NOTE: New Videos and DVD's are listed in this department, but all PAL Videos that we currently have available are listed in The Video Theatre [PAL Format] Department.
Due to the vast selection of products available we've split this department into two separate sections: All effects [M-Z Listings] are in this section, while [A-L Listings] are listed in the previous department.
Magic Christmas Picture begins with the magician displaying a black and white outline drawing of a rooftop with reindeer pulling an sleigh that's ready to land - except the sleigh is empty. In this book, Marc Dibowski, author of some bestselling books in Germany, shares ideas and effects for a Magic Act during the Holiday Season. The book is completed with information on Christmas characters, links to marketed effects including sources and information on Christmas traditions in different countries. You'll discover new and unusual ways to use your iPhone and perform some of this world's most unique street magic! X-Ray: Go deep and demonstrate the new iPhone X-Ray feature with a quick x-ray of your own empty hand! Penny to Dime: A penny, displayed on the screen of your iPhone, magically changes into a dime! The Marked Marked Manual from Ted Leslie 's is Finally Back on the market after a long absense! Become a "Master" of "Levitation" with the brand new Master Levitation System from the amazing Steve Fearson! You can do Card Tricks all day that require tons of complex Sleights and countless hours of Practice and still not get the same reaction that you'll receive from performing one quick "LEVITATION"! The great thing about the Master Levitation System is that you don't need to have a lot of experience or other Magic knowledge. Steve Fearson shares tips and techniques from 20 years of experience, taking you straight to the top of the totem pole and saving you years of trial and tribulation. The Master Levitation System is simply the most practical, professional, versatile and effective way to perform Close-up Levitation!
All orders will receive the Master Levitation System [MLS] Enhancement Pack which super charges your System and allows you to Float substantial and impossible objects like Forks, Ice Cubes and even a Deck of Playing Cards!
Ghost Bills is an incredible visual close-up illusion that can be performed anytime using two borrowed bills. The Magician makes three Predictions on a Large Brilliant Color Painted Slate of either Words, Numbers, Symbols, etc., selected by three random members of the audience. Amazingly, all of these Predictions made earlier by the Magician are found to be absolutely correct! When the Magician Reveals their 3 Separate Predictions, they Match Exactly the Spectators Random Thoughts!!!
When the magicians predictions are revealed, they match exactly the spectators random thought. Please Note: As of January 1, 2010, we have all of the Tenyo 2010 effects in stock with English Packaging and English Instructions. Featured effects: Bare Hand Vanish, In the Deck, Coin thru Glass, Swirl Away, In the Box, Coin thru Table, Chip "N" Change, In the Glass & Unique Prediction. In addition to providing currency and coin to the nation's financial intitutions, the Federal Reserve Bank is charged with the responsibility of removing from circulation and destroying unfit bills. With this Mikame Money Printer a wide tape moves between two rollers arranged on upper and lower axis. Nigel Harrison's MOVES Manuscript is a compilation of practical card "moves" that can be discretely implemented into just about any card routine you do. Nigel has made every effort to break the moves down step by step, in great detail to ensure that you understand the techniques, and the influence that these moves can have within your professional card routines. The final chapter of this manuscript details "Nigel's Own" ambitious card routine which has become one of his favorite, and more successful, routines to perform in professional close-up situations. David Blaine he's been buried alive for seven days and nights, became the only living ice cube in Times Square and stood as still as a statue 10 stories above Manhattan. Mystic Scope is one of the most intriguing mentalism effects that Tenyo has ever invented ? brand new for 2008!
The New Koornwinder Kar from Tenyo for 2007, is the most incredibile card effect you'll ever perform!
Again, Tenyo has outdone itself with 5 great new tricks in 2009, and the Newsworthy Tear is their remarkable version of this Classic Magic effect! Whit Haydn and Chef Anton's Notes on Three Card Monte is by far the most comprehensive book ever written on the history, psychology and sleights on this classic swindle.
Magician holds a hat - when pulled from frame a Rabbit appears in the hat with spectators selected card. Have a spectator think of any number between 1 and 60 and to imagine that number as their secret winning lottery number.
With the simple and natural action of asking the spectator to see how many winning tickets they would have had, your very special set of Powerball 60 tickets will openly reveal to you any number from 1 to 60 that the spectator is thinking of. What's fantastic about the method is that it is so natural that even the most observant spectator will have no clue how it's done or that you have even done anything at all.
Comes complete with Powerball Training DVD and custom designed REAL scratch lottery tickets.
Please Note: If you would like to see a photo of the back of the packaging, click on Trick Photo or on "Blue Highlighted" Trick Name. Public Transit from Jay Sankey is now better than ever, as it includes an Instructional DVD! Comes complete with specially printed Bicycle card gimmicks, illustrated instructions and an Instructional DVD featuring ADDED INFORMATION and NEW BONUS HANDLINGS!
