the "Secret Life of the American Teenager" that still have us cringing and eye rolling. The time Amy Juergens (Shailene Woodley) did the most idiotic, rhythmless dance of all time.
The time uber-Christian Grace thought having sex with Jack (Greg Finley) killed her uber-Christian father, who was on his way to Africa. The time Tom (Luke Zimmerman), Grace's adoptive brother with Down syndrome, hired a hooker named Betty (Jennifer Coolidge) and invited her over to his family's house. The time Mayim Bialik played a guidance counselor and started the "Hava Nagila" during a mother-daughter dance (Molly Ringwald included). Den kommande sasongen av The Secret Life of the American Teenager ar uppdelade pa 24 avsnitt och borjar sandas till sommaren. ABC Family har inte varit blyga med att peka ut att Secret Life slar den hypade tvserien Gossip Girl i antal tittare. Tv-serier online och pa TVPa skriver vi om alla mojliga tv-serier, bade de som gar pa TV samt tv-serier online som streamas pa tjanster som Netflix, Viaplay, Filmnet, Cmore, Voddler, Headweb, mfl. Simmons and Kyle Bornheimer, "Family Tools" centers on a guy who returns home to take over his dad's hardware business when he finds himself jobless. ABC Family har nu meddelat att natverkets popularaste drama-serie nu kommer fa en andra sasong. If you're not sure why this was bizarre, imagine a children's show similar in nature to something like Dragon Tales or Clifford the Big Red Dog but with hamsters and nods to certain anime conventions and you'll have a pretty good idea of the show's premise, at least in how it was presented in its English-language dub.
Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The English version uses two opening songs different from the Japanese version.
An Aesop All Just a Dream: There a two episodes where Laura and Hamtaro are dreaming where Laura and the Ham-Hams would play a character depending on the story.
Another episode is based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, where Laura is Snow White and some of the Ham-Hams are the seven dwarfs. Yoshi went from just Laura and Kana's teacher to a character with a small spread out arc about him and Charlotte's relationship.
This is probably averted in "Office Adventures" when Gabriel Black finds the Ham-Hams sitting on his desk and thinks he's dreaming of them rooting for him to finish his manuscript for Laura's dad. Art Evolution: It is very noticeable, when you compare the first opening and the second opening of the anime series, with the opening used for the Japan-only shorts produced after the original anime ended. The hamsters went from squarish designs to peanut-shaped ones before ending up with bodies smaller than their heads.
Blush Sticker The Cameo: The members of Mini-moni, who perform the theme songs to the first three movies, also make an appearance in the movies as the In-Universe pop group Mini-Hams. In addition to this, the members of Morning Musume also make an appearance in the third movie.
Aversion: A lost and injured kitten that Boss took in and had to let go of when he learned she had an owner.
Occasionally, they will have episodes and sometimes spoken lines but they're not necessary to the story other than filler.

