We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. The trees and the forest’s inhabitants work together in an arduous process, which results in a breath-taking shock of fiery foliage that can be seen from space.
The looper caterpillar, a most peculiar creature, awakens in the warmth after spending winter disguised as a twig. Meanwhile, timber rattlesnakes are giving birth to live young before they hibernate in the run up to fall.

AN enchanting new documentary series introduces us to the residents of one of Britain’s most popular zoos. PHProud mum Thi Hi Way with her one-week-old calf, NanditaDealing with gangly giraffes, mischievous meerkats and pregnant elephants is all part of daily life for the zookeepers at Chester Zoo.
Along with meerkats, her current charges are aardvarks, sloths, giant anteaters and mongooses. When people come to the zoo in daytime, they only see the aardvarks asleep and will sometimes make comments that they’re boring or lazy.

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