The Instructional DVD teaches the classic handling in great detail, plus Mike Skutt's super-commercial "Happy Face" handling, plus a handling for performing this killer effect WITHOUT HAVING TO CARRY AROUND A HOLE PUNCH! Nachdem ich hier in Hamburg keine weiteren Aussichten als Regen fur diese Woche habe wird es Zeit fur ein kleines Fuerteventura Recap. Vielen Dank Tui und tausend Dank an das TUI MAGIC LIFE Hotel in Fuerteventura (buchbar hier) fur die perfekte bff reunion Reise. Die steile Treppe zum Meer war zwar immer etwas anstrengend und man hat sich wirklich uberlegt ob man diese wirklich bewerkstelligen soll, aber wenn man dann mal unten war hat es sich wirklich gelohnt. This doesn't necessarily mean products 'New' to the magic world, but any products previously not listed on our site. Because of the quantity of these ;New" products being added, they all couldn't be listed in this department.

It was announced in Issue 61 of the newly-expanded format that the magazine would only be available henceforth as individual issues.
All four greatly-expanded issues published with this new mission statement are here, representing co-editors Jim Sisti and Andrew Pinard's effort to expand the perceived boundaries of professional close-up magic beyond restaurants and bars. As a bouns, Marc Explains an extraordinary mentalist routine for Christmas designed for any audience involving an Advent Calendar, which is based on a clever principle never used before in this particular way.
After many attempts, you're unable to locate the card so you ask your lovely assistant for help. Even a beginner can learn to use the Master Levitation System, and it will be like you've moved to the head of the class as far as your audience is concerned! Now you can enjoy the benefits of nearly 20 years of his experience as he shares his pet secrets, subleties and favored techniques for the first time on DVD with the Master Levitation System! This exciting new advance in the technology allows you to walk away from the object you are Levitating and still maintain complete control over it!
You end totally clean - no gimmicks to hide Ghost Bills is a stunning effect that will leave your audience floored.
It is suitable for presentation under all conditions, including Party and Cabaret, and can be performed completely surrounded!
The effect is a Class - a Large Slate is displayed that is marked off into 6 equal squares, as pictured.
The Mental Prediction Board [Dry Erase] by Mikame is a beautiful piece of magic apparatus, with a Dry Erase Board built in for maximum deception.
Millions of people around the world have witnessed the magic of David Blaine, but who is David, where did he come from and how does he do it? Tenyo has created a new line of Magic called "World's Greatest Magic", and this is their one trick in that collection in 2009!
Whit and Chef also explore the games application to magic and include the School for Scoundrels complete three-card monte routine - Three-Card Gold. To use this insert, you must already own the Picture Frame also available in this Department. For fun, hand them your used scratch tickets and ask them to see how many winners they would have had. 30 pages jam packed with amazing ideas and the keys to unlocking the hidden secrets of your POWERBALL tickets. If you would like one of the other versions, please write it in the comment section of your order, or US Version will ship. The magician draws a small circle on the back of the selection close to one end of the card. Schon 2 Wochen ist es her als Xenia und ich taglich Sonne und das dazugehorige Sommerfeeling hatten. Denn es gibt ein mega Gewinnspiel um den kalten Temperaturen und dem Regenwetter zu entfliehen.
Einfach ein Urlaubsbild posten und mit #smilestory und #tui taggen – schon nehmt Ihr am Gewinnspiel teil. Hier regnet es auch nur und man bekommt bei solchen Bildern wirklich Fernweh und sehnt sich nach Sommer und Meer! Wir standen letztes Jahr vor der Entscheidung Mallorca oder Fuerteventura, haben uns dann zwar fur Mallorca entschieden, aber wenn ich Deine Bilder so seh, denk ich dass wir auch unbedingt mal dorthin fahren mussen!
Es gibt echt nichts besseres als dem grauen und kalten Winterwetter fur ein paar Tage zu entfliehen.
At the same time we list these products in the All New Magic Department, they will also be listed permanently in their proper departments. Your best bet would be to also check all your favorite departments where these "New" items will be found.
You?ll find vital information about working in venues as varied as trade shows and after-grad parties in addition to the great, commercial close-up magic that the Magic Menu has always been noted for. In addition to ideas on props, you will also find routines and ways to tailor your act for Christmas without high expenses, without lots of props, without laborious efforts.
Magic with the iPhone is a full-length, full-feature DVD that makes learning iPhone magic easy! She appears on the screen and reveals the chosen card, washing away any doubt of your powers!
No reel or spooler can offer the degree of control you will have when you use the Master Levitation System! This is the most powerful Magic you can do and it's guaranteed to wow audiences of any age. Learn to do just one of these effects well and you'll have established your reputation as a Magician!
These are the things that have given him the edge on other performers when it comes to Levitations. This is the only Wax you'll ever want to use for Levitation work - it sticks to what you want and doesn't stick to what you don't want it to. Twice more the Magician makes Predictions, and their random thoughts are recorded on the Slate in a like manner. We will have 5 New Items for 2010 in limited quantities, and they will be available mid December 2009 - mid January 2010 depending on arrival time. If you would like to see a photo of eventual Japanese Packaging, you can click on the "photo" or "blue-highlighted" trick name. MIRRACULOUS You'll take a shining to this clever method for revealing a freely selected card! The magician feeds a dollar bill sized slip of blank white paper into one side of the rollers, and amazingly a real dollar bill comes out the other side. Therefore, the moves have an appearance of naturalness and innocence that effectively allows them to fall under the radar in real world performing situations.