Eaten Alive: One Japan-only season finale had an episode where the hamsters traveled to Lapis and Lazuli's world of candy and were eaten by a worm that lived there.
Subverted in the intro sequence, however, as her blanket flies up to briefly reveal brown and white fur. However, it gets subverted in the official guide, which includes an illustration of how she really looks like.
Fantastic Racism: In the dub version only it seems like an insult to be compared to or being called a gerbil. Was turned into this in her second appearance in one of the Japan only OVA's where she has a crush on Hamtaro and Bijou is Jealous of her. In the later Japan-only episodes, she's a lot less mean, more optimistic and a little bit silly. And Laura's dog, Brandy who is almost always seen sleeping in his doggy house, until Hamtaro asks him for help. Hidden in Plain Sight: The ham-hams usually hide in trees, bushes or high atop of buildings but sometimes they hide in places in where a person should really be easy to spot them such as on Brandy's head or on a jungle gym.
Iconic Item: A majority of Ham-Hams have iconic items or accessories that they are never seen without. Image Song: The Japanese version is full of them, mostly sung by Ham-Hams that are major characters and that are featured as such in promotional material and or events.
The dub has its own spin on "Kuru Kuru" (a Stan and Sandy's song), as well as a few of the songs from the Birthday OVA. Strangely enough, there's an Italian album that has image songs sung by Cristina D'Avena that features songs about several of the Ham-Hams including Panda and Snoozer that never got their own songs in the Japanese version.
Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Boss at times can be quite temperamental, especially if he's thinking about Bijou. Kodomomuke: Only the hamsters, the humans on the other hand are more for older kids, as what Laura and Kana go through (like Laura's crush with Travis). Whenever one of them get's a chance to impress her, they always compete with each other to see who gets to her first. Boss is in love with Bijou, who later falls for Hamtaro, who is completely Oblivious to Love. Lovable Sex Maniac: Stan is a G-rated version, always flirting with the female hamsters, much to his sister Sandy's irritation. Love at First Punch: It's implied that Roberto has a crush on Laura, who actually stood up against him for acting like a jerk. This is also built in the "Ham-Ham Heartbreak" game's plot that involves in fixing 21 stressed relationships among characters from the show! The first time this happens, in "Farewell Bijou!", ended with Maria's parents deciding to not move after all. Chika Hausu", which it has Hamtaro as the one who is moving away, but, again, the Haruna family decided against moving at last minute, as well. However, it is unfortunately averted with Travis, who really ended up moving in the Japan-only episode "Tottoko Tabidachi! Both Lapis and Lazuli have blond hair, while Lapis's hair is mostly covered by a hood Nerd Glasses: Dexter's fur is in the shape of a pair of glasses.
Offstage, she's a sharp-tongued, egotistical bitch, and tries to drive Travis away from Laura so he can spend time with her.

Same can be said for her pet Sparkle, who also isn't fond of the Ham-Hams style or the clubhouse. Also Spat from "Ham-Ham Heartbreak" looks very different compared to the other Ham-Hams that appear in the game. Once per Episode: Laura's journal entry followed by Hamtaro's "Heke!" at the end of every episode. Our Dragons Are Different: Yamihamuryuku is the main antagonist in "Adventures in Ham-Ham Land" and is some bizarre cat-looking hamster that transforms into a dragon.
Our Fairies Are Different: Yosei-san is usually a small fairy that's smaller than baby Penelope but can transform into a doll sized human with hamster ears.
Crystal from movie 3 is a Snow Fairy and can also transform into a human with hamster ears. Panda-ing to the Audience: Panda's not a real panda, but he's got the markings of one to earn his name. Parental Bonus: Lots, including pretty much everything Stan does, the beach episode if you're into that kind of thing, and many of the human characters interactions, especially Laura and Kana's.
She once said "Come on, Penelope dear, the play is starting!" in the episode where Sandy and the other female Ham-Hams are doing a ribbon show. Real Ham-Hams Wear Pink: Boss is a rather strong and tough ham-ham, but on occasion, he will act disturbingly effeminate. In a later season, he becomes a nurse along with the rest of the girls, complete with fake blush and eyeliner! Slice of Life Tsundere: In the Japan only OVA, Sparkle has a huge crush on Hamtaro but sometimes would call him an idiot or stupid. Compared to the other female Ham-Hams, Pepper take this Up to Eleven when she doesn't mind getting herself dirty and is a lot more outgoing compared to Sandy.
Speaks Fluent Animal: Mimi, Panda's owner, is young and innocent enough to be the only human who can talk to the Ham-Hams directly.
She also could "telepathically" communicate with Hamtaro during the times where she writes in her diary, as sometimes they respond to each other's thoughts. Her owner is rich thus granting her some luxuries the other ham-hams don't have and she can be somewhat vain on occasion.
Most of the time, however, she is very nice and will do her best for her friends even if it means getting her paws and fur dirty. They were a duo of hamsters who lived in a magical world called Sweet Paradise and often invited the Ham-Hams over.
Lazuli was also a scientist and often took up many an episode with an experiment of some kind. The hamsters travel to Lapis and Lazuli's world of candy and spend several episodes revisiting it. Surfer Dude: Stan's radical form of speech used make him look as such in the English dub of the anime.
Broski, however, is too afraid of water to actually surf and just carries around a surfboard to impress the ladies.

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