In Mysterious Stranger, Blaine's brand new hardbound book, you'll learn the answers to all of these questions and many more. Many professional magicians consider this unique effect to be a masterpiece of powerful magic.
They also feature some of the most clever endings ever devised and are proud to introduce Bob Kohler's Knifed and Gazzo's Creased Lightning, and many other ruses which have never previously appeared in print.
Even though the house is obviously empty, suddenly, when you shake it, an object can be heard inside rattling around - it must be Phantoma the house ghost!

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Du gemeinsam mit Xenia ein paar sonnige und entspannte Tage im MAGIC LIFE Fuerteventura genossen & auf Fuerteventura deine ganz personliche #smilestory erlebt hast. Place orders online now to reserve the effects you want, and they will ship to you as soon as they are available.
Stage magicians have used smoke and mirrors for hundreds of years to amaze their audiences. SUPERSTITIOUS Transmit your brainwaves with these eight cards to determine whether your volunteer is inherently lucky or unlucky! You can borrow a dollar from a spectator, run it through the Money Printer and a blank piece of paper appears.
Plus, David even tips his hat on a few secrets you can use to impress your friends and family! It is so magnificent an effect that numerous knock-off products have been released worldwide over the years. Dump the ghost into an beautiful empty silk-like handkerchief and the form of the ghost can be seen trying to get out.
Holding the signed card at his fingertips, the magician shakes the card and the hole VISUALLY JUMPS across the suface of the card into the drawn circle!! Explained in detail is the exact way to adhere the special pressure sensitive transfers to each card. Our guess is you have to perform this trick approximately 4 Million or so times to become an actual "Millionaire", but remember this is only a "DREAM"!!!
For our International Customers outside the United States, we will hold your shipment until your order is complete unless you want to pay for split shipments. Perform vanishes, transformations, penetrations, find selected signed cards & achieve incredible mentalism. Tenyo is proud to announce that we are the first to obtain permission from creator Dick Koornwinder to release this effect. The first deck you mark takes a little time, but its well worth it, but as you become practiced it will be very easy. Includes Deluxe Pine Finish Mental Epic proudly Manufactured in the United States, and Full Routine. In another presentation, ask a spectator to secretly write down a friend's name on a slip of paper.
In addition, we have developed a brand new Car design that enables you to pass out the car for examination. Instantly and Smoothly Restore into the Original Single Sheet that you had started the effect with!!! Immediately hand the haunted house out to your audience, but they can find no trace of the spirit visitor.
Die Zeit des Fluges verging unglaublich schnell und ich hatte auch meinen geliebten Fensterplatz ergattert!
Phase Three: The spectator holds on to the ends of a folded bill, with the other bill cradled inside.
The first run will probably be available with Japanese Packaging and English Instructions, although we are hoping some of these will have English Packaging. Let other audience members peer through the Mystic Scope, and they'll be able to reveal the chosen name!
The beloved "Torn and Restored Newspaper" Effect is now much easier to Prepare and Perform with the Tenyo latest version of this classic - the Newsworthy Tear!
Whatever you do, don?t throw away the instructions to this magic trick before you read them, otherwise you will never figure out the secret of Phantoma! The magician pulls the bill through the spectator?s bill, just inches in front of their eyes. Now borrow a dollar from the audience, insert it into the Money Printer and a five dollar bill falls out.
Bonus trick is also explained in which the car is used to divine a location the audience wants to visit, chosen from among illustrated cards. We are releasing a brand new gimmick that does not require scissors and glue to Prepare, yet still provides a Flash Restoration!
Mein personliches Highlight war die Jeep Tour zur Westkuste Fuerteventura’s und durch die wustenahnliche Landschaft zu fahren. At the end of your performance, nobody else will be able to unlock the power of the Mystic Scope, due to its clever construction.
No need to get an extra garage for this "Car", as it's small enough to put in your pocket!!! You will be able to quickly set up the Newspaper with that day's Edition, and baffle audiences with this New Classic!!!
Unless you enjoy working with Scissors and messy Glue, this is the way to perform this amazing trick!!! Unter anderem gibt es auf Fuerteventura nichts was man anbauen kann, da es so hei? ist und der Boden dadurch unfruchtbar wird! Newsworthy Tear is supplied with this amazing Gimmick and Fully Illustrated Instructions - use your own local Newspaper!
Au?er eine einzigen Pflanze gibt ( habe leider den Namen vergessen ), die aber giftig ist haha. Au?erdem konnte man von unserem Balkon taglich den Sonnenauf – und Untergang beobachten. Viele von euch haben immer wieder gefragt ob es nicht zu kalt im Januar auf Fuerteventura ist.
Xenia und ich haben uns noch nicht komplett ins Meer getraut – nur bis kurz vor den Bauch. Am Pool gab es auch taglich Pommes und naturlich haben wir uns Diese an keinem Tag entgehen lassen. Da wir gerade von Essen sprechen – im Resort gibt es auch 2 A la Carte Restaurants und das italienische war unser Favorit!

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